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Many users may find the need to create some Nintendo-related articles. Although there is no shame in that, and we wholly support the wonderful content you guys provide, it is important to keep such articles in moderation. This is to emphasize that we are, first and foremost, a Kirby Wiki - not a Mario Wiki, a Zelda Wiki, or even just a plain old Nintendo Wiki.

There is nothing wrong with making more Nintendo-related articles; however the key, now that we have plenty, is to keep them general and focus the emphasis on the Kirby part of the wiki. You can continue creating and editing Nintendo-related articles, but before you run off to make a new one, read this first:

Guidelines for Creating a Nintendo-Related Article

  • The article must have, in some way, shape or form, relevance to the wiki. If it is not connected to something (i.e. Mario to Super Smash Bros., a game that includes Kirby), an article may still be created, but it should be very general.
  • Following up on the first guideline, Nintendo-related articles should never become too specific, or read as if they were true encyclopedia entries. For more specific information on non-Kirby related subjects, a user can simply visit a wiki about said non-Kirby related subject.
  • Although it is Nintendo-related, and could be linked to a Kirby-related game, articles about specific enemies that are not from Kirby (i.e. an article about Tabuu from the Super Smash Bros. series) should be left unmade. The information is too in-depth and articles on enemies are generally short, and should be kept to their own game-specific wiki.
  • Finally, if there is more information regarding a Nintendo-related subject, please place a link on the bottom of an article in an "External Links" area to a more reputable source of information. This source could be Wikipedia or any other site/wiki you so choose.

Thank you for following these guidelines - WiKirby appreciates it!