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Hello, my name is Joey Ferreira and I'm 13 as of right now.

I have 9 Kirby games called Kirby Super Star Ultra (completed), Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (completed, but lost some where in my house), Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (completed), Kirby: Squeak Squad (completed), Kirby's Epic Yarn (completed), Kirby's Dreamland 2 (completed, but not finished in terms of collecting all the star rods), Kirby: Canvas Curse (finished storyline, but not all of the extras), Kirby's Mass Attack (finished), Kirby's Return to Dreamland (finished), and Kirby 64 (25% completed). I also have the Nintendo 3DS, the first person on here to get it (I think.). I have now starting to get an intrest in the Megaman Series.

I usually work on the "Wanted Pages" segment. :)

I am also on the Mario Wiki username: [1].

I am on Facebook. My name is Joey Ferreira on there. (Remove the ' %7c ' in the URL, it will bring the link.)

To Do List

  • Get the Wanted Pages that have over 100 links made.
  • Upload artworks for articles.
  • Check my Kirby's Epic Yarn for info.
  • Try to get new information of KEY, KMA, and KRTD.