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Hello, this is Mario Circuit speaking! I joined the Wikirby on March 5th, 2020. Nice to meet you!

Personal infomation[edit]

  • Age: 13
  • Gender: Male
  • From: China (中国). I am pretty good at English, though.
  • Birthday: August 8th, 2007
  • English name: Eric
  • First interest: Playing video games, especially Mario games and Kirby games
  • Second interest: Editing Wikis (like Wikirby and Super Mario Wiki)

Games that I own (and played)[edit]

Not much, actually.

Kirby-related games[edit]

Other games[edit]

  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Wario Land: Shake It!
  • New Super Mario Bros.Wii
  • Super Mario 3D Land
  • Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  • WarioWare: Smooth Moves
  • Wii Sports
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses (my father's, I don't play it)