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Iceberg is a level in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 3. It is, hence the title, an Iceberg. Kine and Rick are recommended.

Kirby's Dream Land 2

Kirby's DL2 Level InfoBox

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Level Nr. 4
Stages 4
Rainbow Drop Location Stage 4
Boss Ice Dragon
Level Progression
<-- Ripple Field Red Canyon -->
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Iceberg is the fourth level in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and, true to its name, is largely a snow and ice level, where Kirby is introduced to the Ice ability. It is also the first level to have more than 3 stages, having 4 (not counting the boss). The Boss of Iceberg is Ice Dragon.


Kine and Rick are positioned opposite Kirby, who is standing between them as they each call for him to join them. Kirby then begins to shiver, and decides to join the decidedly warmer Rick, leaving Kine heartbroken as Kirby waves him goodbye.

Stage Synopsis

Stage 1

Room 1 - The stage begins on a flat snowy field. To the right, enemies patrol various elevated platforms. A side-passage can be found on the way, but the floor crumbles around it, revealing a Void, so care should be taken when crossing. Inside the room, past some ice blocks is a bag holding an Animal Friend (default to Rick). The door to the next area can be found past some perilously skinny platforms, and a Propeller who wants to take Kirby's friend away from him.

Room 2 - The next room begins on the ice, with a Pengy available for swallowing to get the first taste of the Ice ability. The path continues past perilous platforms and more Pengys. A Load Kibble guards the door to the next area.

Room 3 - The door leads to a chamber where Kirby must fight the Mid-Boss Blocky. Defeating him yields the Stone Ability and the way forward. The area after that is a long descent down sloped cliffs, easy to traverse with the stone form. At the bottom, Kirby will need to mind the Gordo before changing back to his default pudginess in order to enter the stage exit door.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities
Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Stage 2

Room 1 - The stage begins on a wind-swept plain, as Kirby is pushed strongly to the right. Along the way, Kirby can use the Star Blocks to break against the wind as necessary. Past some tricky terrain, two doors can be found at the end of the path. The left one is quite tricky to enter without the aid of Coo, but thankfully, he can be recovered in the door to the right, after Jumpershoot is taken care of.

Room 2 - This room consists of a long path upward, past falling Icicles that will do Kirby harm if they collide with him. The door to the next room lies at the top, along with a graciously-placed Maxim Tomato.

Room 3 - This room is a long winding tunnel, with several Star Block barricades blocking the tunnel forward. Along the way, a side-chamber can be accessed which contains enemies representing six different copy abilities in the walls. To move forward, Kirby will need to choose Burning to break through the ice blocks in the main tunnel. A side-hall can also be accessed, which splits off to a 1-Up on the left side and a Propeller on the right side. The stage exit can be found past the ice blocks.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities
Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Stage 3

Room 1 - The stage begins in a cold tunnel, with enemies waiting on soft platforms. The door the next area can be found to the right.

Room 2 - The door leads to an encounter with Mr. Frosty. Beating him yields the Ice ability and frees Kine from the bag. From there, the path continues into a water-filled tunnel. Using the Ice ability with Kine here will make short work of all the enemies on this path, but will also freeze Kine if held for too long at a time.

Room 3 - The door leads to an external area, where a Propeller is waiting to kidnap Kirby's friend if they are not careful. This area itself is rather hazardous, with plenty of enemies and tricky jumps, especially for Kine. The stage exit can be found among cloudy platforms that break apart if stood on for too long.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities
Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Stage 4

Room 1 - This stage begins with an icy arena and a fight with Efreeti. Defeating him yields the Burning ability and frees the Animal Friend from the bag. From there, the path continues through the door to the next area, which is an auto-scrolling area filled with all kinds of enemies that want nothing more than to rid Kirby of his newly acquired ability. This path is rather perilous, with many opportunities to get crushed. A Scarfy guards the door to the next area.

Room 2 - The next area is an icy tunnel. Kirby will have to be quick when he arrives, as he enters on break-away platforms with a Spike pit beneath. The path leads upward and around, past more swarthy enemies. In the middle of the room, a pool of water can be found blocked off with ice blocks. These can be broken with a burning attack, but care must be taken to not strand the animal friend in the process.

There is a door to the Rainbow Drop room in the water, but it's a bit of a tricky situation to get in there with the Burning ability intact, which is needed to get the drop in question. A number of Star Blocks block the way in, along with a current of water beneath them. First, Kirby and Kine will need to get in there past the Sir Slippys with the Burning ability still on hand. From there, Kirby will actually need to discard the ability and have Kine swallow the blocks and spit them back out, then get the ability star back before it breaks. Done correctly, they will be able to enter the room with the ability, and use it to get the drop.

From there, the stage exit can be found back on the main path, continuing to the right, then back down.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities
Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Boss: Ice Dragon

The battle with Ice Dragon takes place in a big open area with an icy floor. Ice Dragon attacks by charging at Kirby and causing icicles to fall from the ceiling. Kirby can use these icicles to attack Ice Dragon with by swallowing them and spitting them back. Ice Dragon will also attack with its frost breath, which cannot be countered.

Defeating Ice Dragon will allow Kirby to move on to the next level, Red Canyon.

Kirby's Dream Land 3

This versions has 7 levels (counting boss room). This versions intro has Kirby, Chuchu, and Nago building a snowman. In the end, Gooey was found to be in the snowman, evident by his eyes and streching tongue. The boss is King Dedede.


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