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"Samwell Mass Attack"

Samwell Mass Attack NA cover.png

Samwell Mass Attack JP cover.png

Box art of "Samwell Mass Attack" Made by Kirb.
Developer(s) SAM Laboratory
Publisher(s) Samtendo
Release date(s) Japan Samtember 30, 2020
NA Samtember 29, 2020
Australia Samtember 30, 2020
Europe Samtember 29, 2020
Platform(s) Samwell DS
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone
PEGI: 3+
Game chronology
Yoshi's Epic Flutter Jump Hex's Return to Electron Land
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Samwell Mass Attack is a spin-off Samwell game released for the Samwell DS in 2020. It features touch-based gameplay in the style of Free Robux, as the main gimmick is that the player assumes control of multiple Samwells at once and directs them using the Samwell DS stylus. Samwell Mass Attack's name was first revealed in the 9,001st issue of Samtendo Power (Samtember 2020). The game was one of the Samtendo DS titles... *cough* *cough* Aside from stealing part of the headline from the article, this "game" has an interesting history behind it.

The very beginning[edit]

Samwell's pfp that probably created the chaos
Dis is getting out of hand. Now dere are eight of dem
— Samwell

Samwell Mass Attack started on September 29th/30th in the wiki's Discord server when Alex95 decided to become a Samwell. This was Followed by Kirb and YoshiFlutterJump. Serpent King not only mistook YoshiFlutterJump as Samwell, but also pinged the wrong Samwell. Samwell, Samwell, Samwell, Samwell, Samwell, and Samwell join the Samwell gang to become Samwell. (joining the Samwell gang will not promote you to administrator) While things are brewing, Alex95 in pronounced dead because of the Samwell gang rumored to have killed him in rage. While the Samwell is clearly not doin it rite, Obsessive Mario Fan comes up with the name of "Samwell Mass Attack" for this specific era of WiKirby. He joined the gang shortly after. "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye" "Aye". Aye is now the #1 trend and nobody can stop. As the Reconquista of WiKirby is beginning, YFJ was found dead next to a guilty looking Samwell whistling. A new WiKirby facility named the Sawmill opens up. It produces gum which powers the WiKirby servers. Everyone calls it "bubkus" but Samwell believed it will change Wiki history forever. It was recalled the following day. Former Patroller said the following: Samwell, Samwell, on the wall, who's the Samwellest one of all? The answer was soon revealed to be Samwell. Former Patroller was cursed after using the Samwell so he became a Samwell. After Samwell Wiki/SamWiki/WikiSam was pitched to NIWA, Samwell was banned but wasn't due to banning the wrong Samwell will have FANDOM take over the world so they decided to not ban Samwell. Samwell destroyed Seattle, Washington just to build the Samwell Empire where Kirb's body was found in Among Us Fashion. The Samwell Empire moved to Wyoming later that day. Samwell offered Green Eggs & Hamwell to the other Samwells but was ejected from The Samwell Empire Tower immediately. Hamwell is made from Samwell so it was found a disgrace to the Samwell kind. The crew started searching for bodies that was used for the Hamwell. They were unable to find any casualties.

End of the Samwell mob and the start of the developing of Samwell Mass Attack[edit]