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First encounter[edit]

After clearing five stages, Daroach's Airship will first appear, and fly in the Kirbys' direction. The following dialogue will happen:

Welcome, my little friend! Or should I say...friends?
I am Daroach, the captain of the treasure-hunting Squeaks.
I have sniffed out a stash of riches that I must possess. Medals, on this island!
Would you help me collect these medals?
(Choice between "Yes" or "No")
(If the player chooses "No")
(If the player chooses "Yes")
No? Oh, I see! You are toying with Daroach, like a cat plays with a mouse. Excellent! I have a nose for gold, so I'll be trying to find the locations of medals. Return to me anytime you need a treasure tip.
You say no when you mean yes! Daroach likes a good sense of humor. And do you know what I like even more?
Medals! So help me collect them all. Return to me for hints. Now, good luck.

Regular visits[edit]

Subsequent visits to the airship will prompt Daroach to talk about medal hints, in the following format:


One of the following greetings is selected at random.

Hello again! Back for more tips? Well then...
Welcome back! Allow me to share this tidbit with you...
Back for more insights, I see. Here's one for you...
Ah, you're back! Well, let me offer you some information...
Returned for more advice? I'm always glad to share info...

Small talk[edit]

After greeting the Kirbys, Daroach then talks about a certain subject. It can be either a general subject or one specific to the island the Kirbys are currently at.

Green Grounds[edit]

Subject Dialogue
Medals, Treasure Chests, Keys Medals are often found inside treasure chests.
To open a chest, you need a key. But know this. If you drop a key, it will vanish.
But have no fear! Just exit then reenter a stage. The key will be back where you found it.
Kirbys The more friends you have at your side, the easier you'll find...everything!
If you're low on friends, visit stages with lots of fruit. Then eat, eat, eat!
Kirbys Tough world, where one Kirby can get whittled into so many itty-bitty Kirbys!
But as long as one Kirby is left after a fight, he can bring back all the others.
Just wolf down the fruit on this island. Its power will restore your numbers!
Fruit Enemies often have fruit. When you defeat a strong foe, or many foes, you'll surely scare up a juicy trove of the stuff!
Rainbow Medals I've caught wind of special medals that shine like a rainbow.
Those medals must be full of rainbow power, I'd guess.
No doubt something special will happen if you collect enough rainbow medals.
Jumbo Candy My sources say that there's a quirky kind of candy out there.
It makes you so huge that you can just wade through blocks and enemies like they're nothing!
But with such great power comes short duration.
When your body starts to blink, act fast. Your jumbo rampage is nearly over!
Rainbow Bubbles Sometimes you'll need to build a rainbow bridge to continue onward.
To do that, you'll need to find the rainbow bubble that holds such a bridge.
I'd fly you places, but I can't pilot my ship anywhere near those thick clouds.
Green Grounds This island is full of greenery and has food aplenty.
Maybe that explains how so many of the creatures have grown so large.
Take care that you don't get squashed!
Mogmoles and Moley This island is home to all sorts of moles. They're mischievous as it gets. Watch your back!
Whispy Woods I feel like I've seen the boss of this island somewhere before...
If you're trying to cut him down to size, I'd say you should attack the hard parts of his body.
Watch out for spiked balls though. Keep your eyes peeled for attacks from above.
After he drops those, I bet he'll get tired and stop moving for a little while. That's the time to strike!
Little Woods, Tower Woods Rough stuff, taking on tough trees.
Did you know that you can give trees a good body slam to put them in their place? Good luck with that.
Little Woods, Tower Woods If you ever feel stuck, why not just throw yourself at the problem!
I mean literally. Throw your weight around to see if you can get results. Just watch out for thorns, OK?
Exiting a stage It's always good to know how to make a quick exit.
If you want to exit a stage, press START.
Exiting a stage If you exit a stage, you'll lose any medals that you pocketed.
The mushrooms in Green Grounds - Stage 6 You might not want to touch the green mushrooms.
There is a mushroom of another color on this island, however.
If my nose isn't misleading me, I'd say that one has the scent of treasure.
Snoozroots You know those little plants that are always dozing off?
They're Snoozroots. Probably best to mess with them only when they're sleeping.
Oohroos The runty Oohroo is always thrashing around with his arms.
Don't tangle with him until he stops punching.
Stumpees Those Stumpees can really be scary when they're rolling right toward you.
Look for the wedge chopped out of the Stumpee. Squeeze into the gap to let it pass.
Little Woods You can easily defeat all of the menacing trees on this island. Just smash into their trunks.
I wonder if it's worth searching their leafy branches first?
Moley You're going to bump into Moley in some underground caves.
That burly guy has some mean little henchmen. One of them wears a spiked helmet. Don't go near those spikes!
Just watch that hothead carefully, then strike when the time is right.
Warwiggles The wormy monsters that pop up from the ground are called Warwiggles.
I've heard word that their neck is their weak spot. But what part of a worm ISN'T its neck?
The second medal in Green Grounds - Stage 3 If you catch a glimmer of treasure behind a spiderweb, go in carefully.
The owner of that web might just drop in when you least expect it.
Tear down the web fast, or get ready to face some fangs!
Green Grounds This island is filled with natural wonders.
Jumbo Candy Chomping some Jumbo Candy is a lot of fun. The whole world is yours to smash!
But when you're huge, you can't do everything you can when small.
Who knew that candy had a downside?
Skullys and Skull Keys Stay on the lookout for skull-shaped keys.
The second you touch one, you'll be sucked into a secret place swarming with Skullys.
That's where they keep their treasure chest.
Before you touch one of those keys though, be sure you have lots of Kirbys.
Necrodeus Necrodeus hates light and wants to steep the world in darkness.
As a pirate, I can respect that.
But with no light, all my treasure would cease sparkling.
And I can't have that. Do everything in your power to stop him. My gold must shine!

