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WiKirby:Russian wiki referendum

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Приветствую вас, друзья! WiKirby has recently been approached by a group of wiki editors from Russia who are looking to make a Russian version of WiKirby. If this goes as planned, this would be the first time ever that WiKirby has had a different-language operation! WiKirby's staff have spoken with these editors, and we are confident in their ability to edit and manage a wiki, but since this is the first time this has been mentioned publicly, it's only fair to have a referendum about the idea of setting this up so you guys can have a say in it. Ironing out the details here will also make it easier to potentially incorporate other languages in future.


So, to be clear, the plan is for there to be a separate but otherwise-affiliated and intermeshed Russian version of WiKirby (currently planned to be called викирби, or simply "WiKirby" but spelled with Cyrillic). Our server host is interested in having them use the same domain as us, and we would be linking to them in some fashion (such as on the sidebar) whenever they have a corresponding article. However, it should be made clear that despite potentially sharing the same domain, Russian WiKirby will have its own staff, its own policies, and its own enforcement, and for all intents and purposes, they will be considered separate operations, much like the interlanguage versions of Super Mario Wiki.

The vote

So, for this referendum, there will be three main options, as follows:

  1. Option 1 - Proceed with the plan as mentioned above.
  2. Option 2 - Allow Russian WiKirby to form, but under a different domain.
  3. Option 3 - Do not allow a Russian WiKirby (they would have to be their own thing).

Voting procedure and deadline

Each registered user will be allowed to vote in this referendum using the talk page. Votes must consist of a list of the options from each set from most to least preferred. As an example, a user could vote by saying "Option 1, Option 2, Option 3", and it will be ranked per set in descending order. Options will be awarded points per set as follows:

  1. First choice - 3 points
  2. Second choice - 2 points
  3. Third choice - 1 point
  4. Unchosen - no points

Users will be allowed to change their votes at any time while the poll is open. Users may also choose less than three options per set, with unchosen options receiving no points. Remember to sign your name on your vote using ~~~~, or it will not be counted!

This vote will run until the 7th of February, 2023 at 11:59:59 p.m. UTC. Once the deadline passes, the score will be tallied and the option with the most points will be selected as the winning choice. Each user may only vote once, and any dishonesty on part of users will be punished severely. The talk page may also be used to discuss the options, but the conversation must remain civil, and attempts at campaigning for a choice will be squashed immediately. Спасибо! --Samwell (talk) 03:14, 24 January 2023 (UTC)


Here are the results:

	Op. 1	Op. 2	Op. 3
1	3	2	0
2	3	2	1
3	2	3	0
4	3	2	0
5	3	2	0
6	3	2	0
7	2	3	0
8	3	2	0
9	3	2	0
10	3	2	0
11	0	3	2
12	2	3	0
13	3	2	0
14	3	2	0
15	3	2	1
16	3	2	0
17	2	3	0
18	3	2	0
19	3	2	0
20	3	2	0

TOTAL	53	45	4

Option 1 is the winner, with 53 points and a clear majority of voters selecting it as their first option. As such, Russian WiKirby will proceed and be hosted in the same webspace as WiKirby! Thank you all for participating.