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GoldenDragonLeaf/Soul Forgo

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First appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Related Fecto Forgo
Chaos Elfilis
Similar Drawcia Soul
Soul of Sectonia
Void Soul
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Emerging from Leongar's body is a formless phantom sustained by pure psychic energy (along with a hint of stubborness). True freedom was finally within their grasp at last... until that pink filth came along. Endless rage boils from the simple thought of it. They will get their revenge, no matter the cost. Starting with you.
— Figure description for Soul Forgo from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Soul Forgo, titled Psychic Beast is a faced only in the Colosseum's The Ultimate Cup Z difficulty. They are a souped-up version of Chaos Elfilis, serving as the true final boss of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. While defeating Soul Forgo is not required to attain 100% completion, it is one of the requirements to complete Crown%.

Most notably, Soul Forgo's battle can only be accessed in a hidden room during the second phase of Chaos Elfilis.

Physical appearance[edit]

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Soul Forgo takes on a number of different appearances in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, depending on the current situation. The following table highlights each distinct look of Soul Forgo, along with other pertinent notes as appropriate:

Soul Forgo forms  
Form Image Description Notes
Default KatFL Forgo Land screenshot 04.png A giant mostly pink embryo-like creature that vaguely resembles Elfilin, though heavily deformed with visible energy coursing through their veins. The backside of Soul Forgo's ears is completely cyan, accompanied by dripping appendages heavily clustered on their right. The body itself has glowing spots on the back, which are also coursing with energy. Other parts of their body are accented with turquoise, most notably the tips of their paws, whiskers, and tail. Soul Forgo's eyes are deep purple, with faded but glowing blue and pink concentric circles that make up the iris. This form is extremely similar to the original Fecto Forgo. However, Soul Forgo is greener than Fecto Forgo by one CIELAB a* point in favor of spring green.[1]
Forgo Leon KatFL Soul Forgo shadow screenshot.png When Forgo Leon is under the control of Soul Forgo, they change to a shadowy silhouette of their default form. They are now translucent with glowing white eyes, but the veins of energy still remain. Shadow particles appear around them during the boss fight.
Boss Form KatFL Soul Forgo splash screen.png During their own boss fight, Soul Forgo becomes light green with glowing eyes. While this form is translucent like their shadow form, it is more opaque. This form appears to be unstable, due to Soul Forgo seeming to dissolve while using it. They can also change shape, fire parts of themself, and recollect themself back together. This form is similar to the Invasive Species form that Fecto Forgo takes during the chase scene.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

Soul Forgo's shadowy form as seen in the Forgo Leon battle of Forgo Land.

Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams[edit]

Soul Forgo makes their first appearance in Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams, as the soul of Fecto Forgo who fled into the realm of dreams after its defeat to Kirby. They also took Leongar's body there in an attempt to subsume itself into his body as a replacement for its own. As a result, Soul Forgo also shatters Leon's soul, scattering it across the isles for Kirby to reclaim. They are only seen at the end of Forgo Land, forcing Forgo Leon to fight on their behalf. After failing to control Forgo Leon into defeating Kirby, Soul Forgo tries to intervene themself, but is shortly subsumed by a familiar red-and-orange butterfly and incorporated into Morpho Knight, using the same gag as in Kirby Star Allies with Galacta Knight.

The Ultimate Cup Z[edit]

GoldenDragonLeaf/Soul Forgo
KatFL Soul Forgo splash screen.png
Title card for Soul Forgo from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Relative(s) Fecto Forgo
Fecto Elfilis
Chaos Elfilis
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In order to access the secret room, the system date must be set to June 19, which in 2022 would be precisely 86 days after the launch date of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Immediately before entering the Colosseum, the player must complete Tilt-and-Roll Kirby's Extra Hard version of the ★★★ Board in between 86.00 and 86.99 seconds. After starting the Ultimate Cup Z, Kirby must first get to the second phase of Chaos Elfilis without taking damage, willingly enter the And Here We Are attack, inhale exactly 86 of the orbs, get out of bounds with either the hammer glitch or jumping out the arena from the Deadly Sun Grazer attack, backtrack to the stairs, and finally enter the room.

A transition will pop up, labeling the room as "Desecrated Sanctuary". Due to the room bearing striking similarities to Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams and the Dreamscape, Kirby will find that the room to has less gravity. A large sphere (the same one preceding Fecto Elfilis's fight) floats down in front of Kirby, consolidating into Soul Forgo who immediately initiates a battle.

