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Hello everyone, sunmarsh here!

I'm most active on Nookipedia, but have also been seen lurking on Inkipedia and Pikipedia. Hope to see you around. KatAMCandy.png

Unused Images

These images have been uploaded but need to be placed on the wiki. I'm not sure when/if I will come back to create the remaining stage pages for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and so I've uploaded some of the images I've gathered that I was planning on using for these pages and have listed them here. Once the pages have been created, if you send me an email or contact me over on Nookipedia I will upload even more images relevant to the created pages, I'm just wiki'd out right now. ^^; P.S. All images were obtained from Archiverse if you want to search for more images yourself.

The Forest of Whispy Woods

Dig and Dash

Deploy the Kirby Tank!

The Long-Lost Ruins

Hooplagoon, Relic of the Ruins

Swept Out to Sea

The Haunted Ship

Kirby Submarine's Torpedo Time

The Claykken's Lair

Rainbow Across the Skies

The Wild Red Yonder

Kirby Rocket's Big Blastoff

Sky-High Whispy Woods

Woodland Battle

Gondola Ride

Deep-Divin' Kirby Submarine

Hooplagoon of the Lake

Burning Secrets

Back to the Battleship

Volcanic Panic

The Claykken's Sea of Fire

Infiltrate the Junk Factory!

Kirby + Kirby

Wonder Space

The Final Battle