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Wing Challenge (New Challenge Stages)

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Wing Challenge
KDCSE New Challenge Stages Wing Challenge screenshot.png
Kirby flies past the searing gears in the Wing Challenge.
Abilit(y/ies) Wing
Host level Apricot Atrium
Time limit 2:30
Silver score 15640
Gold score 24000
Platinum score 29500
Stage progression
Fighter Combat Chamber Magolor Race 2
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This article is about the Wing Challenge in New Challenge Stages. For the stage in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, see Wing Challenge (Kirby's Return to Dream Land).
Flap your wings for a brisk flight. Spread them wide and feel all right!
— Wing Challenge Caption

Wing Challenge is the third stage of Apricot Atrium in New Challenge Stages. It tests Kirby's proficiency with the Wing Copy Ability in a series of chambers, where the goal is to defeat all the enemies and collect all the coins as quickly as possible. The window of time to earn a Platinum Medal is 1:10 or higher.

Completing this stage is necessary to unlock the second Magolor Race.


The stage consists of two main chambers, and two side-chambers.

The first area begins with a series of slanted upward passages filled with lines of coins and Comos guarding them. From there, Kirby will need to dive down two vertical passages to reach an area below. Heading left reveals a switch that can be pressed to open the way to a side room. In this room, Kirby will need to hit a switch and then pass through a Gordo to get at a cache of coins. Back on the main path, Kirby will need to head to the right past widely-spaced aerial foes, then blast through lines of enemies past breezy pits. One more dive will defeat the foes and break the Bomb Block barrier guarding the door to the next area.

The second area starts with Kirby needing to make his way up past sizzling hot gears as he collects the coins. From there, he will need to soar through more enemies along a horizontal hallway before diving down into a big area with more gears in it. The first big gear on the left conceals a door leading to a side area, which Kirby will need to pass through to reach. In this side chamber, four switches open four shutters to reveal a coin cache, which must be reached quickly before the shutters close again. Back on the main path, Kirby will need to fly upward past more hot gears, then deal with the last set of enemies and a bomb block barrier at the top to uncover the stage exit.




There are a few things to keep in mind when aiming for Platinum on this stage, though it should be noted that the strategies listed here are by no means the only ones that will do the job:

  • There are no instances in this stage where Feather Gun comes in handy, so Kirby should put that move out of his mind.
  • As demonstrated at the beginning of the stage, the basic Flap is an attack in its own right, as it is able to cut the strings of Comos as well as hit enemies above Kirby.
  • The groups of enemies along the lower path in the first area can be quickly dealt with using a Toss followed with a Shuttle Loop.
  • Using Condor Head, Condor Bomb, or Condor Dive gives Kirby invincibility during its flight path, which can be handy for powering through the searing hot gears in the second area.
    • Condor Head can be directly followed by Condor Bomb, allowing Kirby to back up a little before diving.
  • The finishing attack of Condor Bomb creates a shockwave along the ground that can clear out enemies in a wide area around Kirby's landing site. This comes in handy in a few places on the stage.


  • "Hover Flap allows you to move quickly through the air."
  • "Use Dive-Bomb to attack enemies below you."
  • "Blast through foes beside you with Condor Head."

Pro Tips[edit]

  • "Try following up a Toss with a Shuttle Loop."
  • "Use Condor Dive for an angled diving attack."
  • "A Condor Bomb will let you charge downward without stopping."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウィングチャレンジ
Wingu Charenji
Wing Challenge

Video walkthrough[edit]

Platinum Rank run of the Wing Challenge.