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Kehehe! Welcome to my user page!

Oh. Wow. I'm wondering how you got here. Well, I believe this page should have some text, correct? Well, let me try fix that. My internet username, as you may have already noticed, is Magma and I am a Kirby and Nintendo fan in general who loves the games and wish I could buy more of them but, y'know, inflation UserboxCountryBR.png (I didn't even got my hands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons yet SSU Bandana Dee Portrait 3.png).

Some of My Stuff[edit]


P.S.: It should be noted I emulated a lot more Kirby games, but these are the ones I bought (and I'm including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because Kirby is in it too).


My Favorite Characters[edit]

Some guys from the Kirby series that I personally like more than otheres