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List of facts for Module:DYK. The format is [number] = "stuff that goes after \"did you know?\" (use \" for quotation marks)".

return {
	[1] = "...[[Kirby]] obtains the [[zeldawiki:Triforce|Triforce]] and [[metroidwiki:Screw Attack|Screw Attack]] as [[Treasure]] items in ''[[Kirby Super Star|Kirby Super Star's]]'' [[The Great Cave Offensive]], along with other items from other [[Nintendo]] franchises?",
	[2] = "...''[[mariowiki:Mario (series)|Mario]]'' characters can be seen watching Kirby's fight with [[King Dedede]] in the final stage of [[Spring Breeze]] in ''[[Kirby Super Star]]'' and ''[[Kirby Super Star Ultra]]'', as well as in the audience in [[Megaton Punch]]?",
	[3] = "...[[Master Hand & Crazy Hand]] of ''[[Super Smash Bros. (series)|Super Smash Bros.]]'' fame appear as bosses in ''[[Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]]''?",
	[4] = "...there is an enemy in ''[[zeldawiki:The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening|The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening]]'' called [[zeldawiki:Anti-Kirby|Anti-Kirby]], who looks identical to [[Kirby]]?",
	[5] = "...when Kirby uses the [[Cell Phone]] while having the [[UFO]] [[Copy Ability]], a small satellite dish is used instead?",
	[6] = "...Kirby did not have [[Kirby's voice|a consistent voice]] in the games until ''[[Super Smash Bros.]]'', and [[Makiko Ohmoto|the actress who voiced him]] there has consistently been his voice since?",
	[7] = " some point before the events of ''[[Kirby: Triple Deluxe]]'', [[Queen Sectonia]] once looked a lot more like [[Taranza]]?",
	[8] = "...according to the [[Kirby Café]] menus, [[Meta Knight]] secretly loves sweet food?",
	[9] = "...while all versions of \"[[The Noble Haltmann]]\" feature at least two verses, the Japanese version has an additional third verse only found in supplemental material?",
	[10] = "...both [[HR-D3]] and [[Morpho Knight]] were originally made for the canceled ''[[Kirby for Nintendo GameCube]]'' game?",
	[11] = " was possible to play [[Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!]] as [[Kirby]] prior to Version 2.0.0?",
	[12] = "...''[[Kirby's Epic Yarn]]'' was not originally going to be a ''Kirby'' game, but would have instead starred [[Prince Fluff]]?",
	[13] = " is possible to fly an indefinite distance in ''[[Kirby Air Ride]]'s''' [[Air Glider]] challenge using the [[Bulk Star]]?",
	[14] = "...the [[butterfly]] that became [[Morpho Knight]] in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' and ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]'' has appeared in numerous previous games in the ''Kirby'' series in cutscenes, going all the way back to ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]'', if not earlier?",
	[15] = "...trying to attack using a [[Gold Waddle Dee]] possessed by the [[Ghost]] ability will only cause it to adopt a shocked expression?",
	[16] = "...if Kirby manages to get a score higher than 99 points in the [[Jumping]] game from ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'', the score will stop increasing?",
	[17] = "...if 999 [[1-Up|extra lives]] are obtained in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'', a crown will be placed on the extra Kirby icon?",
	[18] = "...despite being called [[The Three Mage-Sisters]], [[Francisca]], [[Flamberge]], and [[Zan Partizanne]] are not actually related by blood?",
	[19] = " several ''Kirby'' games, hitting every platform of the [[Goal Game]] in ascending order will result in Kirby gaining 30 [[1-Up]]s?",
	[20] = " is possible to \"defeat\" [[Whispy Woods]] in [[City Trial]] and [[Free Roling]]?",
	[21] = "...according to the [[Channel PPP Crew]] in ''[[Kirby Battle Royale]]'', [[Meta Knight]] has a short temper, and may shout expletives (unheard by the player) during battles?",
	[22] = "...[[HAL Laboratory]] pulled a prank on April Fools' Day 2019 where they [[Square Kirby|changed Kirby into a cube]], and that Kirby would again take on a cube form when copying Steve in ''[[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]]''?",
	[23] = "...bosses in ''Kirby'' games starting with ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]'' will gradually get weaker the more times they are re-fought after Kirby is KO'd?",
	[24] = "...[[Air Ride Machine|machines]] in [[City Trial]] start off with most base stats two levels lower than machines in [[Air Ride]]?",
	[25] = " ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]'' and onward, the sound when an enemy is defeated is always distinct between [[Boss]]es and [[Mid-Boss]]es?",
	[26] = "...[[Meta Knight]]'s sword, [[Galaxia]], got its name and modern appearance from [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|the anime series]]?",
	[27] = "...the ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'' enemy [[Keke]] references the Japanese animated film ''[[wikipedia:Kiki's Delivery Service|Kiki's Delivery Service]]''?",
	[28] = "...the [[Yo-Yo]] and [[ESP]] abilities are a reference to [[wikibound:Ness|Ness]] from [[wikibound:Earthbound|Earthbound]]?",
	[29] = "...the \"Light-Speed Dash\" move added to [[Plasma]] in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' is a reference to [[bulbapedia:Pikachu|Pikachu]]'s [[smashwiki:Quick Attack|Quick Attack]] from its moveset in the ''[[Super Smash Bros. (series)|Super Smash Bros.]]'' games?",
	[30] = "...[[HAL Laboratory]] has a habit of inserting the number 86, which can be read as \"HAL\" in Japanese, in various places in the ''Kirby'' games?",
	[31] = "...[[Shadow Kirby]] from ''[[Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]]'' can be found in-person in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]''?",
	[32] = "...Kirby has an [[Kirby JP Twitter|official Japanese Twitter page]] and that it has been going strong for several years?",
	[33] = "...the [[Popopo Islands]] from ''[[Kirby Mass Attack]]'' are a reference to Kirby's original name, \"Popopo\"?",
	[34] = "...the [[Mini]] ability was originally planned for inclusion in ''[[Kirby's Adventure]]'', and allowed Kirby to [[slide]] while having it equipped?",
	[35] = "...the enemies that [[Kirby]] swallows \"poof\" and reappear somewhere else in the world?",
	[36] = "...the ''[[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]]'' episode [[A Novel Approach]] is a direct reference to the ''[[wikipedia:Harry Potter|Harry Potter]]'' franchise?",
	[37] = "...the [[Water]] Copy Ability was first seen in [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|the anime]], and was intended to appear in the canceled ''[[Kirby for Nintendo GameCube]]'' game before being repurposed for ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]''?",
	[38] = "...Kirby once had to clear out an infestation of [[Metroid]]s to get a [[Heart Star]] from [[Samus]]?",
	[39] = " is actually not possible to exit [[Dark Star]] (during the first playthrough) or quit the fight against [[0²]] in ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'', with the only options being \"Continue\" and \"Tough it out!\"?",
	[40] = " the Japanese version of ''[[Kirby's Epic Yarn]]'', [[King Dedede]] says \"zoi\" at the end of his sentences like he does in [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|the anime series]]?",
	[41] = "...if Kirby receives a [[Mix]] in ''[[Kirby's Adventure]]'', it is possible to briefly see an unused icon for Kirby in a [[Cannon]]?",
	[42] = " ''[[Kirby: Squeak Squad]]'', obtaining the [[Ability Scroll]] for [[Sleep]] will allow Kirby to gain a little bit of [[Health]] back whenever he snoozes?",
	[43] = "...the [[UFO (enemy)|UFO enemy]] will appear in ''[[Kirby: Planet Robobot]]'' if [[100% completion]] is attained?",