Sandy Canyon[edit]

Subject Dialogue
Sandy Canyon Rain rarely falls in this desert. All this dry air is making my fur itch!
But deserts hold so many buried treasures! Who can stay away?
I suppose all the traps here are the real problem. Watch your back.
Great Gear Who knew that the gear you carried would turn out to be an enemy?
But legend knows him as the Great Gear. It's said that he has a weak spot.
That spot is usually covered, but when he's balancing in a certain way, you'll see it exposed.
Lady Ivy The boss of this island is said to be the queen of this desert.
She's known as Lady Ivy. Like all beauties, she's got a thorny side!
So you mustn't touch her directly. Instead, bonk her on the head with something.
I imagine that the seesaw over her head would work.
She's a crafty one, though. If she snakes her tail onto the seesaw, attack it at once!
Wee Birdees and Big Birdee You can't lose even a single Wee Birdee when carrying them to Big Birdee.
Proceed very carefully. You can't help carrying them into battle, so fight cautiously.
Sandy Canyon This island is actually a bottomless pit filled with sand.
Don't linger in one place. Or else.
If you start sinking, you'll have to dash to escape the sand.
Crazy Stactus There are so many cactus creatures in the desert.
But it's hard to miss Crazy Stactus. He's the one who sways to the music.
When the music stops, that's the time to launch your attack on his petal head!
The second medal in Sandy Canyon - Stage 2 Desert plants thirst for water.
If you find any ways to make it rain, I bet you could get all sorts of things to pop up here.
Mummbons and Big Mummbons The foes wrapped up in bandages are called Mummbons.
And the big ones? They're known as Big Mummbons.
Big or small, though, they seem like a real menace.
Mummbons and Big Mummbons Foes wrapped in bandages will keep bouncing back, good as new.
Pounce on 'em if they get in your way, but then move along before they return.
Stactus The little spiked plant that often comes in stacks is called a Stactus.
There's a quick way to defeat it. Take out the top head. It will bring down all the others.
Grindarrs If you hear a rumble in the ruins, you're probably near a Grindarr.
Those things will squash you flat if you stop under them. So don't do that.
Sand It might seem safe to walk on sand. And it is.
It's stopping on sand that's dangerous. You'll start sinking.
Sandstorms If you get swept up in a sandstorm, you'll take damage.
So avoid those wicked storms whenever possible!
Sandstorms and items Sandstorms can drop items when they blow through.
But if you don't grab those items fast, the storm can take them away again.
Sandy Canyon This place has gotten so hot that much of what used to be here has dried up.
But legends tell of a great civilization that once thrived here.
Great Gear The legends of this place tell of a mighty guardian known as the Great Gear.
I wonder if it ever really existed?
Skullys If a Skully grabs one of your Kirbys, you'll need to grab on to it with another Kirby... before it flies off!
Skullys The Skullys used to hide in darkness.
That is, until Necrodeus got his magic staff. Then the Skullys changed.

Dedede Resort[edit]

