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This page has info on the WiKirby contributor. For the contributor on Hard Drop Tetris Wiki, see here.


Hello. I'm a new user, as you can guess. Do not fear that I have no knowledge, however, because I've also been working on Smashwiki for the past few days months. I'll contribute the most to Super Smash Bros. and trivia sections. Hopefully, many users will follow my lead in trying to make this a fully operational wiki. Until then, I'll be editing. If anybody would like to visit me there, my username is ThePikaPlayer. This is my SmashWiki account.

Trophy Information

From the worlds of Kirby, Mario, and Pokemon comes a brand new contributor! TheKirbyPlayer's prowess(or not) is considerable in length. Whilst editing Smashwiki, this young fellow has made a few friends and made a few edits. He currently is having some trouble, however, so.... let's just wait.

Character Biography

TheKirbyPlayer is a helpful(maybe not) little fellow. While rule-following at most times, he tends to be a bit rebellious. His anger level rises quickly enough, so don't anger him by doing anything that annoys him, which is everything. His favorite pastime is playing video games, writing books, and drawing.