	[44] = "...most [[:Category:Soul bosses|soul-form bosses]] have attacks in common, including [[Shooter Cutter]], [[Black Hole]], [[Bound Pound]], [[Deadly Sun]], and [[Splash Rush]]?",
	[45] = "...there is an actual background texture for out-of-bounds areas in ''[[Kirby's Epic Yarn]]''?",
	[46] = "...[[Star Dream]] may have been stealing [[President Haltmann]]'s memories, causing him to forget what [[Susie|his daughter]] looked like?",
	[47] = "...the yellow Kirby in ''[[Kirby's Dream Course]]'' was named [[Keeby]] by the developers?",
	[48] = "...the [[Beast Pack]] are said to have originally come from [[Originull Wasteland]]?",
	[49] = "...the [[Dragoon]] and [[Hydra]] parts in [[City Trial]] always appear in red [[Container|boxes]] in specific locations?",
	[50] = "...enemies from older games such as [[Bounder]], [[Togezo]], and [[Rolling Turtle]] were completely replaced by other enemies in remakes?",
	[51] = "...[[Poppy Bros. Jr.]] did not consistently provide the [[Bomb]] ability until ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]''?",
	[52] = "...[[Goriath]]'s second phase change in appearance may be a reference to the ''[[wikipedia:Dragon Ball|Dragon Ball]]'' series?",
	[53] = "...[[Chef Kawasaki]] was named after [[wikipedia:Kawasaki motorcycles|Kawasaki motorcycles]]?",
	[54] = "...[[Masher]] in [[Kirby 3D Rumble]] is the first inhalable [[Mid-Boss]] in the series to be ability-neutral?",
	[55] = "...[[Point Star]]s can change in appearance based on the game-mode being played?",
	[56] = " most games, [[Star Bullet]]s deal more [[damage]] if Kirby spits them while [[dash]]ing?",
	[57] = "...each playable character in [[Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!]] will face a different set of enemies and rooms on their adventure?",
	[58] = "...[[Magolor]] did not originally own the [[Lor Starcutter]], having excavated it from a volcano on [[Halcandra]]?",
	[59] = "...[[Adeleine]] is afraid of [[Gooey]]?",
	[60] = "...[[Qbby]] from the ''[[nwiki:BoxBoy! series|BOXBOY!]]'' series has made cameo appearances several times in ''Kirby'' games?",
	[61] = "...the [[Gruegloom]] from ''[[Kirby Mass Attack]]'' is a possible reference to the [[wikipedia:Grue (monster)|Grue]] from the [[wikipedia:Zork|''Zork'']] series?",
	[62] = "...the [[Mix]] roulette runs on a fixed loop in several games?",
	[63] = "...Kirby's round simple look was originally meant to be a placeholder sprite for a more detailed character?",
	[64] = "...Meta Knight was often depicted as left-handed up until the release of ''[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]''?",
	[65] = "...the character [[Girl blob]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 2]]'' replaces a human girl called [[Chao]] who appears in the Japanese version of the game, and that this girl appears in all versions of ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]''?",
	[66] = "...[[Mr. Frosty]]'s name is misspelled as \"Mr. Flosty\" in ''[[Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]]''?",
	[67] = "...despite normally being out of Kirby's reach, there is a secret room in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'' where [[Batamon]] can be reached?",
	[68] = "...the original ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]'' was consistently the highest-selling game in the [[Kirby (series)|''Kirby'' series]] until ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]'' surpassed it in September 2022?",
	[69] = " many games starting with [[Bubbly Clouds]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]'', it is possible to enter the moon to find a secret area?",
	[70] = "...finding [[Gooey]] and [[Girl blob]] in bags is required for [[100% completion]] of ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 2]]''?",
	[71] = "...''[[Kirby Super Star]]'' had a prototype developed for the [[Nintendo Entertainment System]]?",
	[72] = "...despite receiving [[Kirby's voice|a voice]] in ''[[Super Smash Bros.]]'', there would be a nearly 10 year gap in Kirby's properly voiced appearances between ''[[Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble]]'' and ''[[Kirby's Epic Yarn]]''?",
	[73] = "...the [[Cutter]] and [[Parasol]] [[Copy Ability|Copy Abilities]] are the most commonly recurring abilities in the series, with 17 total appearances each?",
	[74] = "...the in-stage touch screen menu for ''[[Kirby: Planet Robobot]]'' can be seen on the [[Robobot Armor]] itself as part of its user-interface?",
	[75] = "...the official pronunciation of [[King Dedede]]'s name differs between Japanese and English?",
	[76] = "...[[Castle Dedede]]'s upper windows form a \"face\" on the castle, which changes expression whenever its king is launched out of the roof?",
	[77] = "...the giant spinning blade hazards in [[Nature's Navel]] and related stages in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' are known officially as \"Mega [[Blado]]s\" in Japanese?",
	[78] = "...[[Big Bouncy]], the giant Bouncy Mid-Boss from ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'' can also be found twice in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]''?",
	[79] = "...several landscapes and objects in ''Kirby'' games starting with ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]'' are often deliberately arranged to resemble faces?",
	[80] = "...despite being an infamously powerful character and boss, [[Galacta Knight]] has never appeared in the story mode of any main series game?",
	[81] = "...the [[Sectonia Clone|clone of Queen Sectonia]] made by [[Star Dream]] has a broken heart on its thorax and crown to match the computer's own motif?",
	[82] = "...the number of feathers on a [[Sphere Doomer]]'s tail indicates its relative power?",
	[83] = " ''[[Kirby: Planet Robobot]]'', the [[Spark]] [[Copy Ability]] can be obtained from far more sources than any other ability?",
	[84] = "...there were plans to add two more types of heroes to [[Team Kirby Clash]], but these were scrapped?",
	[85] = "...the [[Jamba Heart]] in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' was sealed by [[Spear of the heart|four spears]] wielded by ancient heroes, and it is these spears that are used to form the [[Star Allies Sparkler]]?",
	[86] = "...the first letters of each level name in various ''Kirby'' games will often spell something, with the first example of this being in ''[[Kirby's Adventure]]''?",
	[87] = "...the enemy who had to wait the longest between in-game appearances is [[Two Face]], who appears in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]'' and ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' exclusively?",
	[88] = "...[[Lololo & Lalala]] originate from an older [[HAL Laboratory]] series called ''[[wikipedia:Eggerland|Eggerland]]''?",
	[89] = "...if ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]'' is [[pause]]d for long enough, Kirby will start dancing in place?",
	[90] = "...the tradition of adding special flavor text for bosses in pause menus did not begin until ''[[Kirby Super Star Ultra]]''?",
	[91] = " is possible to play the [[New Challenge Stages]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition]]'' using a [[Nintendo GameCube]] controller?",
	[92] = "...[[Magolor]] set up the courses for ''[[Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe]]'' as well as the [[New Challenge Stages]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition]]''?",
	[93] = "...both [[Zero]] and [[0²]] attack Kirby using volleys of their own blood?",
	[94] = "...the face [[Kirby]] makes when selecting [[The Ultimate Choice]]'s Soul Melter difficulty is a reference to [[Demon Frog|Devil Kirby]] from ''[[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]]'' episode [[Frog Wild]]?",
	[95] = " ''[[Kirby Mass Attack]]'', [[Squeaker]]s had managed to find all of the [[Medal]]s in the game beforehand, but were too timid to collect them themselves?",