Subject Dialogue
Daroach's past in Dedede Resort I used to steal the hearts of young ladies by the seaside here.
But that was long ago, before King Dedede came to spoil its shores.
Waddle Dees and Block Waddle Dees Waddle Dees are known far and wide as puny foes.
But they've been known to do what they can to bulk up.
I've heard that some wear blocks like armor. Then they're tough guys!
Dedede Resort and Waddle Dees This island is King Dedede's favorite resort.
Waddle Dees keep the place locked down tight.
Watch out for the bombs they lob from out of nowhere!
King Dedede's boss battle Looks like it's time for the big showdown with King Dedede!
I'd say that the first thing to do is to get him out of his balloon and down to the ground.
Watch the bombs he lobs down. Send them back his way at JUST the right time.
They'll blow up in his face and take down his ship soon enough.
I'd suspect that he'll lose his cool and start stomping you with his hammer.
Stay on your toes and avoid those attacks. If you can get behind him, you might just have a chance!
Teetering Tree and Rhino Beetle in Dedede Resort - Stage 11 What was that awful crash I heard out there on the island?
Were you climbing in the Teetering Tree?
You'll have to keep watch for the tiny Rhino Beetle that lives on its bark.
When the beetle flies away, that's your cue that you have to balance the tree at once!
Rhino Beetle Watch for the tiny Rhino Beetle that lives amid this island's trees.
It's said that if you see the beetle nearby, that's good.
But if it flies away, you're in deep trouble.
Too bad he can't give you some kind of warning much earlier than that...
Steelsnapper I heard that some big, mechanical snake has gotten loose hereabouts.
I wouldn't want to tangle with that mecha-monster.
Dekofloof Here's a tip that's gotten me a long way in life.
Steer clear of any cake that's thrown at you.
Dedede Resort - Stage 3 The most popular attraction in Dedede Resort is surfing on stars.
Don't get too carried away, however. That course is littered with spiky Gordos.
Steelsnapper That mecha-snake swimming around this island is called Steelsnapper.
If you get gulped down, don't give up. It takes him a while to digest anything.
If a Kirby gets lodged in his stomach, you have time to pry him back out.
So be sure to have a lot of Kirbys when you take on that snake.
Freezy Rex They say that there's a vicious dinosaur living around here.
Don't try to take that monster head-on. Just run for your life!
Dedede Resort This island is so tropical, yet you can ski as well. No better place for a getaway, I guess.
Water vortexes Watch out for the whirling vortexes found underwater.
If you get sucked into one, you'll get whisked away to another place. Sounds risky.
Glutbulb It's hard to miss the plant called the Glutbulb.
It's a big water-filled bulb that flickers with electricity when it's underwater.
So hopefully there's some way to make it less wet.
Dedede Resort - Stage 2 Seen the rainbow pinball table yet? That game is ridiculously addictive.
Air management underwater Don't forget to gulp down air while you're underwater.
The more Kirbys you have, the longer you can stay under.
So gather more Kirbys before making any sort of long dive.
Dedede Resort - Stage 10 Dedede Resort has a castle that King Dedede had built.
It's supposed to be beyond tacky.
Rhino Beetle Rhino Beetles are like rats deserting a sinking ship.
Those little insects are smart, all right.
Rhino Beetle If you see a Rhino Beetle take flight...
Well, hopefully that's not the last thing you ever see.
Necrodeus, and how to get to Necro Nebula Necrodeus is said to dwell in a place untouched by light.
Bad place. And very difficult to break into. It's sealed by the power of darkness.
You'll need a massive amount of light to pry that seal loose.
All the rainbow power in the world might just do the trick.
Yes, I'm sure of it. Find all the rainbow power you can.

Volcano Valley[edit]

Subject Dialogue
Volcano Valley This island was once a ring of volcanoes. They billowed with smoke, but it was still no real threat.
But the Skullys found that it was easy to live here, shielded from the sun by all that smoke.
They've infested the island, and now it's plagued by magma bursts and ruled by dark forces.
Buzzybat, Li'lbats and Pricklebats Be careful when you wake up Buzzybat. His family will swarm around him. They're all dangerous, I tell you!
Watch out when Buzzybat turns into a tombstone. Dash away if he does that!
Steer clear of any Pricklebats too. Their spikes are savage, so do your best to avoid them while aiming for Buzzybat.
Skullord's boss battle Don't underestimate the Skullord that rules this area. That pig has gotten too big for his britches.
His lava bombs are too hot to handle. Catch them in the middle of that container.
If you don't have the container, you'll have to smash 'em out of the sky directly.
Don't let down your guard when he retreats into his volcano.
Hop right into an autocannon to chase after that piggy boss.
Once there, aim another autocannon at him before it counts down to zero. You'll have to aim quickly...or else!
Volcano Valley - Stage 8 I heard that terrible collapse out there!
The Skull Tower is a precarious place. If it falls out of balance, well, it falls over!
Just move your Kirbys in unison, and keep that tower in check.
You know you're about to see the tower come falling down when the bats fly off. Keep an eye on them.
Volcano Valley - Stage 8 This island holds the lair of the Skullys, the Skull Tower.
As soon as you set foot inside it, watch for their traps.
Try not to let any Kirby get isolated from the rest. Stay together to survive.
Skullseer It's said that a strange monster dwells deep within the graveyard here.
Proceed with extreme caution. Anything that lurks amid bones must be treacherous.
Volcano Valley - Stage 2 My sources tell me that this island was once the place of an incredible battle.
Left behind from those days is some sort of tank. Hopefully you can make use of it.
Volcano Valley - Stage 10 A spaceship has been sighted in this area. It sounds like a formidable vessel.
Skullord It's said that Necrodeus has imbued some greedy pig with his dark powers.
That sounds like a recipe for disaster.
Zombons The green fiends that rise up in the cemetery are called Zombons.
They're mostly small, but steer clear. They'll turn you into Zombons if they have their way.
Attack any of your friends-turned-fiends immediately to break the curse.
Bananas from Volcano Valley The bananas here in Volcano Valley are the sweetest in the universe.
I bet the Oohroo from Green Grounds would love to get their hands on them.
But those guys are pretty determined. Wouldn't surprise me if the Oohroo found a way to get to them.
Volcano Valley - Stage 11 If there's no air in space, why is it that YOU can breathe?
Grueglooms in Volcano Valley - Stage 6 Some enemies grow stronger in the darkness.
The best solution for that is to shed some light on the situation.
Volcano Valley - Stage 6 They say that no one lives on this island.
But strange voices come from one of the buildings here.
Perhaps it's ghosts, if you believe in such things.
Volcano Valley - Stage 5 Cemeteries give me the heebie-jeebies, because anything could pop out at you.
The weather in Volcano Valley It's ridiculously hot here. Too hot to be wearing a cloak.
Volcano Valley - Stage 3 You can bash volcano projectiles with your body blows.
Smash the rocks marked with a ?, and you'll scare out some good stuff.
How to help Kirbys that caught on fire If you touch lava or flames, you'll catch on fire.
Put the fire out as soon as you can. Jump into some water, fast.


