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The Cross-Wiki Week is an annual event hosted by the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA), held to celebrate Nintendo's birthday. The purpose of the event is to promote cooperation by inviting editors to contribute to wikis they don't regularly edit. At the end of the event, two winners will receive $20 Nintendo eShop gift cards for participating! The 2023 Cross-Wiki Week took place from Saturday, 23 September, to Sunday, 1 October. For more info, please have a look here. If you want to participate, please be sure to register here.

Help us out![edit]

Here are some example tasks that users from across NIWA can perform for the Cross-Wiki Week. If you are unsure about WiKirby's policy regarding editing and uploading, check the Help:Contents page and look for any relevant policies to what you have in mind. When adding new information, we ask that you do not copy and paste information from other Kirby Wikis or fan-guides. When you are done with a particular bullet point, feel free to remove it from the listing.

Easy tasks[edit]

  • There are over 100 pages that could use more images (some only need a screenshot or two). Check this category for a list of pages that need images.
    • Particularly needed are screenshots from Kirby Mass Attack.
  • Recapture screenshots in native resolution.
  • Some enemy/mid-boss pages may be missing location tables or other such details.
  • Adding archived links to file sources or article references. See WiKirby:Project Archive for details.

Not-so-easy tasks[edit]

For others not listed here, see Stubs, Articles with incomplete sections, and Wanted Pages.

Project Clean-Up[edit]

Project Clean-Up is a more organized version of the maintenance categories. Visit it if you want more direction and/or want more specific maintenance tasks.

Help others out![edit]

If you're a regular WiKirby user looking for other wikis to edit, have a look at the NIWA Editing Guide, which lists the relevant help pages for each wiki that is participating.