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Fofa redirects here. Use of Japanese name eases confusion when comparing to Lololo & Lalala.

Lola, as he appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! just before being cleaved by Slice n' Splice.

Lola, referred to as Fofa in the English Dub, is a Demon Beast who is revealed to be the true form of Lololo & Lalala before their "birth".


Although he is a Demon Beast, Lola has benign intentions. Unfortunately, his dreams of peace cause Slice n' Splice to cut him apart.

Physical Appearance

Lola appears similar to how Lololo & Lalala do, but is purple. He also has yellow hair which neither of them have jutting out of his forehead.


Lola was a peaceful monster and detested violence. His only ability is to float around in the air. The Nightmare Enterprises Salesman then orders him to be split into two by Slice n' Splice, and it does split Lola. The two halves, Lololo & Lalala were then sold to King Dedede. The Dream Land king and his lackey Escargoon found that Lololo & Lalala were also useless. The duo wish to become one again after getting their hands on Slice n' Splice's sun rod. After Kirby kills the monster, Tiff tries to merge the duo, but is too late. Slice n' Splice explodes before she can merge them, taking down Lola for good, but Lololo and Lalala reassure Tiff of their happiness.


  • Lola's name comes from the first syllables of Lololo'a and Lalala's names, as befits his position as their origin.
    • Despite his masculine gender, Lola has a name that is feminine in North America, which may be the reason the English dub renamed him "Fofa." However, Japanese masculine names can end in -a.