World of Drawcia

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The World of Drawcia refers to both, level in the hub, and the stage within. This is the final stage of the game ending in Kirby's confrontation with Drawcia. Kirby cannot access the area until the others are all completed. The unlocked Character Balls can play stages of Canvas Curse freely, excepting The World of Drawcia. Any attempts to access this world by a character ball will result in a message indicating the earliest stage not cleared by that character. The background and foreground elements of this world employ darker overtones than the previous areas.

Area 1

The first area is simple and straightforward. No enemies appear to threaten Kirby. All of the ground appears to be hardened paint twisted resembling a rope. The bottom of the area is an open pit, but can be easily avoided. A 1 Up can be acquired nearly halfway through, just before the area becomes lined with spikes. A medal for Medal Swap purchases can be obtained in the low-rightmost corner of the area.

Area 2

Although Kirby seems to have company in this area, the paintings with faces on them are harmless. The solid painted structure resembles a zig-zagging stair case lined with spikes. One hidden area behind the stairs contains a Maxim Tomato. The only other medal for the area appears if all of the paintings have been tapped (with the stylus). The paint portal atop of the area leads to the final showdown with Drawcia.

Drawcia Battle

Meta Knight facing Drawcia Sorceress.
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When Kirby makes his way this area, the map screen is filled with static and Kirby rolls along a white space as Drawcia materializes before him. Once she fully appears the background becomes an animated distorted blur, despite that Drawcia's shadow appears against the background. The ground is made of the solidified paint, and is subjected to Drawcia's magic. When she paints a spike, large spikes will appear from the ground. No enemies appear initially, however Drawcia can draw enemies and cast a spell to summon dark versions of Bronto Burts, Waddle Dees, and parachuting bombs.