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This article or section is about the true final form of Void Termina in Kirby Star Allies. For information about the hazard, see Void.

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Boss InfoBox
Void Splash.jpg
Splash image of Void from Kirby Star Allies.
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Weakness(es) Friend Hearts
Relative(s) Void Termina, Void Soul
Similar to Dark Matter

Star Dream Soul OS
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Void is a Secret Boss who is faced only in The Ultimate Choice, at the end of 'Soul Melter EX' difficulty after defeating the first three phases of Void Termina - True Destroyer of Worlds. Referred to as the 'Astral Birth', Void is a souped-up version of Void Soul, serving as the true final boss of the game from version 4.0.0 onward. Defeating him is not required for 100% Completion of the game, but will unlock the 'classic' look for Kirby.

Boss fight

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Void's Attacks  
Attack Description
many bullets attack Instead of firing in 5 directions for his normal counterpart, Void fires barrages of energy bullets in 4 directions but with faster rate of fire while rotating the firing angle, and spreading out bullets sometimes.
First Laser Attack of Void Void shoots Small Lasers at various places on the screen coming from it 3 times by changing the angle a little bit the second and third time.
Shooter Cutter Void gains this attack which originated from Marx. He fires 4 cutter boomerangs around himself for three rounds,the third round is not 4 boomerans,its fires many boomerangs While Void is going through the screen, which can be swallowed for the Cutter ability.
Bouncing Void Attack Instead of sprinting on his own for his normal counterpart, Void splits into four to ram Kirby & Friends, leaving 2 stars on each side on impact,two at a time knock on the floor
This resembles the ball tackle of Drawcia Soul and other soul form bosses.
Needle Attack Instead of poking needles on his own for his normal counterpart, Void splits into four. Each of them bursts into laughter and pokes needles from his body to 8 directions (but three is out of the screen), the attack is used two times, first, all four Voids fly to the top of the screen and execute the attack, then all four Voids descend to the ground, and execute the attack, then they fly to the bottom of the screen, and merge again to one Void, each needle leaving a star.

This resembles the Needle Form of Miracle Matter.

Empty (Temporarily) no description
Dark Matter form Lasers Attacks Void has two patterns of firing lasers, which cannot be guarded:

In the first pattern,Then, he transforms into the Dark Matter-like form and fires an electric laser,on the sides of the screen,first in the bottom,second in the top.

In the second pattern, he fires lasers in the following order:

  • 3 lasers, one at the top, one at the center and one at the bottom of the screen, first the top laser passes horizontally across the screen, the second and the third laser pass in the same way.
  • 4 lasers at the top of the screen, which pass vertically across the screen
  • 9 lasers in the background, which hit the player at the edges of the screen


  • Void is the first example of an EX form of a Soul boss in Kirby series history, putting him in a league above the rest.
  • With a base HP greater than any other boss in Kirby Star Allies, Void can easily be called the toughest boss in the entire Kirby series history.
  • The pause flavor text for Void is strangely different from the other forms of Void Termina, suggesting that Void may be transforming into a benign being. Its lists of wants and desires are also strikingly similar to that of Kirby's, suggesting a connection between the two.
  • The background of the splash card for Void is a direct reference to the Hyper Zone from Kirby's Dream Land 3, further cementing the connection to Dark Matter and Zero.
    • Likewise, Void's color scheme of white with red eyes is a reference to Zero.
  • One of Void's attacks has him shooting a laser that bounces along mirrors which orbit it. This is a reference to one of Dark Mind's attacks from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
  • Another attack has him turn into a giant meteor and fly around the stage, similar to Drawcia Soul from Kirby: Canvas Curse.
  • Unlike the other forms of Void Termina, Void has an open smile when it is defeated.