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Yuuta Ogasawara (小笠原雄太 Ogasawara Yūta, 1987-) is a Japanese sound composer at HAL Laboratory.


Ogasawara graduated from HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design (not to be confused with HAL Laboratory which is not associated). Before joining HAL Laboratory, he was a freelance composer and once worked in the sound production team Tritium.[1] He joined HAL Laboratory in August 2017.[2]


Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies is the first Kirby video game that Ogasawara has composed soundtracks for. His compositions are indicated with yellow musical notes in the Jukebox.

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Tracks composed by Yuta Ogasawara in Kirby Star Allies  
Track No. Official Title[3] Description
015 むさぼりの王
The Glutton King
King Dedede's eating sound effects and roar before boss battle
017 カービィダンス/ロング
Kirby Dance / Long
028 カービィダンス/ショート
Kirby Dance / Short
036 ふりふり!きこりきょうそう
Chop Champs
Chop Champs - title theme
037 ログハウスつくろう
Let's Build Log Houses
Chop Champs - game theme
038 ギャラクティックホームラン王
Star Slam Heroes
Star Slam Heroes - title theme
039 ギャラクシーのかなたまで
To the Other Side of the Galaxy
Star Slam Heroes - game theme
040 けっかはっぴょう
The Results Are In
Star Slam Heroes - results
050 - Francisca's voice before boss battle
052 - Francisca's voice upon defeat in boss battle
053 - Flamberge's voice before boss battle
054 - Flamberge's voice upon defeat in boss battle
056 - Zan Partizanne's voice before boss battle
058 - Zan Partizanne's voice upon defeat in boss battle
061 - Planet Earthfall: Stage theme
066 - Planet Towara: Stage theme
108 -
111 - Hyness' voice upon defeat in boss battle
115 - Sound effects before Void Termina Phase 5
117 ファイナルエピソードアタック!!
Final Episode Attack!!
Kirby's voice in Void Termina Phase 5
136 - Dark Meta Knight's Dream Friend fanfare
  • Remix of "Shadow Strike" (Dark Meta Knight's theme) from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
150 - Celebration Picture: Friends' Getaway
153 - Celebration Picture: Shadowy Partners
164 - Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!: "DARK META KNIGHT" pseudo HAL Room
179 ダークミラージュ
Dark Mirage
Dark Meta Knight vs. Morpho Knight
198 お好み究極チョイス味
What-You-Like Ultimate Choice Flavor
The Ultimate Choice: title theme
  • Remix of "Green Greens" in a rock and oriental fashion, to express the theme of spiciness (the difficulty levels)
214 - Void Termina's sound effects at the beginning of Phase 1 (Demon God Form)
216 - Void Termina's sound effects at the beginning of Phase 2 (First Core)
218 - Void Termina's sound effects at the beginning of Phase 3 (Angel Form)
220 - Void Termina's sound effects at the beginning of Phase 4 (Final Core / Void Soul / Void - Astral Birth)
228 STAR ARISE Void - Astral Birth's sound effects upon defeat
  • "Arise" is a pun on "allies" in the Japanese pronunciation (アライズ) of these English words.
229 「幸せ」だと伝えて
Let Them Know We're Happy
Celebration Picture: Let Them Know We're Happy
231 さよならカービィ:未来行く星のひと
A Farewell to Kirby: Traveler of the Stars, to the Future
Celebration Picture: A Farewell to Kirby
  • Remix of ティンクル☆スターズ (Twinkle☆Stars), the title theme of Kirby Star Allies
English translations of the official Japanese track titles are conjectural.


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