Subject Dialogue
Skullions The tougher Skullions guard the Necro Nebula.
Skullys grow into Skullions over a hundred years. They must be fierce!
Don't give up! Even when you lose all your Kirbys, never give up hope. Get in there and give it another try!
The color of the star path When you're drawing a path with the star, have you seen how the color changes?
When it turns red, you can't draw any farther. So make the most of it.
The right way to do a Kirby mass attack When facing big foes or powerful enemies, gather together and use mass attacks!
How to defeat certain foes There are some foes that you can't latch on to. You'll probably need to jump on them in clever ways!
Daroach's food preference Bananas are better than apples. And melons? Better yet.
Maxim Tomatoes produce the juiciest results of all.
Daroach likes to help those in need I've always been a big fan of underdogs. I guess that's why I'm helping you out.
Popstar Your home, Popstar, is the brightest star in space.
It was only a matter of time before Necrodeus decided to smother its light.
The Kirbys are having some fun Running, jumping, floating around... You sure seem to be having a lot of fun!
Taking breaks is important Saving the world from darkness can be exhausting work.
Don't forget to take a break now and then.
Don't go too wild after getting the Jumbo Candy Take it from me. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
So don't let it get to your head when you go jumbo sized, OK?
If a part of an island gets too hard If one part of an island is just too difficult for you right now...
Go somewhere else if you can. Success is always around the next bend!
Rainbows A rainbow seems to be a universal symbol for harmony!
But I wonder what Necrodeus sees when he looks at a rainbow?
Probably gives him a headache.
When in doubt, launch yourself When in doubt, launch yourself at your foe and see what happens!
A bit rash, I suppose. But often effective!
Squeakers My friends moving down below are known as the Squeakers.
They do most of the intel gathering around here.
They're the ones who found out where most of the medals are.
But the Squeakers are timid, so that leaves only you to get those medals for me!
Storo The fellow behind you goes by the name Storo.
He's always been a big guy, but don't worry. He's really a pussycat.
So to speak.
Storo My friend Storo behind you might seem like a brute.
But would a brute brush his teeth until they're all minty fresh?
So, best not to judge a book by its cover.
Spinni Below me you see Spinni, the most stylish member of my gang.
And he ferrets out treasure like a pro.
But he's taking a break from the biz right now. That's why I'm relying on you.
Doc My floating friend there, Doc, built my airship.
He's a genius when it comes to machines.
Right, Doc?
Hmm. He's getting on in years now, but I'm sure he's got a lot of big ideas knocking around his head.
Doc, and Daroach's airship I've seen a lot of great airships in my travels.
But my floating friend Doc, there, made this one. And it's the best around.
Best to play games in moderation They say to always play games in moderation.
That makes perfect sense to me. It leaves some time to scout out treasure!
When to charge the Nintendo DS If the power light on your Nintendo DS turns red, it's time to recharge the battery.
Seems like a good thing to know.
Daroach wants a Nintendo 3DS I wish I could get my hands on one of those Nintendo 3DS systems.
Seems like they're worth their weight in gold.
Love me, love me not... How's that little game go?
She loves me... She loves me not...
I think that game doesn't apply to some of the flowers here.
They're not going to love you if you pull their petals off!
Gold Beanbon The scuttlebutt is that there's a gold creature living on this island.
Seems like a good critter to go hunting for, doesn't it!
Switches Seems like you can count on a switch to stay switched.
But some switches switch back.
Really, you can't rely on a switch that clicks like it's counting down after you hit it.
Rainbow powers Legend has it that rainbows hold mysterious power.
But maybe it's more than just a legend...
Shortcut doors There are doors hidden in many stages that are shortcuts to the goal.
But you can't use the shortcut unless you've cleared the stage once.
Still, those shortcuts will save a lot of time if you get what you want from a stage and want out, fast.
Skullys patrolling the islands Traveling to another island is dangerous when it's patrolled by Skullys.
Keep that in mind before you decide to go to ANY island that's crawling with those dark fiends.
Skullys patrolling the islands The Skull Gang that patrols this island is unrelenting.
If only we could get them to slack off, our jobs would be much easier.
Families Seeing how close Big Birdee and the Wee Birdees are makes me tear up...
My crew is my family, and they're the best around.
The importance of manuals As the captain of an airship with all sorts of buttons and blinky lights...
I know the value of a good manual.
Smashing blocks It must be satisfying to smash every block you see.
Probably even more so when something falls out of the block.
Gather! Some Kirbys No matter how hard you pull, some things just aren't going to budge unless you have enough Kirbys.
So if you're lacking the strength, go round up some more Kirbys, then go back!
Daroach doesn't like slimy stuff Slimy stuff gives me the shakes.
See? I'm shaking just thinking about it!
The favorite way to go around Which is your favorite way to get to those hard-to-reach places?
Jumping? Or riding a star? Me, I think I couldn't choose!
The more Kirbys, the merrier When tackling a huge enemy or trying to activate some massive mechanism, you'll need lots of Kirbys.
But don't sweat it if you don't have the numbers to get results.
Just build up a big mob and then return with a vengeance!
Divide the Kirbys and conquer If you have lots of Kirbys, you can divvy up the work.
They don't need to do the same thing all at once.
Maybe there's a ring in one place you need to pull...
And maybe there are some nearby blocks giving you trouble...?
Split up your team, and get both jobs done in half the time!
How to deal with poison If you get poison spit on you, you'll be done for if you don't act quickly.
Tap on the poison gunk to get it off.
If you ignore it, you'll keel over in mere moments!