	[96] = "...[[Castle Dedede]]'s appearance in ''[[Kirby: Squeak Squad]]'' and ''[[Kirby's Epic Yarn]]'' is identical to its look in [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|the anime series]]?",
	[97] = "...[[Masher]] is the only common enemy in the series to have later been upgraded to a [[Mid-Boss]]?",
	[98] = "...[[Nruff]], the common enemy found in many ''Kirby'' games, originally started out as a [[Nruff and Nelly|boss]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 2]]''?",
	[99] = " far, [[Far-Flung Starlight Heroes]] contains the most individual stages of any level in the ''Kirby'' series at 18 stages, not counting the [[Dream Palace]] and [[Ability Planet]]?",
	[100] = "...Kirby is not native to [[Dream Land]], and just blew in \"one day on a spring breeze\", hence the name of the [[Spring Breeze|first game]] in ''[[Kirby Super Star]]'' and ''[[Kirby Super Star Ultra]]''?",
	[101] = "...Kirby is actually capable of speech in several games, but is a [[wikipedia:Silent protagonist|silent protagonist]], meaning that the player cannot hear him talking?",
	[102] = "...among the regular stats Kirby can gain in ''[[Team Kirby Clash Deluxe]]'' and ''[[Super Kirby Clash]]'' when gaining a level, he can also go up in stats such as \"eye sparkle\", \"sincerity\", \"puffiness\", or \"intestinal fortitude\" (not that it matters)?",
	[103] = "...[[Rick]], [[Kine]] and [[Coo]] have appeared as cameos far more often in the ''Kirby'' series than as actual playable characters?",
	[104] = " ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'', if [[Kirby]] collects all the [[Heart Star]]s in an area and returns to a previously defeated boss, the boss will be friendly and not attack him?",
	[105] = "...[[Acro]] appears as an [[Easter egg]] illustration in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 2]]'', preceding his first real appearance in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]''?",
	[106] = "...[[King Dedede]] is voiced by ''Kirby'' series creator [[Masahiro Sakurai]] in both ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'' and in the ''[[Super Smash Bros. (series)|Super Smash Bros.]]'' games?",
	[107] = "...despite being introduced as a villain in ''[[Kirby: Triple Deluxe]]'', [[Taranza]] is never fought directly in the series until ''[[Team Kirby Clash Deluxe]]''?",
	[108] = "...there are [[Parallel Susie|three]] [[Pres. Parallel Susie|different]] [[Susie]]s in the ''Kirby'' series, each from different dimensions?",
	[109] = "...several of [[President Haltmann]]'s attacks in ''[[Kirby: Planet Robobot]]'' are named internally after business terms such as \"Assign the OJT\", \"Kickoff Party\", and \"Business Trip\"?",
	[110] = " is possible to complete [[Milky Way Wishes]] without ever collecting a [[Copy Essence Deluxe]]?",
	[111] = "...the angry octopus that [[Adeleine]] can paint in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' resembles [[Octacon]], a [[monster]] from [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|the anime series]]?",
	[112] = "...[[Parallel Nightmare]] wears a medallion which resembles a crescent moon, and that this may be a reference to the [[moon]] exploding at the end of ''[[Kirby's Adventure]]'' / ''[[Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land]]''?",
	[113] = "...many of the unique areas traversed by [[Dream Friend]]s in [[Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!]] are re-creations of areas from the games they originated from?",
	[114] = "...the false final boss of ''[[Kirby's Block Ball]]'' is named [[Brobo]], and he cameos along with [[Gryll]] in a [[Stone]] sculpture in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]''?",
	[115] = "...[[Robo Dedede|four]] [[HR-D3|distinct]] [[Scope Shot|giant]] [[Dededestroyer Z|robots]] have appeared which resemble King Dedede or have been piloted by him?",
	[116] = "...the giant robot which [[Susie]] pilots is officially referred to as her \"Business Suit\"?",
	[117] = " of [[Zan Partizanne]]'s biggest pet peeves is when people forget her name?",
	[118] = "...several [[Friend Ability|Friend Abilities]] from ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' are directly taken from [[Copy Ability#Power Combos|Power Combos]] in ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]''?",
	[119] = "...''[[Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble]]'' and ''[[Kirby Mass Attack]]'' are the only games in the series where it is possible for Kirby to drown underwater (but he can still breathe in space)?",
	[120] = " of the promotional comic strips made for ''[[Kirby and the Rainbow Curse]]'' suggests that Kirby's [[Star Dash]]es are \"gas-powered\"?",
	[121] = " is possible to ignore [[Meta Knight]]'s offer of a sword before battle in ''[[Kirby Super Star]]'', ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'', and ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]''?",
	[122] = " ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'', Kirby can [[Make Friend|befriend]] some of the bosses after defeating them using a [[Friend Heart]], but the window to use it is often rather tight?",
	[123] = "...there is an item in ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]'' and [[Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe|its remake]] called the [[Stomper Boot]], which functions just like the [[mariowiki:Goomba's Shoe|Goomba's Shoe]] in the ''[[mariowiki:Super Mario (series)|Super Mario]]'' games?",
	[124] = "...the ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'' enemy [[Keke]] can be found in the background in some ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'' stages, and also appears as an [[Enemy Info Card]]?",
	[125] = " ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'', [[Parallel Dedede]] uses the [[smashwiki:Gordo Throw|Gordo Throw]] move during his fight, and this move is also used by [[King Dedede & Meta Knight]] in ''[[Kirby Fighters 2]]'' and [[Phantom King Dedede]] in ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]''?",
	[126] = "...Kirby's actual first video game appearance was as a cameo in the intro cutscene from the 1991 game ''[[wikipedia:Arcana (video game)|Arcana]]'', and that this game would later be referenced by the ''[[Kirby Mass Attack]]'' [[Sub-Game]] [[Kirby Quest]]?",
	[127] = "...many celestial objects can be found in the background of [[Far-Flung Starlight Heroes|the final world]] of ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'', including planets [[Ripple Star]] and [[Halfmoon]]?",
	[128] = "...the [[Dragoon]] can be found flying in the background in the [[World of Miracles - Planet Popstar|Popstar]] level select area of ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]''?",
	[129] = "...there are some areas of stages in ''[[Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land]]'' that are completely different from their counterparts in ''[[Kirby's Adventure]]''?",
	[130] = "...the ''[[Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land]]'' version of the [[Sub-Game]] [[Quick Draw]] is explicitly named after [[Samurai Kirby]] in the Japanese version?",
	[131] = "...Meta Knight would not be portrayed with wings until the last chapter of [[Revenge of Meta Knight]]?",
	[132] = " the starry areas of planet [[Halfmoon]], one of the background objects is Saturn's moon [[wikipedia:Mimas (moon)|Mimas]]?",
	[133] = "...[[HAL Laboratory]] has consistently refused to answer questions about Kirby's anatomy, preferring to keep it a [[List of mysteries|mystery]]?",
	[134] = "...the final boss of ''[[Super Kirby Clash]]'' conjures magical spears during one of his attacks which resemble the [[Spear of the heart|ones used to seal away]] the final boss in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]''?",
