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There comes a time when an image on WiKirby needs to be deleted. There are several reasons an image may be deleted. Here are the most common:

  • Copyright violation
The image violated a copyright. This is typically done if we are contacted by another site about an image we are using, or if the image is obviously the work of an individual that has been uploaded without permission.
  • Duplicated file
The image was an exact or near duplicate of another image. Typically the one that is used more, or the image with the better name will be kept.
  • Inappropriate content
The image contained vulgar, obscene, or offensive material. WiKirby is a family-friendly site and such images will be deleted immediately without warning. Sometimes this will also be used to indicate that an image has no place on the site (for instance, an image of someone's house) that is not being used on a user page.
  • Low quality
The quality of the image was far too poor to be worth keeping.
  • Superseded
A new and improved version of the image as been uploaded as a different format (or sometimes under a better filename).
  • Unacceptable filename
The filename of the image was one or more of the following: too long, offensive, contained disallowed characters, or was irrelevant to the image.
  • Unused file
The image was not used or linked to on any page. It was also determined not to be of any use.
  • Uploader request
The person that uploaded the image requested that it be deleted.