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Greetings, Popstarians! In light of recent controversy regarding the use of upscaled game screenshots on WiKirby, we have decided to conduct a formal poll regarding whether these images should be allowed on the wiki and if so, to what degree. The result of this vote will change the wiki's image standards and will be effective as soon as the vote ends.


Main article: WiKirby:Image standards

Before voting can commence, it is important to provide a little information regarding image resolution, particularly when it comes to native resolution versus upscaled modifications. When it comes to video games, particularly handheld systems, there is a pre-defined resolution that the game is designed to operate at. This specific resolution is referred to as "native resolution", and varies between games (usually based on the hardware the game is running on). As an easy example, Kirby games on the Nintendo 3DS run at a native resolution of 400 by 240 pixels for the top screen, and most games on the Nintendo Switch run at 1080p (a.k.a. 1920 by 1080 pixels).

However, it is possible to play these games at higher resolutions using third-party equipment, such as emulators. While emulators are capable of running games at native resolution, they can be used to produce much higher resolution screenshots. For a comparison, see these two images of the same scene from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, rendered at native resolution versus an upscaled version:

Native resolution image from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
Render from Kirby: Triple Deluxe on an emulator at 10x native resolution. Click the image to see the full version.

While upscaled images do allow for much greater clarity of view, particularly for 3-D models, it is often argued that such images are not authentic to the game as most people will experience it, and as such, do not have a place on a game wiki under a majority of circumstances (or even under any circumstance).

The vote

In order to decide how to proceed, we are asking you, the WiKirby community, to vote on whether or not these types of images should be allowed, and to what degree. We have narrowed things down to four options, as follows:

  1. Option 1 - Allow upscaled screenshots to be used on the wiki as frontline content, and prefer it to native resolution.
  2. Option 2 - Allow upscaled screenshots to be used on the wiki as frontline content, but still prefer native resolution.
  3. Option 3 - Allow upscaled screenshots on the wiki, but only as supplemental content. (i.e. not featured in main article space or infoboxes)
  4. Option 4 - Disbar all upscaled screenshots from the wiki, excepting for use in wiki tools such as navmaps and notice templates.

There are a few caveats to consider. Option 1 is straightforward, but Option 2 can be a bit tricky to pin down, since "native resolution" is muddied by the existence of Virtual Console and other official Nintendo upscales. If Option 2 is selected, a few further resolution options will need to be implemented for certain titles. For Option 3, all upscaled images uploaded will need to be marked as "Doctored" content, and will only be allowed in galleries for a point of comparison.

Additionally, for all options aside from Option 1, images used for frontline content which do not meet native resolution will still be "allowed" to a degree, under the proviso that they be marked as "low quality" and set for replacement.

Voting procedure and deadline

Each registered user will be allowed to vote in this referendum using the talk page. Votes must consist of a list of the options from most to least preferred. As an example, a user could vote by saying "Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4", and it will be ranked in descending order. Options will be awarded points as follows:

  1. First choice - 3 points
  2. Second choice - 2 points
  3. Third choice - 1 point
  4. Last choice - no points

Users will be allowed to change their votes at any time while the poll is open. Users may also choose less than four options, with unchosen options receiving no points. Remember to sign your name on your vote, or it will not be counted!

This vote will run until the 7th of December, 2019 at 11:59:59 p.m. UTC. Once the deadline passes, the score will be tallied and the option with the most points will be selected as the winning choice. Each user may only vote once, and any dishonesty on part of users will be punished severely. The talk page may also be used to discuss the options, but the conversation must remain civil, and attempts at campaigning for a choice will be squashed immediately.


The referendum has concluded. Here are the tallied results for each option:

Op. 1	Op. 2	Op. 3	Op. 4
3	2	0	0	
1	2	3	0	
2	3	1	0	
0	3	1	2	
1	3	2	0	
0	1	3	2	
1	2	3	0	
0	2	3	1	
0	3	2	1	
1	3	2	0	
1	3	0	2	
1	2	3	0	
3	0	0	0	
0	3	0	0	
1	3	2	0	
0	1	2	3	
0	1	3	2	

15	37	30	13	

Option 2 is the winner, with 37 points.