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User:Gigi/Sandbox/List of jingles

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Kirby Dance[edit]

Main article: Kirby Dance (theme)


(1-Up get, also used in other places sometimes and in the Staff Credits Smash remix)

Copy Ability get[edit]

(Is this even a jingle (probably not))

Done In[edit]

(Lose life jingle)

Game Over[edit]

(The jingle for getting a game over, not the songs. Actually there is like two of them I think. Help)

Too Bad...[edit]

(Sub-game fail jingle)

Good Try![edit]

(Sub-game "you did ok" jingle) (basically a short version of the next one)


(Sub-game win jingle)

Samurai Kirby[edit]

(In Samurai Kirby, also in the Music Fest sub-game medley)

Revenge of Meta Knight: Title[edit]

(In Revenge of Meta Knight's title, in PR for the game over screen, Music Fest knight medley)