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This is my archive. I don't put that much in here anymore, but feel free to have a looksie around.


MetaDragon (talk · edits)

MetaDragon (talk)

MetaDragon (talk)

MetaDragon (talk)

MetaDragon (talk)

MetaDragon (talk)

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MetaDragon (talk)

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Jellytost (talk)


News that has appeared on my userpage at some point in the past.


Projects I have contributed to that have been completed one way or another.

  • Create stage pages for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and update/create other remaining pages for the game.
  • Create a sub-userpage that will be used to archive information, events, and such called Information Keep. (This was scrapped)

Talk page[edit]

Archived sections of my talk page.

Currently empty

Information Keep[edit]

This was a project of mine aiming to collect information mostly about all of the WiKirby staff members. I've since retired the idea, but thought I'd archive what I did achieve with it here. Keep in mind that the information here may now be incorrect as time has passed:

Staff members[edit]

This section lists every staff member on WiKirby, along with information about them. The highest ranking staff members will be listed first.


Main article: User:YoshiFlutterJump
YoshiFlutterJump's current profile picture.

YoshiFlutterJump (abbreviated YFJ[1] in most cases) is an active member of WiKirby who is currently a Bureaucrat and the Editor-in-Chief of WiKirby. Because of the latter, he is responsible for many things on the wiki, including promoting staff, leading the community, enforcing policies, giving the final say so on suggestions and requests, and more. He has accumulated around 6,028 edits since he created his WiKirby account. His favorite character from the Kirby series is Bandana Waddle Dee,[2] and his favorite game is Kirby Star Allies.[2]

YoshiFlutterJump created his account on March 21, 2018, shortly after the release of Kirby Star Allies. During this time, Vellidragon was considered the leader of WiKirby. As time went on, YoshiFlutterJump rose slowly, but surely up staff ranks. He became a Patroller on September 8th, 2019, after Fubaka (now known as Samwell) was elected Editor-in-Chief; he was later promoted to Administrator on January 25th, 2020. On March 30, 2020, YoshiFlutterJump was nominated by the community to succeed Fubaka upon his retirement from the position. He holds this position to this day, leading WiKirby and its community to a prosperous future.


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