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Whasup guys. Kirby201 here.

Void Termina is sure scared of hearts.

Information about me[edit]

  • Birthday: April 27, 1992 (I was in the 1st generation of Waddle Dees)
  • Species: *DO NOT TELL ANYONE*
    Waddle Dee (I painted myself pink and painted my shoes dark pink and added a fake mouth and all other Kirby stuff. The REAL Kirby is the God of Planet Popstar similar to how God is the God of Earth in the Bible.
  • Homeworld: Planet Popstar (I visited Earth only ONCE in 2005, and disguised myself and 7 other Waddle Dees (as I told you earlier, I am really a Waddle Dee in disguise) as a human).
  • Why did I paint myself? In 2012, to celebrate the god Kirby's 20th anniversary, I painted myself to go to a special event. However, I used permanent paint. So I look like Kirby.

Kirby Star Allies: Version 5.0.0[edit]

  • New dream friends: Drawcia, Prince Fluff, Elline
  • Void now has hypnotic waves.
  • New game mode: Lost in Time.
  • Soul Melter GX difficulty added to The Ultimate Choice. Unlocked after completing Soul Melter EX and Lost in Time.
  • New bosses
  • Added a "Meta Knight Unmasked" button that allows the player to play as Meta Knight unmasked. Unlocks upon completing Soul Melter GX.

Games I own[edit]