	[135] = "...[[Mace Knight]] has a hidden stash of [[food]] and [[1-Up]]s which Kirby can find in [[Revenge of Meta Knight]]?",
	[136] = "...nearly all of the [[boss]]es in ''[[Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]]'' can be defeated extremely quickly using certain tricks?",
	[137] = "...the ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' stage [[Extra Planet α]] borrows its first area's concept from [[Floria]] in [[Milky Way Wishes]]?",
	[138] = "...the Lucky Mallet from ''[[Team Kirby Clash Deluxe]]'' and ''[[Super Kirby Clash]]'' is based on the [[wikipedia:Uchide no kozuchi|Uchide no kozuchi]] or \"tap-appear mallet\", which is a common symbol of luck or fortune in Japan?",
	[139] = "...the flower enemy [[Lovely]] is able to survive underwater?",
	[140] = "...''[[Kirby's Dream Course]]'' started as a non-''Kirby'' game called ''Special Tee Shot'', which began development in 1992?",
	[141] = "...a horror-themed game was planned to be included in ''[[Kirby Super Star]]'', titled \"Kagero Mansion\"?",
	[142] = "...Kirby does not have teeth or a skeleton, but King Dedede and [[Escargoon]] do?",
	[143] = "...the anime-exclusive characters [[Escargoon]], [[Chef Shiitake]], [[Max Flexer]], and the [[N.M.E. Sales Guy]] cameo in ''[[Kirby Mass Attack]]'''s [[Sub-Game]]s?",
	[144] = "...much of the music used in ''[[Kirby Air Ride]]'' and ''[[Kirby and the Rainbow Curse]]'' originated from the Japanese soundtrack for ''[[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]]''?",
	[145] = "...[[Kine]] has a crush on [[Tiff]] in the anime series, but in the games, he has a wife named [[Mine]]?",
	[146] = "...[[Spark]] Kirby gained his modern look from ''[[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]]''?",
	[147] = "...despite being one of Kirby's closest allies in the main anime series, [[Meta Knight]] initially appeared as an enemy in the [[Kirby of the Stars Pilot]]?",
	[148] = "...the [[Armored Vehicle]] that King Dedede and [[Escargoon]] ride in the anime series has a different paint-job in the Japanese version?",
	[149] = " the anime series, [[Kabu (anime character)|Kabu]] explains that [[Kirby (anime character)|Kirby]] was originally a monster created by [[eNeMeE]]?",
	[150] = "...[[Doctor Yabui]] is afraid of needles?",
	[151] = "...despite his promise to have his revenge in [[Ninja Binge]], the evil ninja [[Yamikage]] is never seen or heard from again?",
	[152] = "...the [[monster]] Shaabon which appears from a painting in [[Scare Tactics - Part II]] was designed by a child who won a contest to get their monster design into [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|the anime]]?",
	[153] = "...the [[King Dedede]] Doodle [[Sticker (Kirby: Planet Robobot)|sticker]] in ''[[Kirby: Planet Robobot]]'' depicts him with a star on his hat, referencing \"Dedede-man\" in the anime episode [[Cartoon Buffoon]]?",
	[154] = " the anime, [[King Dedede (anime character)|King Dedede]] once ordered a [[Head Cold Monsters|monster]] that would give him the common cold under the false belief that only intelligent people can catch that disease?",
	[155] = "...the song the [[Island Sisters]] sing to calm [[Mosugaba]] in the Japanese version of the anime contains references to both [[Nintendo]] and [[HAL Laboratory]]?",
	[156] = "...Kirby has a strong affiliation with birds in general, with notable bird allies including [[Dyna Blade]], [[Coo]], [[Pitch]], and [[Big Birdee]]?",
	[157] = "...[[Kirby JP Twitter|the official Kirby Twitter account]]'s [[:Category:Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustrations|commemorative illustrations]] are drawn by [[Adeleine]]?",
	[158] = "...the sand castles and the elephant slide from [[Aqua Star - Stage 3|the third stage of Aqua Star]] were built by [[King Dedede]] and [[Waddle Dee (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)|Waddle Dee]]?",
	[159] = "...[[Factory Tour]], the fourth stage of [[Shiver Star]], is the only stage in ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'' with its own distinct name?",
	[160] = "...April 27th, the day that ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]'' released in Japan, is officially celebrated as Kirby's birthday?",
	[161] = "...the [[smashwiki:Party Ball|Party Ball]], an item from the [[Super Smash Bros. (series)|''Super Smash Bros.'' series]], bears a striking resemblance to [[Party Ball|one item from ''Kirby Air Ride'']]?",
	[162] = "...leftover color-varying models of [[Hyness]] in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]''' internal game data suggests there were plans to make him a [[Dream Friend]]?",
	[163] = "...there is unused data for \"Shield Health\" and \"Knockback\" Stones which would have appeared in ''[[Kirby Fighters 2]]'''s [[Story Mode: The Destined Rivals]]?",
	[164] = "...the Clear-time Conversion score awarded in ''[[Kirby Fighters 2|Kirby Fighters 2's]]''' [[Single-Handed Mode]] decreases in increments of ten seconds, as detailed on [[Single-Handed Mode/Clear-Time Conversion table|this page]]?",
	[165] = "...fighters in ''[[Kirby Fighters 2]]'' take 25% less damage when they are below 25% health?",
	[166] = "...the partner song to the much more famous main [[Gourmet Race (theme)|Gourmet Race theme]], which plays in [[Corn Hall]], would not be rearranged in another game until ''[[Kirby Fighters 2]]''?",
	[167] = "...of all the Copy Abilities, only [[Balloon]], [[Wrestler]], and [[Jelly]] were introduced in spin-off games?",
	[168] = "...[[Capiller]]s are one of Kirby's least favorite things, and eating them will damage him?",
	[169] = "...King Dedede hosts [[Dedede Directory|a running series]] on the [[Kirby JP Twitter]] where he discusses entities from the ''Kirby'' series?",
	[170] = "...[[Glom]] from ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'' has a much longer eel-like body than is normally seen in-game?",
	[171] = "...the [[Staff]] [[Copy Ability]] is a reference to the Chinese novel ''[[wikipedia:Journey to the West|Journey to the West]]''?",
	[172] = "...the ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'' enemy [[Apolo]] is based upon and named after a brand of chocolates produced by [[wikipedia:Meiji Seika|Meiji]], and to date is the only enemy that heals Kirby when he swallows it?",
	[173] = "...there is an official [[Kirby (novel series)|''Kirby'' novel series]], written by Mie Takase, that has been ongoing ever since 2013?",
	[174] = "...the final segment before the [[Waddle Dee Steel Fortress]] fight in ''[[Kirby: Triple Deluxe]]'' references ''[[wikipedia:The Three Little Pigs|The Three Little Pigs]]''?",
	[175] = "...''[[Kirby and the Rainbow Curse]]'' was the first game in the series to give [[Waddle Dee]]s vocalizations?",
	[176] = "...if [[Bandana Waddle Dee|Waddle Dee]] picks up a [[Key]] in ''[[Kirby and the Rainbow Curse]]'' and then leaves the game, the key will automatically be transferred to [[Kirby]]?",
	[177] = " ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'', if Kirby takes fatal damage while simultaneously being knocked back by a harmless object, he will be able to move around with no HP, but not be able to interact with objects?",
	[178] = " is possible to defeat [[Shotzo]] and [[Blatzy]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]'' using [[Invincible Candy]]?",
	[179] = "...the hand that grabs [[Kirby]] in some bonus areas in ''[[Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble]]'' is named [[God Hand]] in Japanese sources?",
	[180] = "...[[Whispy Woods]] is an ally to [[Kirby]] in ''[[Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble]]'', and can skip Kirby to later levels?",
