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Ask questions, chat, or do whatever! (Please don't actually do whatever you feel.) Just make sure to sign it with four of those squiggly line thingies so I know who I'm talking to.

Reporting from a cave in Syldavia, Magolor04726, The Man who will sign nearly everything this way.

Welcome to WiKirby![edit]

Hi there Magolor04726, and welcome to WiKirby! We hope you'll enjoy editing here; check out our help guide for editing tips and information on do's and don'ts. Also, please keep in mind that all edits are subject to moderation until you become autoconfirmed (5 edits and 24 hours)! If you need any help, just contact one of the administrators. Thanks! — The WiKirby Staff

-- Kirbot (talk) 01:43, 25 January 2020 (UTC)

Apologies to Pinkyoshifan[edit]

I would like a little help with the coding on my user page. I looked at Pinkyoshifan's user page, and I thought, "That's cool, I'd like that on mine..." so I copied it out of the source and pasted it (With a quick picture swap) on my user page. Unfortunately, the box spread to include the entirety of my page, and I'd like to chop it down to just that one message. However, since I stink at coding, I have no idea what to do. Can I get a little help? (Also, am I even allowed to take that welcome message thing in the first place?) -Mags (talk) 22:16, 2 June 2020 (UTC)

You forgot to put a closing tag (</div>). I went ahead and fixed it for you. Have a good day~ StrawberryChan (talk) 23:49, 2 June 2020 (UTC)
Ah, OK. Thanks! -Mags (talk) 00:54, 3 June 2020 (UTC)

How do these discussions get started?[edit]

To answer your question, this particular discussion started on Discord, but due to lack of solid agreement and no way of compromising, it was brought up in a form of votecount. There isn't any list of debates that are taking places, at best you can visit those three categories regularly and participate in them, as well as check WiKirby:Proposals. Larger ones not on this page are also announced on the sitenotice. About the debates that are planned to take place, I don't anyone complies something like that. Have good morning/afternoon/evening/dreams/all of the above. Superbound (talk) 17:49, 22 January 2021 (UTC)

Oh, OK. Thank you for letting me know! -Mags (talk) 16:17, 24 January 2021 (UTC)