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Whip Challenge (New Challenge Stages)

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Whip Challenge
KDCSE New Challenge Stages Whip Challenge screenshot.png
Kirby grabs Score Coins from conveyor belts in the Whip Challenge.
Abilit(y/ies) Whip
Host level Apricot Atrium
Time limit 2:30
Silver score 14840
Gold score 24300
Platinum score 29050
Stage progression
Magolor Race 1 Fighter Combat Chamber
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This article is about the Whip Challenge in New Challenge Stages. For the stage in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, see Whip Challenge (Kirby's Return to Dream Land).
Crack your whip to grab foes and items or lash out with a Whip Tornado!
— Whip Challenge Caption

Whip Challenge is the first stage of Apricot Atrium in New Challenge Stages. It tests Kirby's proficiency with the Whip Copy Ability in a series of chambers, where the goal is to defeat all the enemies and collect all the coins as quickly as possible. The window of time to earn a Platinum Medal is 0:55 or higher.

Completing this stage is necessary to unlock the second Magolor Race.


The stage consists of two main chambers, and two side-chambers.

The first area begins with Kirby being raised into a hallway next to two Whippys and a coin cache in the ceiling. After dealing with these, Kirby will need to head to the right, dealing with Waddle Dees and grabbing coins from pockets in the walls. Further up, a switch can be hit to activate a thin floor elevator that takes Kirby past coins in the walls that will need to be quickly collected. Hitting a switch in the wall near the top will open up a door to a side area, featuring a moving piece of ceiling with coins inside it that can be collected with the whip with good timing. Back on the main path, Kirby will need to hit Bomb Blocks in the walls to make his way down, snagging more coins along the way. The ceiling will slowly come down on him in these sections, bit it is of little concern if Kirby is sufficiently quick. Hitting one more Bomb Block at the bottom will reveal the door to the next area.

The second area features a line of conveyor belts to the right, and a switch nestled in the wall to the left that reveals the door to the second side area when hit. In this side room, Kirby will need to grab coins as they are conveyed on both sides of him before they drop into the void. Back on the main path, Kirby will need to deal with foes and grab the coins in the walls as he traverses the conveyor belts. There is a particularly sneaky gold coin in the ceiling along this initial path. As the path switches back and downward, the conveyors will get faster, making it more difficult to snatch everything along the way. Along the bottom, Kirby will need to chase some coins as they are ferried by a conveyor beneath his feet before they are lost. From there, a horde of Scarfies guard the last set of coins just ahead of the stage exit.




There are a few things to keep in mind when aiming for Platinum on this stage, though it should be noted that the strategies listed here are by no means the only ones that will do the job:

  • It is crucial to become proficient at activating and maintaining 100-Whip Slap consistently, particularly on the elevator sections.
  • Whip Strike has a slightly longer range than 100-Whip Slap and 100-Whip Dash.
  • Whip Tornado is very useful for clearing out enemies and grabbing coins in a wide area above and around Kirby. Kirby can also drift to the left or right while performing this move. This is particularly useful in the first main area.
  • There are several places where enemies and objects are placed in a way that makes a Jump Strike the optimal move to use to hit them. This is the case for the switch that reveals the door to the second side area.


  • "An item hit with the whip will be pulled toward you."
  • "Hit enemies or items above you with a Ceiling Strike."
  • "Do a Whip Tornado to grab coins as you fly upward."

Pro Tips[edit]

  • "Defeat multiple foes with the 100-Whip Dash."
  • "Use Jump Strike to reach lower places to the sides."
  • "Use ← or → to move sideways during a Whip Tornado."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウィップチャレンジ
Wippu Charenji
Whip Challenge

Video walkthrough[edit]

Platinum Rank run of the Whip Challenge.