	[181] = "...the [[Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition|Kirby's 20th Anniversary Celebration Book]] claims that it is possible to score a hole-in-one on every hole in ''[[Kirby's Dream Course]]'', but that this has not actually been shown to be possible in practice yet?",
	[182] = "...there is an unlockable \"Dance Select\" menu in ''[[Kirby's Dream Course]]'' that allows the player to see every individual [[Kirby Dance]] in the game?",
	[183] = "...''[[Kirby's Dream Course]]'' was the first game to introduce the mechanic of [[Stone]] [[Kirby]] sliding down slopes?",
	[184] = "...the speed at which [[UFO]] and [[Parasol]] [[Kirby]] travel in ''[[Kirby's Dream Course]]'' depend on how fast Kirby was going prior to transforming?",
	[185] = "...the fighter versions of [[King Dedede]] and [[Meta Knight]] do not appear as CPU opponents in any of the single-player modes in ''[[Kirby Fighters 2]]''?",
	[186] = "...the creature lurking in the pit on the [[Sand (course)|SAND]] [[Top Ride]] course in ''[[Kirby Air Ride]]'' is named [[Ant Doom]]?",
	[187] = " is not actually possible to play for the first time the [[Challenge Mode]] stages in ''[[Kirby and the Rainbow Curse]]'' in the order they are numbered?",
	[188] = "...the [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|anime]] version of [[Kabu (anime character)|Kabu]] appears as part of the background in the [[Water (course)|WATER]] [[Top Ride]] course in ''[[Kirby Air Ride]]''?",
	[189] = "...there are a couple of small flowers hidden in out-of-the-way locations on the [[City Trial]] map?",
	[190] = "...the Japanese version of ''[[Kirby's Dream Course]]'' has its backstory in the game as cutscenes, but this was removed in international releases, relegated only to the manual?",
	[191] = "...''[[Kirby's Avalanche]]'' was never released in Japan, making it the only officially-recognized ''Kirby'' game with that distinction?",
	[192] = " ''[[Kirby's Block Ball]]'', it is possible in some instances to get Kirby stuck bouncing on a Pinball Block, thus allowing the player to rack up an indefinite amount of points?",
	[193] = " was not definitively known whether or not the [[Shadow Kirby]] from ''[[Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]]'' and the one from the [[Kirby Fighters (series)|''Kirby Fighters'' games]] was the same entity until a [[Dedede Directory|Twitter post]] featuring him confirmed it?",
	[194] = "...[[Blado]]'s [[Figurine]] description in ''[[Kirby and the Rainbow Curse]]'' suggests that despite doing his job as an enemy, \"his heart is no longer in it\"?",
	[195] = "...despite what the instruction booklet says, Kirby does retain [[Red Star]]s he collects in ''[[Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble]]'' even if he loses a life?",
	[196] = "...if using the [[Nintendo GameCube]]'s Game Boy Player peripheral to play ''[[Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble]]'', the player has to tilt the GameCube console itself in order to control Kirby?",
	[197] = "...[[Burning Leo]] can breathe fire even when underwater?",
	[198] = "...Kirby has a distinct hat for the [[Crash]] ability in ''[[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]]'' which is never seen in the games?",
	[199] = " of Kirby's poses when performing the [[Crash]] attack in ''[[Kirby Super Star]]'' shows him with teeth, which he does not appear to have at any other point in the series?",
	[200] = "...very little is known about [[Shinichi Shimomura]] — the man who directed the ''Kirby'' games featuring [[Dark Matter]] among other roles?",
	[201] = " ''[[Kirby Super Star]]'', [[Mike]] Kirby's Stand Microphone scream was voiced by [[Masahiro Sakurai]], and according to him, he says \"Chesto!\", a Japanese battle cry originating from the Satsuma (now Kagoshima) province?",
	[202] = "...the data of every stage from ''[[Kirby's Epic Yarn]]'' appears deep inside the code of ''[[mariowiki:Yoshi's Woolly World|Yoshi's Woolly World]]''?",
	[203] = "...the [[Monster Delivery System]] appears in the background of [[King Dedede]]'s fight in ''[[Kirby: Squeak Squad]]''?",
	[204] = "...the developers of ''[[Kirby: Squeak Squad]]'' had great difficulty designing [[Bubble]]'s Copy Ability hat?",
	[205] = " [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|the anime]], [[Kirby (anime character)|Kirby]] almost never uses his signature [[Hover]] move?",
	[206] = "...there are [[Floaty the Drifter|two]] [[Floaty the Cell Core|different]] enemies with the name \"Floaty\" that are nothing alike?",
	[207] = "...Kirby can cause the [[fuse]] for a [[cannon]] to burn faster by ducking inside it in ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]''?",
	[208] = "...despite being called ''[[Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition]]'', no \"not-Special\" edition of the game seems to exist?",
	[209] = "...the [[Halberd]]'s [[Reactor]] is powered by [[Wheelie]]s?",
	[210] = "...the reveal trailer for ''[[Kirby Fighters 2]]'' mistook or misspelled several names, including [[Dyna Blade's Nest]] as \"Dyna's Blade Nest\" and the [[Buddy Star Blaster]] as the \"Buddy Shooting Star\"?",
	[211] = "...[[Kirby]] is only 20 centimeters (about eight inches) tall?",
	[212] = " Japanese, [[Kirby]]'s [[Kirby's characteristics#Gender|gender]] is officially stated to be \"unknown\"?",
	[213] = "...Kirby was originally going to be named Popopo (or Twinkle Popo), but was later renamed to Kirby in part to honor the lawyer John Kirby who defended Nintendo in a case against Universal Studios over the name \"Donkey Kong\"?",
	[214] = "...the anime episodes [[Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I]] and [[Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II]] were created to coincide with the release of ''[[Kirby Air Ride]]'', and because of this, the English dub aired them out of order?",
	[215] = "...the four abilities seen in [[Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II]] — [[Baton]], [[Water]], [[Iron]], and [[Top]] — were designed by winners of a Japan-only [[Kirby of the Stars: New Ability Contest|Copy Ability design contest]]?",
	[216] = "...''[[Kirby Super Star]]'' is the only game to have [[Swinging Waddle Doo]]s, but not [[Swinging Waddle Dee]]s?",
	[217] = "...despite not being an enemy, the butterfly which appears in the background of some stages in ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'' is given an [[Enemy Info Card]], where it is named \"[[Flutter]]\"?",
	[218] = "...series composer [[Hirokazu Ando]] also provides the voice for [[Magolor]] and [[Taranza]], among other characters?",
	[219] = "...series director [[Shinya Kumazaki]] had a pet cat named Tom, whose voice was used for [[Star Dream]] and [[Nago]]?",
	[220] = "...series composer [[Hirokazu Ando]] has a pet chicken, whose voice was used for [[Star Dream]]'s weathervane?",
	[221] = "...the staff credits in ''[[Kirby's Avalanche]]'' can be viewed immediately after the game is started or rebooted if player 1 holds L + right, while player 2 holds R + left?",
	[222] = "...due to ''[[Kirby's Avalanche|Kirby's Avalanche's]]''' compatibility with [[wikipedia:XBAND|XBAND]], an online service for the SNES, it is technically the first [[Kirby (series)|''Kirby'' game]] with online multiplayer, preceding the [[Kirby Battle Royale|first one with native compatibility]] by 22 years?",
	[223] = "...''[[Kirby's Avalanche]]'' is a direct port of ''[[wikipedia:Puyo Puyo|Super Puyo Puyo]]'', except with ''Kirby'' characters?",
	[224] = " one point during the development of ''[[Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble]]'', it was considered to rebrand the game into a ''[[bulbapedia:Pokémon|Pokémon]]'' game, but the idea was scrapped?",
	[225] = "...''[[Kirby's Adventure|Kirby's Adventure's]]''' \"How to draw Kirby\" opening song originated from one of the Japanese ''Kirby's Dream Land'' commercials?",
