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Greetings,, I am MetaDragon, a Moderator of WiKirby. I have only recently become a fan of the Kirby series after watching Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, which I still enjoy to this day. Meta Knight is my most favorite character in the Kirby series, no doubt, though I also like a lot of the other knights as well. My favorite main series Kirby game is Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and my favorite spin-off is Kirby Air Ride, though Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is a close second.

Once more, I'm a Moderator around here, so feel free to ask me about the wiki on my talk page if you need any help.


I have a few projects I plan to complete at some point here on WiKirby. More or less, they involve more effort than general editing. They are as follows:

  • Create a sub-userpage that will be used to archive information, events, and such called Information Keep. -- On hold

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Used to keep files that aren't able to be used yet safe from being deleted.

None at this time