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Age: 17
Gender: Female

Hi, this is MissileBabyLuigi. I am a fairly new user here on WiKirby. Anyway, I am BabyLuigiOnFire from the Super Mario Wiki in case you didn't know. I have experience in editing using Wiki Text in language, but I do screw up a lot, which is what I occasionally do. I also have an indefinite hiatus in Kirby Wikia, so I can import pictures from there over to here, as I enjoy editing on a Wiki site rather than a Wikia.

Here, I might sound a little serious, since I'm pretty devoted to my job in this site, as this site needs work. However, I can act the way from over there also, so don't be discouraged.

I know a lot about Kirby Air Ride, so you'll often see me editing the Kirby Air Ride article. Here are my goals for completion. This list will be subject to change anytime: