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Enemy InfoBox
A Volttzo firing in the Nutty Noon level.
Debut Game Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Latest Game Kirby's Dream Collection
Copy Ability none
Similar Enemies Shotzo, Gigatzo, Coldtzo
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Volttzo is an invincible enemy that first appeared in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It stays in one place and shoots large electric projectiles in a straight line that cannot be inhaled or reflected.

Volttzo is practically a large version of Shotzo. Other differences include that it can't aim itself, it fires large bursts of electricity, and has a different appearance altogether. Like Shotzo, it is invulnerable unless under specific conditions such as being under a pit. It also has it's relatives. Otherwise, it is just a big Shotzo.

Volttzo also appeared in Kirby's Dream Collection, where it served as one of the obstacles that Magolor would summon during his race with Kirby in the New Challenge Stages Sub-Game.