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Welcome to WiKirby![edit]

Hi there Gobopboog, and welcome to WiKirby! We hope you'll enjoy editing here; check out our help guide for editing tips and information on do's and don'ts. Also, please keep in mind that all edits are subject to moderation until you become autoconfirmed (5 edits and 24 hours)! If you need any help, just contact one of the administrators. Thanks! — The WiKirby Staff


Hey :3 Just letting you know that joke articles like the "Help:Editing" one you made are generally perceived as vandalism and not tolerated here. As a general rule, if something is not likely to be of help or interest to anyone, it shouldn't be created. This isn't a formal warning, but please don't make any more joke articles or measures may need to be taken. Thanks for reading :3 --Vellidragon 17:55, 8 November 2010 (CST)