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Robo Woods is my OC, he is a robotic version of Whispy Woods, he has a zig zag metal thing around the trunk where his nose is, he has blue glasses and he has "pipes" attached to his leaves. He is also wielding a sword and a laser gun. He also has a soul form which is literally a ghost. In his soul form, his pipes are broken and his sword is more sharpy. His EX form is similar to Whispy Woods EX but his laser gun has an electric marking on it. His glasses are purple. His Soul EX form has stitches and the pipes are more broken.

All of his attack in all the drawings: He attacks by using Whispy's attacks, he can also slash with his sword. Sometimes, his air bullets are inside ice. In the 2nd phase, he uses his laser gun and drops Gordos and he can spit angry air bullets and robotic apples that damage Kirby if he inhales them. He can grow apples on vines, similar in Kirby Star Allies. Once defeated, he spins while his pipes starts to break, he does not cry.

His soul form acts the same except he can spit tornadoes and his laser gun contains a Shotzo in the 2nd phase.

He is playable once the player beats the arena. He attacks with sword slashes, slashing a cutter blade, dropping Chasers, which are apples that chases enemies, spitting clouds, using an ice breath and has 3 charges. He tries to inhale an enemy and spitting it back at another enemy. His 2nd chase involves him shooting 6 tornadoes and his 3rd charge involves him to shoot a laser from his gun.

Other bosses/enemies OCs:

Blado Boss: A colossal Blado that attacks with smaller Blados, Gordos and attacks with his spikes, which can give the Needle ability. He only can be damaged when he doesn't have his spikes.

Walky Radio: A walking radio which attacks with blades from his antenna which gives the Cutter ability, music notes (evil music notes in the 2nd phase) and shockwaves. He later becomes Cutter Radio. He attacks with music notes, cutter blades, lightning and a cutter from his head similar to Kibble Blade. In the 2nd phase, he attacks with big evil music notes, bigger blades and cutters and electrical balls.

Flamer Guardian: An enemy summoned by Kracko in the 2nd phase. He has a Blado spike on his "head".

Wheel: A wheel with 2 sides: fruits and evil fruits on him and an arrow. He spins, and the arrow pointing at a side change Wheel to 3 sides. He will throw either awatermelon, an apple, a pear or their evil selves. In the 2nd phase, he shoots blades from his arrow, there's 4 sides for the evils (a Gordo), and the evil fruits attacks: the evil apple charges at Kirby with fire behind it, the evil pear and watermelon chases him with spark or ice around him.

Stoney: A rectangular stone brick with angry eyes and a box on top of his head and a broken heart on him. He attacks by throwing bombs, rocks, he can cut his arms, summoning a bomb. In the 2nd he throws Bombers but they have a small explosion and gives the Bomb ability. He opens his box and throws a cannonball and he can shoots missiles from his eyes. A shield will protect him in front of him.

RoseRose: A female and more difficult version of Stoney, she has a smiling flower on her "forehead" and the heart on her is not broken and can change colors depending on her mood. She throws cannonballs in the 1st phase. In the 2nd phase, she has 2 shields, Kirby can only damage her box. She attacks with exploding flowers, missiles, fireballs and walking bombs, none of these gives an ability. In the 3rd phase, she has 4 circular shields around her, she has spikes on her box, which deflects any attacks. She throws giant bombs.

These two appears blocking the entrance of the final world. They will only let Kirby pass if he finds letter spelling FRIENDS in a bonus level, he can start over finding the missing letters if he didn't find them all.

The 4 elemental guardians: Rectangular stone bricks with either water, fire, electric, and tornado symbol on them, depending on the guardian. They have elemental swords and laser guns. Electric Guardian is the leader, but the true leader is Dark Lord. Fire Guardian has a fire cannon attached to him.

Flying Grand Gigant Edge: Gigant Edge with wings, his new attacks are: he can rip one of his wings and throw it at Kirby and he can spew lava from his spike, similar to Pyribbit, except he doesn't spin.

