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Dedede is happy you came!

Hello the unknown reader! This is my user page.

User Pages[edit]

Talk, List of edits, Signature, Sandbox, Samwell

Things for me to do:[edit]

Move said images from WiKirby: Project Clean-Up Add images to the List of Kirby references Fix the randomness of the KSSU Image Files Add anything I think could use work

A Small Guide to Files Because I Like Doing Things With Files[edit]

Main articles: Help:File uploading and WiKirby:Image standards

Example of image file:

 File:KSSU Plasma Wisp artwork.png 


Result in caption form

Note: You should insert gallery images by the order of game release date. The name of a file should have:

  1. The abbreviation of the game it's from.
  2. The name of the subject the image is about.
  3. The type of image it is. (As in sprite, artwork, or screenshot)
 File:KSSU Plasma Wisp artwork.png 

This has the abbreviation, KSSU. Subject name, Plasma Wisp. And the type of photo, artwork.

Note: if it is a screenshot, don't place screenshot into the name.

|description=Artwork of [[Plasma Wisp]]
|game=Kirby Super Star Ultra
|source=[[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]] Spirit

This is example of a summary of a file. It is used to summarize an image.


If you are uploading an image, this is some code you must put down.

Anyway, This is what I do. Please check out Help:File uploading and WiKirby:Image standards for more detail and help.

Current number of edits[edit]


Userbox Tower[edit]

KSS Lololo.png This user is male.
KSqS Ghost Kirby Sprite.png This user says this wiki is Haunted!
KTD Mike Kirby Artwork.png This user listens to video game music.
UserboxCountryUS.png This user is from the United States.
Niwa.png This user proudly supports the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance!
KSA Magolor Artwork.png This user is trusted with Autopatroll on WiKirby!
KSSU Wheelie Rider Kirby artwork.jpg This user loves riding on Wheelie Rider.
Waddle Dee Kirby Portal 3D.png This user loves Waddle Dee.
KSSU Stone Kirby Sprite Animated.gif This user grinds out for rare Stone Statues.
KRtDL Dracula Waddle.png This user is searching for the rumored Dracula Waddle.
KSA Suplex Icon.png This user likes Suplex.
KSSU Cook sprite.gif This user likes to cook.
KSS Surprised Kirby Sprite.png This user has just been awoken from his 1000 year slumber.
Discord logo.svg This user is a part of the wiki's Discord.
KSSU Plasma Wisp artwork.png This user likes Plasma Wisp.
MarioWiki Logo.svg This user is a member of Super Mario Wiki.
Smash Wiki Logo.png This user is a member of SmashWiki.
Nookipedia.png This user is a member of Nookipedia.
UKP logo.png This user is a member of Ukikipedia.
WiKirby.png This user is a member of WiKirby. Wait, hold on...
KTD Mike Kirby Artwork.png This user love to jam to Mario Kart Wii Music
Kirby KSSU hover art.png Kirby is gum :)
Kirby ball KCC artwork.png Kirby likes being gum
Kirby ball KCC artwork 4.png Kirby is gum even if you don't want him to be
Kirby pyramid KMA art.png The normal amount of gum you might get in a box of gum
Samwell Mass Attack NA cover.png This user will start to research everything there is about Samwell Mass Attack and write about it.

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