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Shoutout to Chalky
KDCParasolIcon.png This user's favorite Copy Ability is Parasol.


Hello, I am Viperision (short: Viper, Vipz), a member of a couple of the NIWA wikis, having joined WiKirby on April 25th, 2018. I have been introduced to the Kirby franchise through a somewhat unpopular mainstream title Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and so far I've been playing only that Kirby title to some advanced extent.

To-Do and aspects of interest[edit]

  • Creating organized documentation of various websites containing useful Kirby-information, Kirby instruction booklet/manual scans and related content and their availability on the Internet on one of to-be my user-subpages, in order for having a good base-foundation for helping referencing and citing sources, and generally for gathering various and/or obscure available resources on one and viable place, at least for some sort of preservation and archivation purposes. It could later expand on other resources such as magazines, guides, comics and manga, but it all, shall it be noted, very presumably should not be preserved on WiKirby, but as I already mentioned - referenced as different websites on one of mine to-be user-subpages. Alongside, also applying and searching for more of the mentioned.
  • (Re-)creation of Template:Button for use in quite a lot of articles it could apply in, including moveset sections of Copy Abilities, Friend Abilities, Kirby's normal moves, and controls sections of various titles amongst others. In essence, something much like the Super Mario Wiki's template of the same name and purpose.
  • Improvements and updates of the various articles in the categories Moves and Glitches. To this also apply the various previously mentioned additions that include use of to-be Template:Button, creation of more and worthy articles, as well as additions of gallery and infobox images in the articles of the former mentioned category, amongst other suitable things.
  • Improvement and update of the Mix article, including addition of information on the "Mix Results", which essentially was somewhat explained in a comment I've added on the article's talk page.
  • Coverage of unused/beta/demo/prototype content, as well as cancelled, lost and obcure media of the Kirby-verse.