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Greetings. I'm MetaDragon, currently a Moderator of WiKirby!

I've only recently become a fan of the Kirby series after watching through all of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Meta Knight is my most favorite character in the Kirby series, no game, though the other knights of the series are favorites of mine as well. Kirby's Return to Dream Land is my favorite main series installment, while Kirby Air Ride is my favorite spin-off installment, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse being a close second. Outside of the Kirby series and wiki, I'm a fan of several other Nintendo series and the Star Wars franchise and Risk of Rain video game series. I enjoy the outdoors, playing the piano, listening to music, reading, writing, drawing, and talking.

Feel free to ask me about the wiki on my talk page or on WiKirby's Discord server if you need any help. I'll gladly help if possible.

Fun facts about me[edit]

  • Purple, blue, and red are my general favorite colors, respectively. Green's nice, too.
  • I'm fond of animals, birds, felines, and canines especially.
  • I'm always ready and willing to cheer someone up and lend a hand if possible.
  • I need help and more friends.
  • I'm not actually a dragon.


I have a few projects here on WiKirby. More or less, they involve more effort than general editing. These projects are as follows:

  • Create a sub-userpage that will be used to archive information, events, and such called Information Keep. — Just an idea for later
  • Contribute to the Glitch project. — Will work on this time to time
  • Create the last needed game navboxes. — Slowly but surely, as they say