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Hello World!

Regular Enemies[edit]

What I still need to add:

Regular enemies in Kirby Mass Attack
Name Sprite Description
Awadron Awadron Sprite.png A clam that gives the Kirbys air bubbles if they attack it. When defeated, it releases many air bubbles.
Awasuki Awasuki.png Small goldfish that can be grabbed to release air bubbles.
Boufu Boufu.png A pig-like enemy that blows gusts of wind which, while harmless, can blow the Kirbys away.
Cake Floof Cake Floof Sprite.png A variant of Floof that throws cakes. If a Kirby eats a cake, he is immobilized until the player taps him or some time passes.
Clanksprout Clanksprout Sprite 1.pngClanksprout Sprite 2.png A claw that comes out of dirt and can grab Kirbys.