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Some Additional Trivia[edit]

1) In Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby in water can blow bubbles at any direction. In the same situation, in Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby can blow bubbles only left and right. If it was possible to blow bubble at any direction, the battle with Acro may have been significantly different. 2) In KDL2, there is a mini boss for every ability. In KDL3 the abilities of cutter and spark lack a mini boss that represents them. Those two abilities are represented in KDL2 by Waiu and Master Green respectively. This absence is easily detected at the very last stage of the game. 3) In KDL2 each ability can be obtained by a specific enemy or mini boss, with the exception of cutter from Mr Shine and fire (burning) from Mr Bright. This is not the case in KDL3, as for example cutter can be obtained by Sir Kibble and Kapar. This fashion (one enemy - one ability) can be found in Kirby's Adventure (and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream land) too. However this rule is not always followed by later games. 4) Rick's ability (not copy ability) to climb is present in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and is required to obtain a shard. However, Rick is not included in the game, he make a cameo though the Stone Cutter combo. In order to obtain the shard you must be aware of that fact, which is impossible to know, if you haven't seen it in KDL3. 5) Rick cannot inhale enemies as he could in KDL2. However in KDL2 Rick isn't able to climb. 6) Kirby's friends don't have a theme, as they did in KDL2. 7) Kirby can to go to the battle with King Dedede with any of his friends. This is not possible in KDL2. 8) In KDL3 a friend stays on screen, if X is pressed. In KDL2, he is gone. Also, in KDL2 to send away a friend, Kirby must part with his ability first. This is due to the Game Boy's lack of buttons. 9) The arena of the King Dedede battle looks a little bit similar between KDL2 and KDL3. Also in both cases King Dedede is controlled by Dark Matter. 10) KDL2 has 31 stages, while KDL3 has 30. However, three stages of Dark Castle in KDL2 look similar with three others of the same island. The thing is, that you travel through them in a different direction each time. 11) It is not clearly mentioned in the wiki, that Co-Kracko is from KDL2, as well as Kracko. In KDL2 the boss is not Kracko, but Kracko AND Co-Kracko, similar to Lololo and Lalala, Nruff and Nelly, etc. 12) Also, Mr Shine and Mr Bright remain on the field even if they are defeated, provided that the other one is still battling, in Kirby's Adventure and KDL2. 13) In the second part of the battle with King Dedede it is possible for Kirby to defeat him without moving. If Pitch is there, and he's got the spark ability, Kirby can send Pitch towards King Dedede and then the player can move only Pitch with the D-pad in a circular manner to stun and damage King Dedede every one second. This can easily defeat him. 14) In KDL3, in Sand Canyon, in a level there is a black pyramid. In Kirby 64, there is a similar pyramid on Rock Star, however, when Kirby approaches it, it is lifted from the ground and proves to be an octahedron. Both pyramids have sections that need illumination to reveal secrets; bomb and spark combo and Kine Spark combo. 15) Nelly, is the only boss (or part of a boss duo) that was present in KDL2, and isn't in KDL3. However, Nelly is a mini form of Nruff. Mini forms of Pon and Con exist too, but they are not specially mentioned. 16) The battles with KDL3 bosses contain phases. Whispy Woods has 2, Acro has 2, Ado has 5, King Dedede has 2, and Dark Matter (and Zero) have 3. Pon Con however has only 1. Racoons and Foxes are expected to be cunning and tricky. 17) The latter stages of the Iceberg seem as part of a castle, something like the Dark Castle, and have nothing to do with ice. Similarly, the latter stages of Grass Land are a forest, pretty much as the Big Forest of KDL2. Also, to travel through worlds in both games, it is required to use a star. A speculation can be raised, as if Dark Castle and Big Forest were to appear in KDL3 as well. 18) Both other two Nintendo franchises that are related with space appear in KDL3. Samus Aran and the Metroids are here, and ROB, the inspiration for ROB/NUS 64 is here also. However the appearance of Star Fox franchise is completely indirect. F-Zero is a futuristic franchise, however it is not clear if its protagonists travel through space. 19) Coo hasn't a friend. Gooey also. However, it is not clear if Pitch's friend is a friend or his mother or father. 20) The ability to call for a friend at will, in this case Gooey, by the pressing of a button returns in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. In both cases the friend can copy abilities. 21) Kirby, Coo and Pitch can fly. With ice, Nago can fly too, although he can perform multi jump. With fire, Chuchu can fly, although she can multi jump. Kine can hover with the parasol. Rick cannot fly or hover, or multi jump. he can climb though. Interestingly, in Kirby 64, Kirby cannot fly without limit, and the shard mentioned above is accessible only with Rick's form of stone cutter combo. 22) Technically, all inhaled enemies are eaten by Kirby. The only exception is Rick, who cannot inhale, but eats on contact. 23) Unlike any other bosses or mini bosses or boss companions, Ado can be damaged by Kirby's kick. 24) Doors that lead to friends' rooms can be used as checkpoints. 25) It is not obvious, but when Dark Matter is sending these round brown things at Kirby, is staring at the player. Similarly this is also done by Zero, when he goes into the background, but in this case this is supposed to be done to target Kirby. This may be considered as breaking the 4th wall. Dark Matter is also appeared to stare at the player at the first ending (bad ending). Similar gestures are performed by Kirby and his friends in the mini game that follows every stage. In a limited form this is also done by Kracko and Co-Kracko. 26) Zero has a red spot as his eye, and sends four small Dark Matters at Kirby occasionally. Planet Jupiter has one big red spot, and four main satellites. 27) Aquatic creatures, such as Kine, Chuchu, Acro and others are able to survive on land. However, land creatures that fall in water die, maybe with the exception of Kapar, who is able to swim. 28) This is the first time, if not the only one, that we observe littering in a Kirby game. Whispy Woods throws rotten fruit and vegetables that stay on the ground. Interestingly, this is the only game that features the broom ability that is used later in the game to clean up dirt. 29) Waddle Doo does not appear in KDL3, as well as in KDL2. 30) Chuchu with the spark power, can charge and release a beam that can be reflected even if it hits a vertical wall. The beam can go back and forth in the same room, until it bounces enough times to disappear. 31) Meta-Knight, his crew, and other sword yielding creatures, as well as Kirby's sword from KDL2 are absent from this game. The only weapon found in the game is the club. Even the sword form of Dark Matter is absent. In KDL2 there were three enemies that used a sword, an axe and ball and chain. In KDL3 every real world weapon reference is gone. 32) The hand that appears in other Kirby games' game over screens doesn't appear here. --) I thought that this game was a little bit neglected by the wiki, so I gathered all these facts. Gomess 512 (talk) 04:23, 6 April 2015 (UTC)