King Long-Arms Woods: A king version on Whispy Woods with long arms and a mustache. He attacks with differently colored apples, with one of them being poisonous. In the 2nd phase, he attacks with Spear Waddle Dees, trying to inhale Kirby, tornadoes, roots and the hearts on his crown. He has a soul version that's literally a ghost. His soul self only appears in the Super Arena, his arena is circular. His soul self attacks with poisonous apples, lasers from one of his eye, spitting air bullets, throwing bombs from his claws, enlarging his arms, making them spin, drills and shooting his crying blue skull, angry red skull and pink worried skull from his crown and a Whispy Woods Jr.

Kracko Woods: Whispy Woods with cloudy leaves and Kracko's spikes and eye. He attacks by spitting lightning bolts, fireballs, tornadoes and air bullets, dropping bugs and turning his arm into a gun and shoots a beam or attacks with a beam whip from his gun arm. In the 2nd phase, he attacks by enlarging his sides spikes into drills and shoot them and can shoot a giant beam ball from his spikes. The eye can shoot beams.

Hato: A "magical" version of Kracko, with a hat and a beam wand. He attacks with stars, fireballs, cutter blades, spikes, beams, poisonous apples, beam whips, rain, lightning bolts. In the 2nd phase, he attacks with arrows and can open his wand to summon Gordos. He later becomes Mechanic Hato. He has a metal cloudy body, making him invenurable. Kirby can only remove the metallic body with ghosts, leaving his eye when being friends with the ghosts he attacks with. He also attacks with beam balls and beam whips. In the 2nd phase, he attacks with giant beam balls, when hitting the ground, a Shotzo appears, he also attacks with lightning, fire, four beam whips and opening his wand to shoots beam balls.

Mecha Woods (Robwoods): A mechanical version of Whispy Woods with claws and legs, controlled by Whispy Woods. He only appears in the True Arena and Super Arena. It attacks with lasers from his eyes, missiles, claws, air bullets, rocks, Comos while Whispy Woods spits air bullets, summoning a Shotzo and a Blatzy in the 2nd phase.

Fire Dragon: A fire version of Ice Dragon, that has fire based attacks, he starts out as a burning egg, that shoots small fireballs. The dragon itself shoots fireballs and lasers. In the 2nd phase he summons flame pillars. True Arena and Super Arena only.

Marx Knight: A Galacta Knight version of Marx, he has the same hat, shoes, bowtie and wings as him. In the 1st phase, he attacks with lightning, flames, mach tornadoes, blades, sword slashes and turning himself into a tornado. In the 2nd phase, he attacks with a dimensional rift laser, cutters, seeds that turns into vines, arrows, a laser from his sword, a black hole and an ice bomb from his sword. True Arena and Super Arena only.

Zero 3 (Robot Zero): Mechanical version of Zero, with claws, a halo, a bandage and a purple pupil. He attacks with blood, Dark Matters and claws. In the 2nd phase, he attack with his halo, shooting his eyeball, and shooting lightning from his eye. His eye has a halo, attacks with stars and lasers. The eye can also turn invincible.

Mr. Star & Mr. Earth: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright but it's a star and Earth. They act like them. Mr. Earth attacks by shooting water balls and charging in a ball while Mr. Star attacks with shooting stars. Mr. Star attacks with stars and charging in a "ball" while Mr. Earth attacks with water.

Shotzobula: Shotzo and Kabula combined, he attacks by shooting cannonballs, shooting Gordos, shooting Pactos, summoning Shotzos and Blatzies on parachutes. He also shoots lasers.

King Whispy Woods: King version of Whispy Woods, he attacks with apples, air bullets, roots, tornadoes, poisonous bugs, Gordos and covering the screen with keychains.

Leafless Kracko Woods: A leafless version of Kracko Woods with one leaf and clouds around him. He has Whispy Woods' attacks from Kirby's Adventure.

