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Hi. Stuff here either isn't finished, doesn't have a place yet, or is to be added later.

To others currently on this sandbox[edit]

This is just a small favor I ask of anyone reading this. Correcting spelling mistakes or infos here is completely fine with me. Feel free to do so without asking. If you wish to either add something to the points here or add these sections to a respective page however, please notify me on either my talk page or on the Discord (I have the same Username there. I am offline by default there too so don't let that stop you) before doing so.

Kirby's Grösster Fall translations + explanations[edit]

While Kirby's Rainbow Resort already features translations, it lacks some explanations and I'd feel more comfortable to conjure those here. (If someone wants to help they are welcomed)


Page 1

Narrator Kirby: "The day began just as usual. I sat in my office, further educated me with a special lecture and listened to Nick's dumb chattering. I didn't yet expect what would happen..."

Kirby: "Hey Nick, when I'm finished with this, we'll go over this week's appointments!

Nick: "Appointments? We have none!"

Annett: "Hello?! May I come in? I'm looking for Kirby, the detective.


King Dedede is called Nick in this comic, likely referencing his german name at the time "König Nickerchen"