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Welcome to WiKirby![edit]

Hi there Steve, and welcome to WiKirby! We hope you'll enjoy editing here; check out our help guide for editing tips and information on do's and don'ts. And if you need any help, just contact one of the administrators. Thanks! — The WiKirby Staff


I come from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki that just moved off-wiki. I believe you made WiKirby's skin, right? Is there any way I/we can get a copy of the skin you made? We'd like something like that over there. If you could, please contact me here. Thanks! --SilverCrono 22:19, 9 February 2011 (CST)

Skin selection[edit]

I know you are probably not the best person to ask about this, but, even though I love the skin, I still have to question why all the other skins are unavailable. Even Monobook is disabled! D: LikeLakers2 20:38, 4 August 2011 (CDT)