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E9 Fofa.png
Fofa, as he appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! just before being cleaved by Slice n' Splice.
First episode The Fofa Factor
Main role Backstory
Similar characters Fololo & Falala
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Fofa (referred to as Lola in the Japanese version), is a monster who is revealed to be the original form of Fololo & Falala before they were split into two.


Not much is known about Fofa apart from what is explained through dialogue and shown in a flashback. Although he was a monster, Fofa appeared to have benign intentions, and did not want to be used for evil purposes by Night Mare Enterprises. This disposition eventually resulted in the company deciding have Slice n' Splice split him in two as a "special deal" to King Dedede.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Fofa appears similar to how Fololo & Falala do, but is purple. He also has a yellow brush of hair which neither of them inherited.


Slice n' Splice prepares to split Fofa apart in a flashback.

Fofa was a peaceful monster who detested violence, and his only ability was to float around in the air. As such, the N.M.E. Sales Guy ordered him to be split into two by Slice n' Splice. The two halves were then sold to King Dedede, having no memory of their previous life as Fofa. The Dream Land king and his lackey Escargoon found that Fololo & Falala were also useless, so they dispensed them into the family of Sir Ebrum and Lady Like to act as servants.


  • Fofa's name comes from the first syllables of Fololo'a and Falala's names, as befits his position as their origin.