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Hi, I like Kirby, and I like consistent information, thus I like to make people have consistent info about Kirby.
You will see me mostly adding certain specific things of a certain game, but you will also see me putting files around, and maybe writing some articles and stuff.
My native idiom is Spanish, so you will see me around Names in Other Languages Spanish things and such. I am not perfect with English, so you may see me doing some grammar mistakes on that side. :D

My in-wiki links:

Game completion[edit]

Here is/will be my first table that I probably make/made from scratch.
As you can see this will cover which Kirby games I have completed and such.
but later

Kirbeat's Kirby game completion  
n e w
s u p

Archive of things to have in mind[edit]

A list of notes about wiki editing, consisting of either mistakes that I made before to prevent me of doing them again, or things that certain people have noted somewhere, while not necessarily correcting an error of mine. I would recommend you checking this, mostly if you aren't so fond with WiKirby's way of doing certain things and/or you aren't so fond with some English grammar specifics.
There are a lot of things that people have noted that I haven't put here. I will try to make this a long list of specifications to have them somewhere. I will be updating this later.

  • From a revision of Megaton Punch: "pits" is grammatically correct.
  • From a revision of Boss Battle (theme from Kirby Super Star):
    • When referring to the theme that that same page if describing, it is mentioned as "the theme" instead of "this theme".
    • The unplayable, movie-like scenes on Video Games are called "cutscenes" and not "cutscenes".
    • Album numbers on theme pages probably shouldn't be added.
  • From a revision of Kirby Pupupu Train Eki-melo Collection: "a unique" is correct, instead of being "an unique". (proof, proof and proof: This is because what determines the usage of "a" or "an" is not exactly if the letter itself is a consonant or a vowel, but instead if the sound is of a consonant or of a vowel, as the "u" syllable in "unique" is pronounced with a "yu/yoo/yew" sound, thus the letter to take in question is the "y" and not a "u".)
  • File names shouldn't contain punctuation and special symbols, especially on the end. (Credits to Vipz)
  • Files that aren't, but will be used could either be given the Not-unused template, or be used in User pages to prevent them to be deleted. (Credits to StarPunch for the former and Vipz for the later options)
  • Pages that you want to create, but of which you don't have too much info yet, could be pre-created on personal sandboxes. (I have seen this applied several times, but MetaDragon directly recommended that to me, so credits to her)
  • From help regarding two revisions of Shooter Cutter:
    • Words following colons (:) could start either with or without captions, both are valid; but a colon is not normally followed by a capital letter in British usage, though American usage often prefers to use a capital (even though both usages are in the same idiom). (Credits to StarPunch about the fact that both are valid and to University of Sussex by confirming that and about the British/American thing)
    • A semicolon (;) sometimes works better than a colon, but using a semicolon means turning the text following it into a complete sentence to make it correct. (Credits to MetaDragon about the first fact and StarPunch about the second one)
    • Using an em-dash (—) can be used to separate sentences while keeping the section following it a fragment instead of a complete sentence, unlike the semicolon. (Credits to LeoUnlimited and StarPunch) (Leo mentions that "this kind of punctuation is more informal by nature" while The Punctuation Guide mentions that "the dash is less formal than the colon". I suppose that Leo was referring to the usage of the em-dash, while TPG was referring to the sentence itself)

Things to do[edit]

A lists of things that I want to do. If you are searching for something to do, and are evading the existence of Maintenance, know that help with any of this is appreciated ;)

Insert images on the respective pages[edit]

There are some "groups of images" that feature a lot of images of characters or items, but those images aren't in the page of the respective characters of items. So the point is including every of the next images on the pages of the things that they represent (for example the Qbby sticker is already on the Qbby page, so the point is doing that with every image.):

Mass Attack images that should be replaced  
File:Little Woods Nose.jpg
File:Floaty Woods Hole.jpg
File:Wobbly Woods Stage.jpg
File:Tortletummy Fight.jpg
File:Great Gear Stage.jpg
File:Block Bomb Stage.jpg
File:Giga Clanksprout Pull.jpg
File:Wee Birdee Encounter.jpg
File:King Eelongo Stage.jpg
File:Steelsnapper Stage.jpg
File:Stoneik Pull.jpg
File:Quad Gun Stage.jpg
File:Skullseer Stage.jpg
File:KMA Grindarr glitch.png
File:Rock Hand Battle.jpg
File:Buzzybat Stage.jpg
File:KMA Big Switch.jpg
File:KMA Necrodeus battle screenshot.png
File:Skullion repair.png
File:Necrodeus Rage.png
File:Necrodeus Battle.png
File:Necrodeus Dying.png
File:Popopo Islands.jpg
File:Skully Gang.png
File:Skullion scene.png
File:KMA Kirby Quest Kabuki.png
File:Galaxia Kirby Quest Battle.png
50 Last uploaded Mass Attack images  

Useful links[edit]


Links that are useful. Yeah that. You may want to read them.

Drink Water[edit]

This is your reminder to Sleep Well and Drink Water Eat Dragon Fruits, they may be good to you.