	[226] = "...for a short amount of time, a My Nintendo rewards program wallpaper based off ''[[Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn]]'' erroneously had a ''[[wikipedia:Fortnite|Fortnite]]'' logo in the top-left corner?",
	[227] = "...the hand that wakes [[Kirby]] up in many [[Game Over]] screens across the [[Kirby (series)|''Kirby'' series]] is called \"[[Master Hand]]\" in ''[[Kirby Star Allies|Kirby Star Allies']]''' internal data?",
	[228] = "...[[Francisca]], [[Flamberge]], and [[Zan Partizanne]] are named after the weapons they wield, those being the [[wikipedia:Francisca|francisca]], [[wikipedia:Flamberge|flamberge]], and [[wikipedia:Partisan (weapon)|partisan]], respectively?",
	[229] = "...despite most stages in ''[[Kirby and the Rainbow Curse]]'' having five [[Treasure]]s to collect, [[Deploy the Kirby Tank!]] and [[Kirby + Kirby]] only have four?",
	[230] = "...[[Gooey]] is made from the same stuff as [[Dark Matter]]?",
	[231] = "...a working title for ''[[Kirby Fighters Deluxe]]'' was ''\"Royal Rampage! Pink Fighting Championship\"''?",
	[232] = "...while the relation between [[Moley]] and [[Mrs. Moley]] had been unknown for a long time, it was confirmed in a [[Dedede Directory|Twitter post]] that they are a couple?",
	[233] = "...there are multiple hidden stone plates of [[Dream Friend]]s found across stages in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]''?",
	[234] = " several of the [[New Challenge Stages]], there is a random chance that a different music track will play instead of the usual one?",
	[235] = "...many [[Mid-Boss]]es and [[boss]]es, especially in the later games, have pre-determined attack patterns?",
	[236] = "...[[Daroach]] has the most dialogue out of any character in the entirety of the [[Kirby (series)|''Kirby'' series]], mainly due to [[Daroach's Airship|his role]] in ''[[Kirby Mass Attack]]'', and that [[Elfilin]] has the second-most?",
	[237] = " Europe and Australia, ''[[Kirby Battle Royale]]'' holds the record for the shortest-lived [[Miiverse]] community for a first-party game, lasting only five days in the former and four in the latter?",
	[238] = "...[[Heavy Lobster]] can be blinded using the [[Paint]] [[Copy Ability]], and doing so will trigger a secret conversation between the Halberd crew?",
	[239] = "...[[King Dedede]] learned how to [[hover]] after [[Kirby's Dream Land|his first defeat]]?",
	[240] = "...[[Dedede Clones & D3|the D3 Cannon]] costs 9.3 billion Haltmanns, which is further referenced by its defeat jingle's track name — \"9.3 Billion in Anguish\"?",
	[241] = " ancient times, the [[People of the Sky]] revered [[Coily Rattler]] as a deity and a symbol of peace?",
	[242] = " the German version of ''[[Kirby: Triple Deluxe]]'', [[Dark Meta Knight|Dark Meta Knight's Revenge]] is erroneously called ''Meta-Knights Dunkle Rache'', which translates into \"Meta Knight's Dark Revenge\"?",
	[243] = "...during development of ''[[Super Kirby Clash]]'', possible names for [[Mr. Floaty]] included \"Mr. Moisty\" and \"Mr. Wetty\"?",
	[244] = "...[[Metal]] is the only [[Copy Ability]] which slows down [[Kirby]] when climbing up [[ladder]]s?",
	[245] = "...[[Kracko]] takes his losses against Kirby very personally?",
	[246] = "...while [[Koozer]] appears in a Japanese ''Kirby's Adventure'' commercial, he is nowhere to be found in that game?",
	[247] = "...[[Magolor Soul]] is the only [[:Category:Soul bosses|Soul boss]] who does not use the [[Shooter Cutter]]?",
	[248] = "...the tropical area seen in chapters [[Revenge of Meta Knight - Chapter 2|two]] and [[Revenge of Meta Knight - Chapter 3|three]] of [[Revenge of Meta Knight]] is likely [[Orange Ocean]]?",
	[249] = " ''[[Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land|Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land's]]''' [[Meta Knightmare]] mode, [[Meta Knight]] fights himself?",
	[250] = "...the voices of [[Void Termina]]'s fourth phase are distorted samples of [[Shinya Kumazaki]], [[Hirokazu Ando]], [[Yuuta Ogasawara]], and [[Yumi Todo]] saying ''\"[[wikipedia:Iroha|Irohanihoheto]], Kirby\"''?",
	[251] = "...[[Daroach]] dislikes tomatoes generally, but will eat [[Maxim Tomato]]es without complaining?",
	[252] = "...despite being a trademark staple of the ''Kirby'' series, the very first [[HAL Room]] actually appeared in a math educational game called ''Keisan Game Sansuu 4-nen''?",
	[253] = "...[[Kracko]] can manifest anywhere \"as long as there are clouds in the sky\"?",
	[254] = "...the [[Warp Hole]]s were probably put in place by [[Queen Sectonia]] to advance her conquest of other countries?",
	[255] = " the background of [[Moonlight Mansion - Boss|the room]] where [[King Golem]] is fought, stained glass windows depicting various bosses that appear in ''[[Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]]'' can be seen?",
	[256] = "...numerous sources, such as ''[[Super Smash Bros. Melee]]'' or the [[Kirby Portal]], claim that [[Kirby]] is \"an extremely skilled technician\" or that he has \"great motor skills\"?",
	[257] = " ''[[Super Kirby Clash]]'', a total of 7,632 [[Gem Apple]]s can be obtained by completing all 900 [[Heroic Mission (Super Kirby Clash)|Heroic Missions]]?",
	[258] = "...the ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'' minigames have their backgrounds changed in [[MG-5]], and so do the boss fights in [[Boss Butch]]?",
	[259] = "...[[Jun Ishikawa]] composed [[Boss (theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)|Yin-Yarn's boss fight theme]] differently than the rest of ''[[Kirby's Epic Yarn|Kirby's Epic Yarn's]]''' soundtrack to surprise players?",
	[260] = "...''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'' was intended to have multiple playable characters, and [[Ribbon]]'s role was originally to switch between them?",
	[261] = "...many ''Kirby'' games use food-themed codenames, with examples including \"[[Kirby: Triple Deluxe|Parufe]]\" (parfait), \"[[Kirby Star Allies|Eclair]]\", and \"[[Kirby Fighters 2|Fizz]]\"?",
	[262] = "...[[Colossal Waddle Dee]] in ''[[Team Kirby Clash Deluxe]]'' and [[Colossal Spear Waddle Dee]] in ''[[Super Kirby Clash]]'' will [[Fourth wall|wave at the player]] if the battle goes for long enough?",
	[263] = " [[Moonlight Mansion - Room 17]], the sole [[Squishy]] in the entirety of ''[[Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]]'' can be found?",
	[264] = "...[[Void Termina]] is sometimes outright called \"god\" in the Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans versions of ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]''?",
	[265] = "...[[Scarfy]] and its [[Revenge of the King]] counterpart [[Mister Anglep]] are the only regular enemies that cannot be inhaled, but still yield a [[Copy Ability]]?",
	[266] = "...the first part of \"[[The Cave in the Sky]]\" theme from ''[[Kirby: Triple Deluxe]]'' sounds similar to an unused theme from ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 2]]''?",
	[267] = " ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 2]]'', [[Whispy Woods]] wears a surgical mask and glasses in the first half of his fight, which is likely a joke about him trying to avoid [[wikipedia:Allergic rhinitis|hay fever]]?",
	[268] = "...a Japanese-only DSiWare game ''Hobo Ka no Kenkō Techō'' features an arrangement of the [[Grape Garden (theme)|Grape Garden theme]]?",
	[269] = " 2005, 4Kids Entertainment released ''[[Kirby: Fright to the Finish]]'', a special DVD and VHS which contained the last five episodes of the anime series edited to seamlessly transition from one to the other, creating a movie?",
	[270] = "...the [[Mint Leaf]] is known as a \"roasted sweet potato\" in Japanese, and it even received distinct models in the [[Kirby Fighters (series)|Kirby Fighters games]] to mark the difference?",
