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Heello Wikirby guest and Users visiting this page...

When I came acros WiKirby, I saw a high abundance of information and incomplete pages, that actually motivated me to help on this encyclopedia, and how I will get all my information so this Encyclopedia get's to a massive 100% completion on it's achievements? I will not grab books.... I will not study... But well yeah, I need to study if I want to achieve MY dreams! I will... play...Hey, what do you expect, we study biology to see a pink puff? I don't think so!

So I promise to help on every objective that has to do whit games from the 2005 and so on... because sadly for me... I was born on 1997... and I feel sad of not being able to play those classic old-school games... but I'm a hardcore Kirby gamer, so I will really get on whit everything related to Kirby on these days, so you can put your hope on me ;)

But of course... I know some stuff from the past, I don't get my "Hardcore" title by just liking pink!