After talking about a subject, Daroach will ask:

What can I do for you?

However, before doing so, if Daroach's current "small talk" has been said before in that save file, he will say one of the following before asking the above:

You may hear me prattle about the same things. It's just that I'm a single-minded sort of rogue.
I feel like I've mentioned that before, however.
What? You knew that? Then what are you waiting around for... Small talk?

The player can then either presses the "Get a Hint" button, to then be told a hint, or press the "Exit" button and leave the airship.

Medal hints[edit]

These are hints Daroach gives if the player presses the "Get a Hint" button after his initial dialogue after greeting the Kirbys. One hint is selected at random based on the current island the Kirbys are at, and the medals that are missing from it.

Green Grounds[edit]

Stage Medal Hint
Stage 1 Medal 1 In that first stage, don't just scour the ground for medals.
Make sure that you look upward too. I'm sure you'll find a medal above you somewhere.
Medal 2 About that first stage... I'm sure there's a medal hidden past something you can break through.
Medal 3 That first stage had something that you could tug on...
But I think you'll need at least five Kirbys to do it.
Medal 4 Pull on everything you see hanging down in that first stage.
I'm sure you'll pull down exactly what we're looking for.
Medal 5 There's a cluster of enemies right before the goal in the first stage.
There's got to be a reason that they're swarming there. I bet that there's a medal nearby.
Stage 2 Medal 1 You know those Spire Vines that grow tall, then shrink? Well, look for the purple Spire Vines.
There's one around here that, if you topple it when it's shorter, will smash through to a medal.
Medal 2 You might be tempted to topple those tall Spire Vines while standing on their left side, right?
Keep in mind that, if you go over Spire Vines, you can then topple them from the other side too.
Medal 3 There's an especially massive red plant somewhere.
It'd probably boulder through all sorts of things if you could get it rolling.
I bet you'd need five Kirbys or so to do something like that.
There's supposed to be a key you'll pass before you see it. I'd grab it before you get that plant rolling.
Stage 3 Medal 1 There's a door hidden inside of a tree somewhere on this island. A spidery creature and his big friend stand guard near this tree.
It's said that there's a medal beyond that door, one that you'll have to grab fast before it vanishes.
Medal 2 There are so many spiderwebs out there...
Some of them seem to have things wrapped up inside them.
I've heard there's a big bundle inside one web that would take 10 Kirbys to pull free.
Medal 3 I've heard that one of the spidery foes out there loves shiny things.
If you see him, defeat him quickly before he carries his treasure away.
Stage 4 Medal 1 I remember searching for treasure on this island when I was young.
It suddenly started raining. I ducked into a cave. When I saw some plant squiggle on the ceiling...
I lashed out at it, pulled it down, then found myself crashing through the floor!
I fell down a hole, and when I finally landed, I saw a flicker of gold nearby.
There were enemies too, and I barely escaped with my life. I wonder if that treasure is still there?
Medal 2 If you enter an area where rain is falling, you'll probably see a huge enemy.
Once you get past it, you'll soon see a plant hanging from the ceiling. Pull it.
Oh! But before you pull it, go up above to discover something else...
Medal 3 It's said that the huge Battybat guards a medal.
I've heard he makes his home in a damp place, and there's a very damp spot around here where it rains.
There's a cannon near that area, but don't use it, or you'll never find Battybat.
Medal 4 Turnips get bigger and bigger as they soak up more water.
I bet you'll find a really massive turnip in a place where it rains.
I only say this because there's a legend that there's a treasure near one of the biggest turnips around.
But I doubt you could tangle with such a huge turnip unless you had 10 Kirbys.
Medal 5 I can't stand rain. It makes a slimy mess of my fur.
But plants love rain, of course, and there are plants here in a rainy area that move around.
Pull one such plant down, but do so when it moves into the middle of its area. Trust me. You'll see why.
Stage 5 Medal 1 Cannons mounted on springs will lower if a large-enough group of Kirbys pack into them. That means they'll be shot down a different path.
One of these cannons will blast you to the location of a medal if you pack at least six Kirbys into it.
A Big Schnoz lurks near that medal. To defeat him, you'll need to push against him as many times as you can, and as FAST as possible.
Medal 2 There's a foe that noses a block toward a spot that will wall up a path you need to go down.
To fight back, you'll need to get on the other side of the block and shove it in the opposite direction.
Medal 3 There's a Schnoz around this island that shoves a block toward a wall of metal blocks.
Don't be distracted by that Schnoz. Find a way to break those metal blocks instead.
I think there's some sort of solution hiding behind some thorny roof weed earlier in that stage.
Medal 4 Somewhere on this island is a tall chamber that lowers if you stand on any of its platforms.
There are poison spitters in that tall chamber that make the climb treacherous. But it's worth the trouble. There's a medal near the top.
Medal 5 You know that stage that crawls with foes who nose blocks from place to place?
There's a platform there that will drop only if you have a 10-Kirby crew. Make sure that you revisit that spot!
