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User:Gigi/Sandbox/Guessing KRtDLD track names

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So I am playing KRtDLD in Portuguese and I keep wondering the English names of the tracks but like I don't want to see a full list yet so huh

I will just play a game here and list my guesses for the English names if I don't know them (since I asked some) based on the Portuguese names and the Japanese names I know they were originally called at least. Yes I am bored

  1. Four Adventurers: Cookie Country
  2. A Visitor from Afar / A Visitor from Other Lands
  3. Planet Popstar
  4. The Adventure Begins / And The Adventure Begins
  5. Exploring the Cave / Exploring the Cavern
  6. Energy Sphere Found!
  7. Super Abilities in Action!
  8. Interdimensional Fanfare
  9. VS. Sphere Doomer
  10. So Many Energy Spheres!
  11. Exploring the Forest / Exploring the Woods
  12. Battle Against a Mid-Boss!
  13. Crystal Dungeons
  14. Over the Hills / Beyond the Hills
  15. Invincibility Candy
  16. Secret Area: HAL Room (Kirby's Dream Buffet 1)
  17. Goal Door
  18. Goal Game!
  19. Kirby Dance (short)
  20. Battle on the Horizon
  21. Blazing! Boss Battle (I was told about this one, glad it's not "Intense Battle Against a Boss!" like in Portuguese lol)
  22. Part Sphere Found!
  23. Kirby Dance (long) - After Boss
  24. Green Greens (Return to Dream Land)
  25. Lor Starcutter Repaired!
  26. Magolor, the Far-Flung Traveler (I was told about this one)
  27. Raisin Ruins
  28. Sandy Desert
  29. Sunny with a Chance of Oasis (I was told about this one)
  30. Exotic Pyramid
  31. Ancient Ruins
  32. Crow in the Shadows (I was told about this one; Portuguese one is cooler though, "What Lurks in the Shadows")
  33. Onion Ocean
  34. Happy Mambo
  35. Scalding Sands and Refreshing Waves
  36. Dive in the Waterfront
  37. Aquatic Slides
  38. Underwater Stroll / Stroll Underwater / Undersea Walk / Walk Undersea
  39. White Wafers
  40. Snowball Scuffle
  41. On the Way of the Chilly Barriers
  42. Slippery Steps
  43. Glacial Acrobatics
  44. Perfect Weather for Sledding
  45. Gelid Temple
  46. Nutty Noon
  47. Sky Waltz
  48. Sky Tower (if they changed it to "Skyscraper" like it is in Portuguese lol)
  49. Dreams in the Clouds
  50. Intense Winds
  51. Battle in the Tower of Mid-Bosses!
  52. VS. Waddle Tank
  53. You Found... a Part Sphere?
  54. Grand Doomer
  55. Defeat
  56. Game Over
  57. Sleepy Continue
  58. Challenge Time!
  59. To The Goal!
  60. Green Greens
  61. Kirby Dance (long)
  62. Results Time
  63. Notification Fanfare
  64. Birdsong Serenade at the Grand Opening (I was told about this one)
  66. Egg Catcher: Title
  67. Egg Catcher
  68. Samurai Kirby
  69. Samurai Winds
  70. Checkerboard Chase: Title
  71. Checkerboard Chase
  72. Results
  73. Bomb Rally: Title
  74. Bomb Rally
  75. Crackity Hack: Title
  76. Crackity Hack
  77. Planet Cracked!
  78. Smash Ride: Title
  79. Smash Ride
  80. Kirby on the Draw: Title
  81. Kirby on the Draw
  82. Ninja Dojo: Title
  83. Enter Ninja Dojo! / Welcome to Ninja Dojo!
  84. Decisive Battle at Ninja Dojo
  85. How Many Targets Hit?
  86. Magolor's Tome Trackers: Title
  87. Magolor's Tome Trackers
  88. Magolor's Frenetic Tome Trackers
  89. Booming Blasters: Title
  90. Booming Blasters
  91. Kabula Limit (I was told about this one)
  92. Rusty Battlefield
  93. Too Bad...
  94. Good Job!
  95. Magoland Results
  96. Magoland Tour
  97. Congratulations!
  98. Have Fun Again in a Magoland Tour!
  99. The Lor Starcutter Reborn / The Lor's Rebirth
  100. Halcandra: A New Enemy
  101. Distant Halcandra
  102. The So Promised Land / The Promised Land
  103. Egg Engines
  104. The Birthplace of Steel (I was told about this one, they made the Portuguese name "The Birth of Steel" :((((((( )
