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hi, i'm Lake. I do stuff.

if you need me to fix some bug, (re)create/fix templates, CSS or extension, leave a message on my talk page or ping me on Discord (Lake#1494). UwU

DYK module[edit]

Refresh the page to change the fact

DynamicPageList test[edit]

10 pages in both Articles which list non-English names and Featured pages, ordered by date of creation:

10 pages in Television screenshots but not in Good images in gallery mode:


  • foo: bar
  • brazil: 2
  • kirby:
    • mario: luigi
    • sonic: and knuckles
    • crash:
      • bandicoot: true
      • hedgehog: false
    • pokemon: [1] asbulbasaur, [2] as charmander, [3] as squirtle
    • lalalala: 18.443