Fire & Ice Woods: Fire and ice trees they have the same hats as Fire and Ice Kirby, they also have a "ring" above their eyes with the either fire or ice. They attack with ice and fire balls, in the 2nd phase, they shoots ice cubes and meteors. They also attack with a fire and ice breath and turns their arms into icy and firey drills. The only way to damage them is to make Fire Woods accidentally damage Ice Woods and Ice Woods accidentally damage Fire Woods. In the 2nd phase, they throw ice and fire balls less often. Not even the meteor or ice cubes damage them...

Music Logo: A square with a music note on it who's wearing headphones. He doesn't want to hurt Kirby, though he shoots musical notes from his headphones. Kirby must parkour his way to a musical switch, shooting a musical note to "damage" Music Logo.

Kracko Eye: An eye who only attacks with clouds.

Spikeless Kracko: A spikeless Kracko who attacks with beam whips, Waddle Doos, lightning and rain. In the 2nd phase, he attacks with his eye.

Evil Kracko: Attacks with beam whips, lightning and bombs. Attacks with bigger bombs, giant energy balls from his spikes and drills in the 2nd phase.

Fat Kracko: Covers the top of the screen. Attacks with lightning, giant energy balls from his unseen spikes.and fire bombs in the 1st phase and attacks with 3 drills and lightning similar in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe where he shoots many lightning at Kirby's location.

King Kracko: A king version of Kracko, who attacks like him in Kirby Super Star but his beam whips circles around him before 2 of them charges at Kirby, his rain attack lasts longer and his lightning attack leaves fire. In the 2nd phase, he attacks with angry Co-Krackos who spins before swooping at Kirby. He can shoots his eye, shooting beam and can shoot his clouds at Kirby. His attacks are fast and can surprise the player as he immediately attacks after each attacks.

Parallel OCs: Only appears in the Parallel Arena along with the 4 elemental guardians, Fire Dragon, Marx Knight and King Long Arms Woods. They all attacks faster and stuff. But they also have new attacks. Parallel Woods (dark tree with yellow mouth and glasses and seriously broken pipes) 's laser leaves electrical sparks on the ground, shoots fireballs from his sword and he can drops Blados. Parallel Hato (dark cloud with yellow and red eye, orange spikes, stitched wand with eyes and a hat with eyes and a spike) shoots lightning from his wand and can shoots 7 spikes. Parallel Stoney (dark blue Stoney with bloodshot purple eyes and a broken box, revealing wires, his heart is missing some pieces) can shoots lasers from his eye and dark beams that leaves fire. Parallel Radio (red radio with black and purple eyes and zigzagged blue antenna) shoots faster blades and the chompy music notes can actually try to eat Kirby. Parallel RoseRose (dark RoseRose with white and red eyes, broken rainbow burnt box with a broken heart, her flower is sad and blue, her heart is melting) can spits tornadoes.

Kirby: Dark Blocks Attack bosses:

Robo Woods



Walky Radio

Cutter Radio

Mechanical Hato

Robo Woods Soul


Water Guardian

Fire Guardian

Electric Guardian

Air Guardian: (He doesn't have many attacks but they do many damage.)

Dark Lord (5 phases, his normal self, his ball self, his normal self with drills, his Dark Matter self and his hat)


Fire Dragon

Marx Knight

King Long Arms Woods



King Long Arms Woods Soul

Hato Jr.,Clumsy Blocky and Flying Possessed Kibble Blade (Separately)

Zero 3 (Fought after the other 3, the player(s) gets a Maxim Tomato(s))

Kirby Dark Blocks Attack playable characters:


Robo Woods


RoseRose (most powerful)

Music Logo


Marx Knight

Water Guardian (regens when in water and water attacks from enemies, take more damage when hit by any fire thing)

Fire Guardian (regens when on any fire obstacles or enemies attacks, takes more damage from water and water attacks from enemies, he turns into a cube and hides in a walking suitcase when attempting to go in water, his cannon makes him slow)

Kirby & and the multiple enemies bosses:

Colossal Waddle Dee (Colossal Spear Waddle Dee in Hard Mode), Colossal Kabu, Colossal Hot Head and Colossal Driblee