	[271] = "...the internal filename for \"[[Fly, Kirby!]]\" is \"st_[[halberd]]\" (despite no signs of the ship in ''Kirby's Return to Dream Land'' and its remake)?",
	[272] = "...[[Big Kabu|Dekabu]] and [[Doka]] are the only ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'' enemies that appear in the [[bad ending]] but don't have official artwork?",
	[273] = " piece of ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' concept art refers to [[Paintra]], [[Drawcia]], and [[Vividria]] as sisters, and also implies that [[Claycia]] is unrelated to them??",
	[275] = "...the anime episodes available on [[Kirby TV Channel]] slightly differed depending on the language setting?",
	[276] = "...a cyan [[Bandana Waddle Dee]] was planned for ''[[Kirby and the Rainbow Curse]]'', but he was scrapped?",
	[277] = "...despite its name, [[Master Green]] is not always green?",
	[278] = " ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' [[skit]] specifically references [[Captain Waddle Doo]] from ''[[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]]''?",
	[279] = "...there are real-world, official ''Kirby''-themed restaurants in Japan called \"[[Kirby Café]]\"?",
	[280] = " celebrate the release of ''[[Kirby Super Star Ultra]]'' in North America, numerous Kirby-shaped balloons were sent flying in various places named \"Kirby\" across the USA?",
	[281] = "...\"[[My Friend and the Sunset]]\" bears a striking resemblance to the traditional folk song \"[[wikipedia:The House of the Rising Sun|The House of the Rising Sun]]\", particularly the 1964 blues cover by British rock band The Animals?",
	[282] = "...on the non-Japanese ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]'' box art and in the instruction booklet, [[Kirby]] was portrayed as white?",
	[283] = "...the North American box art for many ''[[Kirby (series)|Kirby]]'' games from ''Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land'' until ''Kirby's Return to Dream Land'' changed Kirby's expression to appear angrier?",
	[284] = "...[[Meta Knight]] makes an obscure cameo in ''[[Kirby's Pinball Land]]'', where he can be found in the upper board of [[Kracko Land]] after defeating [[King Dedede]] once all of [[Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright|Mr. Shine]]'s stars are broken?",
	[285] = "...the headband [[Hammer]] Kirby wears is based on the headband worn during traditional [[wikipedia:Mochi|mochi]] pounding?",
	[286] = "...the three [[Dark Matter (cloud)|Dark Matter clouds]] that possess [[Waddle Dee (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)|Waddle Dee]], [[Adeleine]], and [[King Dedede]] in ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'' are called \"Dark Rimuru\", \"Dark Rimura\", and \"Dark Rimuro\"?",
	[287] = "...the [[Halberd]] lying at the bottom of [[Secret Sea]] in ''[[Kirby: Squeak Squad]]'' is a nod to what happened in its [[Revenge of Meta Knight|previous appearance]]?",
	[288] = "...there is an unused boss health bar and unique assigned music for [[Marx]] in ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'', indicating he was intended to be an actual boss rather than just appearing in the [[Heroes in Another Dimension]] credits?",
	[289] = " of the Graphics in ''[[Kirby: Squeak Squad]]'' depicting various final bosses has brand new artwork of [[Dark Matter]]?",
	[290] = " obscure [[Kirby's Adventure (soundtrack)|''Kirby's Adventure'' soundtrack]] exists, which contains eight vocal arrangements of themes from said game?",
	[291] = "...after getting the Happy Ending of [[Heroes in Another Dimension]], there is a chance when entering the [[Jukebox/Kirby Star Allies|Jukebox]] or [[Theater#Kirby Star Allies|Theater]] that [[The Three Mage-Sisters]] will replace the usual [[Helper|Friends]]?",
	[292] = "...''[[Kirby: Squeak Squad]]'' has a special notification for the player's birthday set on the console?",
	[293] = "...the largest lollipop record mentioned in [[Kirby's History]] was broken exactly one day before ''[[Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition]]'' released in Japan?",
	[294] = "...while a [[HAL Room]] appears in ''[[Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land|Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land's]]''' data for [[Vegetable Valley - Stage 2]], it's not accessible?",
	[295] = "...if every boss is defeated without taking any damage in [[Boss Endurance#Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards|Boss Battles]] in ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]'', a special \"PERFECT!\" screen will be displayed with Kirby wearing a costume made out of parts of each boss?",
	[296] = "...[[Gooey]] lives in [[Kirby's House]]?",
	[297] = "...a fan rearrangement of \"[[Boarding the Halberd]]\" and \"[[Havoc Aboard the Halberd]]\" (titled \"Meta Knight's Revenge\") won a [[wikipedia:64th Annual Grammy Awards|2022 Grammy Award]] in the category \"Best Arrangement - Instrumental or A Capella\"?",
	[298] = "...[[Ribbon]] was originally named \"Kawashima\" during development of ''[[Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]]''?",
	[299] = "...[[Yggy Woods]] is named after [[wikipedia:Yggdrasil|Yggdrasil]], the mythical tree from Norse legends?",
	[300] = "...the intro of the [[Vegetable Valley (theme)|Vegetable Valley theme]] is slightly altered in the European and Australian NES and Wii Virtual Console versions of ''[[Kirby's Adventure]]''?",
	[301] = "...series composers [[Jun Ishikawa]] and [[Hirokazu Ando]] arrange the [[Kirby Dance (theme)|Kirby Dance melody]] slightly differently from each other?",
	[302] = " cream is [[Susie]]'s favorite food, and she ordered the construction of an ice cream factory, which is implied to be [[Overload Ocean - Stage 4]]?",
	[303] = "...the [[Crash]] ability can be used to light [[fuse]]s in ''Kirby'' games that precede ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]''?",
	[304] = "...the [[Fictional languages in the Kirby series|alien script]] seen on signs and buildings in ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]'' is just a cipher for the English alphabet, and translates to real words if the player knows which symbols match which English letters?",
	[305] = "...the developers of ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' had considered giving [[Adeleine]] a voice, but decided against it to keep her familiar to players?",
	[306] = "...the roars of [[Void Termina]]'s first and third phases are [[Shinya Kumazaki]] screaming due to the stress of development?",
	[307] = "...''[[Kirby's Dream Land 3]]'' is the only main-series ''Kirby'' game which has sold less than a million units?",
	[308] = " ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]'', the color of an opened [[Pop Flower]] depends on what character activated it?",
	[309] = "...[[Kirby's House]] was built by the residents of [[Dream Land]] after he recovered their stolen food from [[King Dedede]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]''?",
	[310] = "...whenever [[Metal General]] is hit, a green number indicating the amount of damage dealt flashes near it, unlike any other enemy, Mid-Boss, or boss in ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]''?",
	[311] = "...the name of the song for ''[[Kirby: Planet Robobot|Kirby: Planet Robobot's]]''' [[The True Arena]] — \"[[Haltmann Works Co. HQ|Combat Evaluation Program]]\" — possibly hints at the mode's purpose in said game?",
	[312] = "...[[Kabula]] makes a minor cameo in the background of [[Scope Shot]] Sub-Game from ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]'', where she can be shot down for 800 extra points?",
	[313] = "...''[[Kirby's Toy Box]]'', a game developed for the [[wikipedia:Satellaview|Satellaview]] service, is so obscure that even the series director at the time, [[Masahiro Sakurai]], hadn't ever seen it?",