  105. Junkyard Noises
  106. Techno Factory
  107. Battle Against a Mid-Boss in Another World!
  108. Conveyor Belt Trip
  109. Subaquatic Route
  110. Subterrain World / Underworld
  111. Pressure Panic (I was told about this one)
  112. Apothetic Duel Against Robo Dedede
  113. Secret Area: HAL Room (Scope Shot)
  114. Secret Area: HAL Room (VS. Steel Chef Kawasaki)
  115. Dangerous Dinner
  116. Haldera Volcano
  117. Unlimited Power
  118. Ultra Super Boss Battle
  119. Another Dimension
  120. Dimensional Silence
  121. Guardian Angel: Landia (I was indirectly told about this one, not 100% if it's like this though)
  122. Let Me Explain Everything!
  123. Fly, Kirby!
  124. The Final Battle
  125. Welcome Your New Overlord (I was told about this one)
  126. False Ending
  127. C-R-O-W-N-E-D
  128. Diadem, Distruction, Liberation
  129. Each to His Own World
  130. Returning to Dream Land / Back to Dream Land
  131. Hidden Magolor Found
  132. Done? Now It's All Fun!
  133. Let's Review Own Adventures!
  134. Explanation
  135. Egg Catcher: Title (Secret Song)
  136. Egg Catcher (Secret Song)
  137. Samurai Kirby (Secret Song)
  138. Samurai Winds (Secret Song)
  139. Checkerboard Chase: Title (Secret Song)
  140. Checkerboard Chase (Secret Song)
  141. Results (Secret Song)
  142. Bomb Rally: Title (Secret Song)
  143. Bomb Rally (Secret Song)
  144. Crackity Hack: Title (Secret Song)
  145. Crackity Hack (Secret Song)
  146. Smash Ride: Title (Secret Song)
  147. Smash Ride (Secret Song)
  148. Kirby on the Draw: Title (Secret Song)
  149. Kirby on the Draw (Secret Song)
  150. Ninja Dojo: Title (Secret Song)
  151. Enter Ninja Dojo! (Secret Song) / Welcome to Ninja Dojo! (Secret Song)
  152. Decisive Battle at Ninja Dojo (Secret Song)
  153. How Many Targets Hit? (Secret Song)
  154. Magolor's Tome Trackers: Title (Secret Song)
  155. Magolor's Tome Trackers (Secret Song)
  156. Magolor's Frenetic Tome Trackers (Secret Song)
  157. Booming Blasters: Title (Secret Song)
  158. Booming Blasters (Secret Song)
  159. Kabula Limit (Secret Song) (I was told about the original one)
  160. Rusty Battlefield (Secret Song)
  161. Magoland Results (Secret Song)
  162. Break Time
  163. Road to Victory (I was told about this one)
  164. Glory to the Winner
  165. Macho Dedede
  166. History of Kirby Fighters
  167. Roar of Dedede
  168. The Final Battle EX
  169. The Judgement of "Malus Pumila"
  170. At Rock Bottom
  171. Raindrops Drip Through my Face
  172. VS. Darpa-Dirpa-Durpa (I was told the names of the other Doomers are the same or similar, so I honestly have no better guess lol)
  173. Green Winds (Remix)
  174. Red Sand (Remix)
  175. Blue Snowstorm (Remix)
  176. Trial Doors
  177. Blazing! Elemental Boss Battle
  178. Fruit Fragment Found!
  179. The Shape of a Heart
  180. Scattered Souls Across Isolated Isles
  181. A Pain my Heart Knows Well
  182. VS. A Flock of Sphere Doomers / VS. A Flock of Doomers
  183. Another Dimension / Parallel Dimension (they called "Another Dimension" "parallel dimension" in Portuguese and this has the exact same name as song that plays in the AD platforming stages so I am just wondering if it's a translation slip or if it's also the same in other languages)
  184. Mistilteinn, A Crown with no Ruler
  185. Settling the Scores: Redeeming your Mistakes!
  186. Across Another Dimension with You / Across a Parallel Dimension with You (same deal with another vs parallel dimension rip)
  187. ???
  188. ???
  189. ???
  190. The Dangerous End of High Flights
  191. Challenge at The True Arena
  192. ???
  193. ???
  194. ???
  195. ???
  196. ???
  197. ???
  198. ???
  199. ???
  200. Happiness and Magic in Magolor's World!
  201. ???
  202. ???
  203. ???
  204. ???