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Skype is a downloadable software application that allows use of instant messaging, audio and video chats, file transfers, and many other additional features used through the internet. WiKirby uses Skype in order for staff and editors of the wiki to contact one another through messaging, and discuss wiki related matters. This use of instant messaging is to shorten the length of talk page discussions, as well as allowing users to resolve issues in a more formal environment.

Joining the Chat

WiKirby's Skype Chat

In order to join the WiKirby Public Chat, first you must have Skype downloaded and installed. Once that is complete, you can either contact an active staff member, who will add you to the chatroom through email, or send a Skype message to a user in the chat.

Skype icon.png

Skype Support

See: Skype Support [1]

Active Users

Below is a list of some of the active users from WiKirby, of which you can add to your Skype contacts list. The username is most important, as it is what you use to find a person and send a contact request.

Those who have chosen to be listed have decided to make themselves available to assist via Skype. (Those marked with a * are staff members with Skype, but who aren't currently part of the public chat (WiKirby All-Stars).

Active Users
Real Name Alias Skype Username
Adam Adam adam_zw
Austin Austin the-zien
Tacopill tacopill
Vellidragon (private)
吳庭軒 T.c.w7468 t.c.w7468


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