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Administrators are highly trusted editors of WiKirby. Alongside patrollers, they are the ones considered to be on the staff of the wiki, and as such, are only the most valuable editors. An administrator can be recognized by their pink user name, as well as a star (like the one seen to the left) in the upper right corner of their user page.

Abilities of an administrator

  • Protect/unprotect pages: They can lock a page from editing if it is the subject of controversy and edit wars, or if it repeatedly vandalized. Note that administrators do not protect user pages. Please do not ask for this unless your user page is repeatedly vandalized.
  • Delete/undelete pages: They have the ability to delete unnecessary or spammy pages. Pages are usually not deleted unless they have no relevance.
  • Move files: They are the only ones with the ability to move files. This is to prevent someone from changing a file's name and creating a great deal of red links.
  • Block/unblock users: If a user is deemed to be a vandal or is repeatedly creating conflicts and problems, an administrator can block the user to prevent him or her from editing. Most blocks are temporary and depend on the length of the offense.
  • Hide revisions of a page which are inappropriate: Sometimes, vandals insert swears into articles or create other problems that are inappropriate for viewing. Administrators have the ability to hide these revisions in the history of the page.
  • Change user rights: They have the ability to grant rights to other users and remove them. User rights changes are usually voted on, and asking for a promotion will only lower your chances of receiving one.
  • Edit software pages: They have the ability to edit the pages with the Mediawiki prefix. These pages are sensitive, as they contain software information. Thus, only the most trusted users are given this privilege.
  • Rollback vandalism or problem edits: Administrators can quickly revert all revisions of a page by a certain user to the last edit made by the previous user. This is usually only used in cases of vandalism.
  • Patrol edits: Wikis have a system of checking edits known as patrolling. Administrators have the ability (and responsibility) to patrol all edits to make sure that they are of passing quality. Administrators also have their own edits automatically marked as patrolled.

Current Staff

Name Position Status
Vellidragon Bureaucrat and Administrator Active
FalcoLau Administrator Inactive
Fubaka Administrator Active
T.c.w7468 Administrator Inactive
Raltseye Patroller Active
Results May Vary Patroller Active
Tech Support In-Training Will be here soon

Former Staff

Name Position Status
Adam Bureaucrat and Administrator Inactive (formerly behind the scenes tech work)
Austin Head Patroller Inactive
Axiomist Bureaucrat and Administrator Inactive
Tucayo Ambassador of Mario Wiki Inactive
Cipriano 119 Patroller Inactive
Remino52 Patroller Inactive
Edofenrir Administrator Inactive
Steve Administrator Inactive