Stage 6 Medal 1 Somewhere on this island is an orange mushroom among many green ones. If you jump onto it, you'll bounce far away.
Where does it go? I don't know. But I bet you'll find what we're looking for there.
Medal 2 Have you seen those caterpillar-like creatures that walk upside down above you?
The ones that carry fruit, bombs, and other things inside of them?
One of them has a medal in its belly. If you pry it loose, grab it before it vanishes.
Medal 3 In the mushroom forest, there's a key that looks like a skull.
Such keys open skull chests. When you touch the key, you'll be warped to a place with Skullys.
And you'll need to steal the skull chest away from them. But they're a tough bunch.
So make sure that you have a lot of Kirbys before you touch the skull key.
Medal 4 You may have seen the Spinwheel Flowers on this island.
If you can pluck all of the petals from these spinning flowers, you'll get something for your trouble.
There's one flower hereabouts that looks like a Spinwheel Flower, but it's got a dangerous petal.
I think one of the medals we're looking for is inside it.
Medal 5 Those wormy brutes that burst out of the earth are called Warwiggles.
Some of them have important things inside their bodies. I'd bet anything that one of them has a medal.
Stage 7 Medal 1 There's an elevator inside a giant tree on this island that's swarming with Soarars.
Apparently one of them has a treasure chest. That's easy enough to get.
Make certain to grab the key on the ride up, or else you won't be able to pop open that chest.
Medal 2 The elevator inside the giant tree on this island has become infested with Soarars.
The Soarars are attracted to shiny things, so I bet one of them has hidden a medal in the tree.
On your ride up the elevator, be sure to break all the blocks you can to find it.
Medal 3 There are quite a few medals inside the elevator tree found on this island.
There are lots of Soarars inside that tree too.
One group of Soarars has a medal, but you'll likely need a big crew of Kirbys to survive that fight.
Medal 4 Search the elevator tree on this island from top to bottom to find many medals.
The Soarars who live inside the tree cozy up to medals like they're best friends.
So find Soarars, and you'll find medals. Search that elevator top to bottom to find every medal.
Medal 5 The elevator tree found on this island is home to many Soarars.
They have an egg high in the tree. To find it, break through the right-side wall at the top of the elevator.
I wouldn't be surprised if there was a golden treasure inside that egg.
Stage 8 Medal 1 Near the start of a stage that starts with spidery foes in trees, you'll blast through a series of cannons.
One of those cannons can be pointed down several tunnels.
Blast into the lower-right route. I've heard there's a medal along that path.
Medal 2 Keep an eye out for Floaty Woods. You can tip him over and ride him like a raft.
Long ago, I did that and saw two mushrooms above me. Between them was a medal.
But I couldn't grab it without bouncing off one mushroom or the other.
I bet if you jumped JUST right, though, you could grab it.
Medal 3 In the dark woods of this island, there are two particularly bad-tempered trees.
They're a difficult duo, since one blows at you, while the other has a spiked nose.
The rumor is those two are tight with the Skull Gang.
Chances are, there's probably a skull key near them, which may help you find a medal.
Medal 4 In one of the darkest woods around here, the trees are very mean spirited.
One of them has something useful on top of its head.
I'm not saying that it's a medal... But it could help you find a medal.
Be sure to search its leafy noggin before you take out its trunk, or else you won't find it.
Medal 5 Be careful when you see any Stumpee rolling toward you in the woods.
But also know that legends tell of a treasure hidden in an oft-ignored spot near a Stumpee.
So you may want to turn around after getting past a Stumpee to see where it rolls to.
Stage 9 Medal 1 After chomping down some Jumbo Candy, don't rampage too wildly.
You might dash past a medal behind metal blocks. And then the jumbo effect will wear off by the time you go back for it!
Medal 2 Jumbo Candy has a serious downside. While you're huge, you can't get up to some places that you can while smaller.
And when you're on a jumbo rampage, you might just kick a treasure chest away.
Either way, be careful with that Jumbo Candy, or you'll miss out on a medal.
Medal 3 Jumbo Candy will make you feel like nothing can stop you!
So put that power to good use smashing metal blocks, which sometimes bar the way to medals.
Stage 10 Medal 1 When you press a switch with an apple on it, you'll see lots of green apples appear.
If you can grab all of those apples, you'll get some kind of reward.
Medal 2 When underwater, you can crush metal blocks by pushing a movable block on top of them.
There's one watery chamber where you can use this trick twice to expose a downward passage.
Go down it as far as you can. I've been down there, and I seem to recall seeing a gold gleam.
Medal 3 You may have realized that you can pop open shells to find air bubbles.
But did you know that some hold items as well? I'm sure that one of them contains a medal!
Medal 4 You'll find portals inside some shells when swimming.
One of those portals goes to a chamber with a giant Jellifrizz.
Break it down completely to reveal the return portal. Oh, and don't forget to take the medal!
Medal 5 There's one shell found on this island that's so HUGE that you'll need a big crew to crack it open.
I couldn't do it, not even with all my friends. I bet there's a chest inside of it. Which means there must be a key somewhere too.