	[314] = "...there are implications that [[N-Z]] is related in some way to [[Dark Matter (cloud)|Dark Matter]]?",
	[315] = "...''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe]]'' was the first remake of a previous ''Kirby'' game to add new Copy Abilities to the original roster (specifically, [[Mecha]] and [[Sand]])?",
	[316] = "...the [[Super Nintendo Entertainment System#Super Game Boy|Super Game Boy]] border for [[Kirby's Star Stacker (Game Boy)|''Kirby's Star Stacker'' for Game Boy]] changes its design once the player has attained [[100% completion]], and it is the only ''Kirby'' game to behave that way?",
	[317] = "...[[Dark Matter]] attacked [[Dream Land]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Land 2]]'' out of jealousy?",
	[318] = "...[[Chilly]]'s hat has changed colors many times throughout the series?",
	[319] = " takes 30 [[Bzztbulb]]s to power up a single [[Mecha Cotta]]?",
	[320] = "...physical editions of ''[[Kirby Fighters 2]]'' and ''[[Kirby's Dream Buffet]]'' were released in South Korea, but they merely contain a download code for a digital copy?",
	[321] = "...a canceled game called ''[[Kid Kirby]]'' was at one point being developed by [[wikipedia:Rockstar North|DMA Design Ltd.]] of ''Grand Theft Auto'' fame, which would star an even younger [[Kirby]]?",
	[322] = " ''[[Kirby Super Star Ultra]]'', there is a rare version of the \"Grand Opening\" intro that has some minor differences from the normal one?",
	[323] = "...if after around four minutes [[HR-H|HR-E]] is not defeated, it will transform back to HR-H and new platforms will stop appearing, which in consequence will make [[Kirby]] fall into a [[bottomless pit]]?",
	[324] = " August 2021, the official American ''Kirby'' website was replaced with excerpts of ''[[wikipedia:Lorem ipsum|Lorem ipsum]]'' and Franz Kafka's ''[[wikipedia:The Metamorphosis|The Metamorphosis]]'' for a short period of time?",
	[325] = "...[[Leongar]] couldn't talk until after his encounter with [[Fecto Forgo|Specimen ID-F86]]?",
	[326] = "...[[Morpho Knight Sword]] Kirby can use most of Morpho Knight's attacks, including the \"Sukhavati Psychic Beast\" and \"Sukhavati Scale Wave\"?",
	[327] = "...there are hidden [[Treasure Road]] stages that can be found by \"Search\"ing the [[World Map]]?",
	[328] = "...[[Toy Hammer]] is currently the preferred ability to use in [[Colosseum]] [[Speedrunning|speedruns]]?",
	[329] = "...the [[Energy Drink]]s sold at [[Waddle Dee Café]] were made by [[Item-Shop Waddle Dee]]?",
	[330] = " ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]'', [[Meta Knight]] fought off [[Gorimondo]] 30 times to protect [[Waddle Dee Town]], and won every bout?",
	[331] = "...[[Fleur Tornado]] Kirby can pirouette by spinning rapidly in circles (using the left stick)?",
	[332] = "...the roller coaster car used for [[Coaster Mouth]] is called \"The Spaceship Wondaria\"?",
	[333] = "...the [[Fictional languages in the Kirby series#Kirby and the Forgotten Land|in-game script]] reveals that [[Wondaria Remains|Wondaria]] is actually called \"Wonderia\"?",
	[334] = "...every stage in [[Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams]] (except [[Forgo Land]]) has a hidden [[Rare Stone]]?",
	[335] = "...internal data for ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]'' suggests that the \"Eternal Capsule\" holding [[Fecto Forgo]] was planned to be a boss at one point during development?",
	[336] = "...[[Awoofy|Awoofies]] are called \"Animal Waddle Dee\" in the game data for ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land|Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]'''?",
	[337] = "...there are lots of hidden [[Star Coin|blue Star Coins]] in stages in ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]''?",
	[338] = " ''[[Kirby and the Forgotten Land]]'', [[Kirby]] can grab [[Meta Knight]]'s [[Galaxia]] after countering his [[Upper Calibur]] attack and gain the [[Meta Knight Sword]] ability?",
	[339] = "...the concept of [[Originull Wasteland]] being the origin place of the [[Beast Pack]] is a reference to how various fossils were found in deserts in real life?",
	[340] = "...the clocks in [[Northeast Frost Street]] and [[Alivel Mall (Staff Side)]] are stopped at 4:27, referencing the Japanese release date of ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]''?",
	[341] = "...there are four different variants of every [[Race (Kirby's Dream Buffet)|race course]] in ''[[Kirby's Dream Buffet]]'', and that each can be told apart by the color of the background, if nothing else?",
	[342] = "...[[Masahiro Sakurai]] — the creator of [[Kirby]] and director of the [[Super Smash Bros. (series)|''Super Smash Bros.'' series]] — has his own [ YouTube channel] where he shares his experience and lessons on creating games?",
	[343] = "...the floating hands in ''[[Kirby's Dream Buffet]]'' are known as the [[Server Hands]]?",
	[344] = "...[[Mirror]] Kirby has a distinct smirk on his face when using the Mirror Body attack?",
	[345] = "...composer [[Jun Ishikawa]] created sound effects for ''[[Kirby Star Allies]]'' with an empty energy drink bottle — smacking it for the [[Curling]] stone hitting a wall, and blowing into it for the [[Friend Train]]'s whistle?",
	[346] = "...while composing \"[[Studying the Factory|Studying the Power Plant]]\", [[Jun Ishikawa]] broke his reading glasses by putting them between the strings of an electric guitar?",
	[347] = "...\"[[VS. Star Dream]]\" and \"[[Spinning Jungle]]\" share the same melody, but according to composer [[Hirokazu Ando]], this was completely unintentional?",
	[348] = "...the \"[[Gourmet Race (theme)|Gourmet Race]]\" theme was inspired by combining the classic piece \"[[wikipedia:Csikós Post|Csikós Post]]\" with a ska rhythm?",
	[349] = "...a poster with [[The Deedly Dees]] can be found outside the [[Theater|Waddle Dee Cinema]], foreshadowing their appearance?",
	[350] = "...aside from [[Tilt-and-Roll Kirby]], all of the Sub-Games that appear in the [[Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival]]'s \"Get Pumped Up! Sub-Game Medley\" also appear in [[Merry Magoland]]?",
	[351] = "...there are over 350 facts listed in this box that rotate daily?",
	[352] = "...[[Bugzzy]] used to be the king of insects, but due to his age he passed the title to the younger [[Beetley]]?",
	[353] = "...every character who gives out [[Heart Star]] has their own name?",
	[354] = "...[[Mike]] [[Kirby]] hurts the enemies because his singing is very bad?",
	[355] = " most games with a [[Jukebox]] starting with ''[[Kirby: Triple Deluxe]]'', the color of the music notes correspond to the composer of the theme played?",
	[356] = "...according to a 2017 interview with [[Shinya Kumazaki]], the [[Team Kirby Clash (series)|''Team Kirby Clash'' series]] takes place in a parallel universe from the [[Kirby (series)|main ''Kirby'' series]], but [[Magolor]] is the same person between both?",
	[357] = " is not necessary to clear [[The Arena]] to unlock [[The True Arena]] in ''[[Kirby's Return to Dream Land]]'' and [[Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe|its remake]]?",
	[358] = "...the glowsticks waved by the audience at the [[Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival]] were programmed to have their colors synchronize to the music being performed?",
	[359] = "...official sheet music for two songs performed at the [[Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert]] is available on the [[Kirby Portal]] website?",
	[360] = "...the \"[[Drawing Song]]\" from ''[[Kirby's Adventure]]'' actually first appeared in the Japanese commercial for ''[[Kirby's Dream Land]]'', and it also makes a cameo in ''[[Kirby's Pinball Land]]''?"