Soul Forgo's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description Variants Notes
Spatial Teleportation Ability
Soul Forgo teleports to different locations. They often teleport during certain attacks to throw Kirby off. Occasionally, they will teleport in an attempt to evade Kirby's attacks.
Lyapunov Exponential Growth
Soul Forgo moves into the background, and rapidly shoots 5-7 tendrils towards Kirby's position. These tendrils will linger for the next (2,3?) attacks, and will damage Kirby if he touches them. This attack may be combined with Borisov Soul Cannonball or Blitzar Cutter (2nd). The Lyapunov exponent is an index for how rapidly different trajectories diverge from the same starting point, much as Soul Forgo's tendrils split off. In particular, a large positive Lyapunov exponent is suggestive of the presence of highly unstable nonlinear dynamics described by chaos theory.
Borisov Soul Cannonball
Soul Forgo appears, fires an energy ball at Kirby, and then disappears. When the energy ball hits the ground, it will create a shockwave that slowly spreads outward. This attack is used 3 times consecutively. In the second phase, Soul Forgo will use this attack 5 times instead. 2I/Borisov, known popularly as the Borisov comet, has one of the highest documented speeds observed for a comet. The name may thus reflect how this attack is much faster than the Soul Cannonball used in the Forgo Leon battle.
This attack is also similar to the Sukhavati Scale Wave attack that Morpho Knight uses.
Oort Crash
Soul Forgo appears near Kirby and creates a vortex, attempting to pull him in. They then summon a big dark energy blast that covers a large area. If Kirby is within the range of the attack, he will be transported to a harmful alternate dimension that deals a lot of damage. The attack cannot be guarded against. In the second phase, Soul Forgo will create two vortexes, which require a very precise jump as well as hovering to avoid. The Oort cloud is a cloud of comets and other icy objects, and a common reference for the edge of the solar system.
This attack can be considered an upgrade to the Soul Crash attack that Soul Forgo uses in the Forgo Leon battle. It is also similar to the And Here We Are attack that Chaos Elfilis uses.
Splash Rush (Splash Roche? Deep Field Splash Rush?) Soul Forgo teleports to the center of the arena, floating above Kirby's reach. They then start rapid-firing globs of themself all around the arena. The space underneath Soul Forgo is the only safe zone. In the second phase, after the attack ends and Soul Forgo recollects themself, some of the globs will linger on the ground for the next attack. This attack is similar to the Proliferation that Fecto Forgo uses in its Invasive Species battle.
Deadly Sun (name could have something to do with quasars or bolides maybe? or maybe just do Deadly Sun Grazer) Soul Forgo dissolves their form back into a medium-sized sphere and flies into the background. They then rapidly streak across the screen 3-4 times angled towards Kirby in an attempt to ram him. For the final blow, they turn giant and slowly move across one side of the arena.
Heart-Pounding Bound
Soul Forgo dissolves their body and splits themself into 4. All 4 'bodies' then jump high into the air and bombard down in 3 different patterns, before fusing together into one large orb that rams into the center of the arena, creating a giant shockwave with lightning bolts pulsing through it. Which patterns used may vary, but consist of:
  • The 4 bodies slam down in a square formation
  • The bodies slam down in a line one after another
  • One of the bodies slams down on one side of the arena, causing it to partially sink. The other 3 continue to bounce around on the side that has not sunk
  • The bodies slam down in pairs, one pair on the left and another on the right of Kirby
The name is based off of the Japanese title of The Dream Discoveries Tour, ドキドキ発見はっけんドリームツアー, which translates to Heart-pounding Discovery Dream Tour.
Blitzar Cutter (1st) Soul Forgo teleports around the arena, shooting six blades. These can be swallowed for the Cutter ability. It uses this attack 4 times initially and 5 times in the second phase, in both instances doing the last two in quick succession. How the blades are fired is randomly determined, but it will always be one of these three patterns:
  • Shooting the blades laterally
  • Shooting the blades vertically
  • Shooting the blades diagonally (the angle will always be aimed towards Kirby)
Blizars are a hypothetical star that will rapidly collapse into a black hole if they slow down their spinning. This may possibly reference how fast the cutters spin.
This attack can be considered an upgrade to the Blazar Cutter attack that Chaos Elfilis uses.
Blitzar Cutter (2nd) Soul Forgo teleports to the background, and throws 3 pairs of horizontal blades at a time that home-in at Kirby's position. These can be swallowed for the Cutter ability. For the second phase of Soul Forgo's fight, it will throw twice as many blades at a faster rate. This attack is similar to the Brightless Ring attack that Queen Sectonia uses in her battle. It also appears to mimick how the Chakram Cutter ability works.

Kirby's Dream Buffet[edit]

In Wave 1 of the Kirby's Dream Buffet: Booster Main Course Pass free DLC, it was revealed that Soul Forgo will be added as a Character Treat, using completely new artwork due to not having any previously. It is set to be released alongside other new content like race tracks and battle arenas on October 30, 2024. They do not appear as a Costume or Color for Kirby, however.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[edit]

A Dress-Up Mask featuring Soul Forgo was added alongside several other masks in a free update to Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, set to release on November 5, 2024. Their mask can be unlocked by completing Stamp Rally No. 9999.


  • Soul Forgo's Character Treat is the only one not to be of existing artwork or a sprite.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 思念獣しねん ソウル・フォルガ
Shinenjū Sōru Foruga
Beast of Reminiscent Thoughts, Soul Forgo
Traditional Chinese 思想獸 靈魂·遺忘
Sīxiǎngshòu Línghún Yíwàng
Beast of Thoughts, Soul Forgot
Simplified Chinese 思想兽 灵魂·遗忘
Sīxiǎngshòu Línghún Yíwàng
Dutch Psychisch begaafd beest, Vergeto-ziel Psychic beast, Forgetto-soul
Vergeto is derived from "vergeet" or "vergeten", meaning "forget" or "forgotten"
French Créature psychique, Âme Oublio Psychic creature, Soul Forgo
German Psychische Bestie, Seelen-Ver'Ges Psychic Beast, Soul-Forgo
Italian Bestia pensante, Anima Perdis Thinking beast, Soul Forgo
Korean 사념 짐승 소울 포가
Sanyeom Jimseung Soul Poga
Beast of Evil Thoughts, Soul Forgo
Spanish Bestia psíquica, Espíritu de Olvi Psychic beast, Forgo Spirit


  1. See also the Nintendo DREAM interview with Shinya Kumazaki, where he provided concept art of Soul Forgo with detailed design notes. From his handwriting, it is not immediately clear whether he meant to write 青緑 (blue-green) or 春緑 (spring green). After a 2400 dpi scan of the concept art was fed through a state-of-the-art convolutional neural network paired with a large language model, the computer still had no idea so we're just going with 'spring green' because Kirby I guess.