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Paint Roller KCC sprite.png This user headbangs to rock 'n' roll!
KSS Paint Sprite.png This user's favorite color is Crimson.
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Donkey Kong SSBU.png This user wishes Mario vs. Donkey Kong series returned to its good old core formula.
KPR Remote Robot Controller.png This user is interested in early history of video games.
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Kirbo favorites
KNiD A BallIcon.png This user's favorite Copy Ability is Ball.
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Hello, I am Viperision (short: Viper, Vipz), a member of a couple of the NIWA wikis, having joined WiKirby on April 25th, 2018. I have been introduced to the Kirby franchise through a somewhat unpopular main series title Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and since have played some of the earlier entries too.


  • Preservation and documentation of lost and obscure entries (Kirby's Toy Box, Kirby Slide, web-games, canceled games) of the franchise.
  • Flexing games (TAS-ing) and learning their technicalities (bugs/glitches, Mix functions).
  • Hunting websites, magazine/manual scans, missing footage - speech is silver, referencing is golden.
  • Eventually playing more games than I have. eventually when a full-on 3D mainline releases