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hey there! you can call me Dubior. i like the kirby series a lot, and i also like to write and make art. i'm always open to discussions, so if you want to talk, or need to message me, don't hesitate to let me know!

about me!
Dubior Blender Render.png This user likes Dubior.
KSS Lalala.png This user is female.
KRtDLD Festival.png This user's birthday is on June 19th.
KSqS Daroach Sprite.png This user loves Daroach.
KSqS Animal Kirby Sprite.png This user is a Furry.
KPR Drawcia Sticker.png This user is an Artist.
KPR Gigavolt Model.png This user wants to see a Forgotten Land-style Planet Robobot remake, because she believes fighting the giant bosses in the game (like Gigavolt) in a 3D environment would be sick.
SKC Kibble Blade Art.png This user is a Kibble Blade advocate.

kirby games i've played[edit]

(in chronological order)