Sandy Canyon[edit]

Stage Medal Hint
Stage 1 Medal 1 I know of a medal somewhere under metal blocks.
Fortunately, there's a Stactus plant sitting on the blocks, looking at passersby with three sets of eyes.
If you take on that Stactus, your final blow will send it crashing through those metal blocks!
Medal 2 In one of the stages here, you'll find a goal door within a stone's throw of the start of the stage.
Don't leave so quickly. Break through the final metal blocks to find a flooded cave. I'm sure there's a medal down there.
Medal 3 Two of those water-spitting Blish are going to a lot of trouble to guard a hidden door on this island.
There's a medal beyond that door, that's why. But you'll need to run toward the medal quickly, or else it will slip through your fingers.
Medal 4 The aquatic foes that spit geysers upward from their mouths are called Blish.
They try to spray water at their prey. I bet you can trick one into blasting its treasure into your hands.
Medal 5 There are two of those giant Spinwheel Flowers somewhere on this island.
Except that the second one isn't really a harmless flower. It will cut you if you're not careful.
I've heard that one has a medal, and you'll need to pluck its nasty petals to get it.
Stage 2 Medal 1 If you see sprouts in your travels, try to find some way to water them.
They'll grow into plants that will probably help you in some way.
You never know--if you're lucky, you might grow yourself one of those bouldering flower buds!
Medal 2 I've heard that those cloudy Flickerfloofs have been spotted in the dry desert.
They sprinkle rain wherever they go, which can help you grow plants.
They also strike with lightning. Be careful if you plan to use one as a watering can.
Medal 3 In one of the stages, there's a secret cloudy area far above the desert floor.
Maybe the stage with all the Flickerfloofs is where that cloudy area is.
A Crazy Stactus, one of those dancing cactuses, is growing near those Flickerfloofs.
I bet pulling down that hyperactive cactus is the key to finding that cloud realm.
Stage 3 Medal 1 There's a Big Stactus lounging on top of a floor made of metal blocks somewhere.
A Big Stactus can make for a great battering ram, if you defeat it.
They can summon a storm of thorns, so you'll have to scatter yourselves if that happens!
Medal 2 Have you seen the teeth-gritting Grindarrs that fall from ceilings?
Some are invulnerable to attack, but others can be broken.
All Grindarrs hang from chains, and I bet you could pull that chain if you defeat its Grindarr.
You'd need a lot of Kirbys to pull on one of those chains, though.
Medal 3 The Grindarrs that try to squash you flat must be there for a good reason.
There are two of them trying to keep intruders from going through a door. Seems suspicious to me.
Medal 4 There's a long series of Grindarrs installed not far from the end of one of the stages.
They're right next to a grip ring that requires 10 Kirbys to pull it. That's the key to getting a medal.
Medal 5 There's a long series of Grindarrs, all side by side, trying to flatten anyone who runs past them.
Next to them is one of those skull keys that warps you to the Skullys.
And I'm sure those Skullys have what we're looking for.
Stage 4 Medal 1 Medals can be found inside blocks, but it's hard to see blocks in the middle of a sandstorm.
If your enemies stir up a sandstorm, you might need to stop it, or else you might miss something in plain sight.
Medal 2 Sometimes the dancing Crazy Stactus plants pal around with Clanksprouts.
One of those metal-claw creatures can be tricked into tearing down a metal barrier.
Beyond that barrier is one of the medals we're looking for!
Medal 3 Have you ridden the turtle-like Gondolus? It will carry you along a river of sand.
Before you leave on that trip, however, make sure you have 10 Kirbys. Don't lose any along the way!
Medal 4 If you ride the Gondolus down the river of sand, you'll see a chest beyond a breakable slab of brown stone.
You'll need to bring lots of Kirbys along to break the slab fast enough.
Fast enough to then do what? That I don't know.
Medal 5 Riding the Gondolus down the river of sand has a fairly, let's say, FINAL end.
But if you hang on, you'll see one last flock of Soarars. Get what you want from them.
And then get OUT before it's too late.
Stage 5 Medal 1 There's a desert tower with an elevator that seems to travel upward forever.
Don't make a beeline for the tower. You'll miss something you need to have during the long ride.
Medals 2 and 3 When you ride in the Balloon Bobbleship, run along the bottom of its basket to steer the ship into the floating question marks.
I'm sure there's got to be something great hidden in one of those.
Stage 6 Medal 1 Hang from all the rings that you see. They always trigger something helpful.
But sometimes you'll have to think ahead before you pull the ring.
What might happen when you pull it? And is there anything you need to do first?
Medal 2 There's a place where you can make a bomb fall by pulling a ring.
And nearby is a medal tucked above a ceiling. I wonder if there's some way to carry that bomb over there?
Medal 3 Have you rolled that enormous gear yet? Next time you try that, don't ignore the blocks along the way.