Lololo, Lalala then both

Colossal Cappy (Colossal Poison Mash in HM), Colossal Bronto Burt, Colossal Squishy and Colossal Laser Ball

Kracko Jr. (can shoot small or big balls), Kracko (can summon Waddle Dees and Mumbies) and Mecha Kracko (can summon lightning and beam whips)

Colossal Chuckie (Colossal Hurly in HM), Colossal Flapper, Colossal Mumbies and Colossal Booler

Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright and Mr. Star & Mr. Earth

Colossal Bouncy, Colossal Flamer (Colossal Searcher in HM), Colossal Glunk (Colossal Shotunk in HM) and Colossal Shotzo (Killable, Colossal Clawtzo in HM)

Hornhead and Buggzy (their EX form have insect like eyes)

Whispy Woods (can shoot tornadoes), Robo Woods, Flowery Woods, Yggy Woods (Clanky Woods in HM who's new attacks are dropping poisonous robotic apples, fire and cannonballs)

Colossal Waddle Doo (King Doo EX in HM), Colossal Tick, Colossal Angry Scarfy and Blado Boss

Heart of Nova (Fought inside Nova, fought with Starship, attacks similar in Kirby Planet Robobot, but splits and shoots enemies and in HM, it splits and shoots bombs)

Blocky (BohBoh EX in HM), Gigant Edge and Kibble Blade. Secret: Poppy Bros. Sr., Mr. Tick Tock and Grand Wheelie (can now shoots lasers) In HM, the secret is removed, so Kirby has to fight all the mini bosses except Blocky.

Kabula (can now summons Angry Scarfies and lasers) and Shotzobula

Whispy Woods (attacks with apples, air clouds, roots and fireballs, can only be damaged with a cannon)

Colossal Kabu (is in the same platform as the Reactor, has many cannons, including Shotzos and Blatzies, as well as a hand similar to Main Cannon. He can summon Kabus from a gun.)

Marx (1st phase attacks with balls or elemental balls, tornadoes, fireballs, icicles, lightning clouds and shockwaves, 2nd phase acts similar as in Kirby Super Star)

A "boss rush": Colossal Hot Head (can now shoots large fireballs), Kracko (now attacks with drills), Mr. Star and Mr. Earth (Star can shoots lasers when in the air and Earth can shoots electric when on the ground), Colossal Shotzo and Robo Woods

Dark Matter, Zero (his eye rips from the body and shoots lightning) and Zero Eye, shoots blood and stars) Kirby fights them like other bosses.

True Arena:

King Whispy Woods

Wham Bam Jewel

Galacta Knight

Zero Two (fights him like other bosses, can now attacks with arrows, his halo, lasers from his eye, when doing so, his pupil turns into a skull)

Marx Soul

Kirby Dark Returns bosses:

Whispy Woods

Mr. Shine (despite Mr. Bright not here, he still does his eclipse attack in the 2nd phase where he also shoots evil stars)

Ice Egg/Ice Dragon (the egg does not attack)

Yggy Woods

Robo Woods (can shoot a laser from his gun upwards)

Blado Boss

Whispy Woods (only can be damaged by a cannon, in the 2nd phase, he spits cannonballs and protects himself with a shield, which need 4 hits from the cannon to break)

Walky Radio

Kracko (can summons Co-Krackos and Flamer Guardians, shoots lightning, multiple lightning and rain in the 2nd phase)


Marx (1st phase attacks by throwing a ball, charging and spitting a cutter, 2nd phase attacks the same as in the other appearance)

Dark Matter


Kirby boss attack bosses:

Whispy Woods (in the 2nd phase, he can cry from both sides)

Kracko (in the 2nd phase, he can cry too: 2 sets of tears below him, 1 set on the right and 1 set on the left, and he can turn his eye into a Gordo, while throwing his eye at Kirby.


Walky Radio

Yggy Woods (does not drops Blados)

Space Kracko (does not cry, and can summons a Rocky and a Chilly)


Cutter Radio

Water Guardian

Fire Guardian

Electric Guardian

Air Guardian

Dark Lord (1 form, 3 phases)