That gear rolls pretty fast, I've heard, so you'll need to bash blocks fast before you pass them by.
Medals 4 and 5 When rolling that enormous gear, you'll eventually get it into a room with a crane.
If you have 10 Kirbys, you can activate the crane and lift that gear into the air.
I bet if the gear came crashing down, it would cause all sorts of havoc.
Stage 7 Medal 1 Enter the area with the windy sandstorm with 10 Kirbys.
Otherwise, you'll need to pass up a medal in plain sight.
Medal 2 If you eat Jumbo Candy, you can charge right through the windy sandstorm.
Watch the space above you for metal blocks as you run. There's supposed to be a row of them blocking the way to a medal.
They're hard to spot, maybe even out of sight. You'll need to reach the blocks fast if you want to smash them during your jumbo rampage.
If you see any items, grab them quickly. Those sandstorms blow everything around--not just enemies, but also treasure.
Medal 3 Normally, you never want to let the sinking sands drag you under.
But in the area with the windy sandstorm, you might just want to dive on in.
Medal 4 It's hard to find shelter from the windy sandstorm. It even rushes into the ruins.
I've heard there's a medal in the ruins that is nearly impossible to get with all that sand rushing past.
But take your time. I'm sure that you can do it!
Medal 5 Hopefully you'll be able to hang on to a full crew of 10 Kirbys throughout the windy-sandstorm area.
You'll need them to pull on a ring to access a chest.
Getting the key is no breeze either. It's defended by a prickly guard.
Stage 8 Medal 1 If you can't break blocks by jumping into them, find other ways to get the job done.
Maybe cannonballs will go flying over your head? Those might do the trick.
Though you may need to lower a Blamboom to fire cannonballs exactly at the level you need.
And the Clanksprouts that shoot out of the earth can be lured to strike exactly where you want.
Medal 2 If you notice metal blocks anywhere near a Blamboom cannon, see if it will blast through them all.
It's said there's a golden treasure in such a place.
Medal 3 Be sure to take 10 Kirbys into the stage with all the Blamboom cannons.
That's easier said than done. It's hard to maneuver near those Blambooms!
Medal 4 In the desert, you're going to get trapped in a chamber with some egg-like creatures.
They're called Gegs. And one Geg has a pull ring inside its body.
I bet that pull ring can help you find a medal somewhere.
Medal 5 Find the chamber where a whole row of Clanksprouts tries to keep you from going through.
Don't go through too quickly. Defeat a certain one to find a medal it's hiding.
Or use a cannon in a crafty way to get rid of them all at once. I think you'll need to pile at least six Kirbys into that cannon, however...
Stage 9 Medal 1 You've seen the Grindarrs, right? The blocks that grit their teeth and try to smash you?
You can break apart the brown ones, you know.
You might even find a pull ring inside one of them, though you'll need a lot of Kirbys to pull it.
Medal 2 One of the buildings in the desert has rooms with colorful doors that lead into a maze.
Good thing for you that I've been there. Be sure to go through the red door. You'll find a key in that part of the maze.
Where's its chest? That I'm not so sure about. It might be through a dark-gold door deeper in the maze.
Hopefully you won't get lost in there. I'd suggest making a note of which doors you go through as you explore.
Medal 3 If you find a blue door, know that there's probably a water trap behind it somewhere.
If you find a medal there, you'll have to grab it before you're forced to swim past it.
Medal 4 There's an elevator in the desert that goes downward for what seems like forever.
If the elevator shaft splits in half, you might want to split your team in half too.
One side of that shaft has a medal. If you split your team, you'll be ready for anything.
Medal 5 If you have 10 Kirbys in the desert maze with the multiple doors and branching paths...
You'll have enough Kirbys to trigger something great near the end of the maze.
Stage 10 Medal 1 You'll need 10 Kirbys in the building with the rising sands.
There's a special path you can then take that leads to a medal.
Medal 2 You'll be tempted to stay on the run in the building where the sands rise higher and higher...
But watch for the red blast blocks as you go. One of those will shake loose a medal.
Medal 3 While you're running for your life in the building with the rising sands...
Don't run out the goal door without taking a look behind you.
There's an uppermost level of that building that you can break into when the sands rise high.
I bet you'll find one of our precious medals there.
Stage 11 Medal 1 At some point, you'll face the Spiky Gegs, giant egg-like creatures that blast through walls.
You can get above one of them while it flies under you. Examine the carnage he causes. You might find something.
Medal 2 One of the giant Spiky Gegs will chase you with a vengeance.
Don't let him catch up with you. But don't miss out on the medal that you'll pass as you run.
Medal 3 When you're carrying the Wee Birdees, you might be eager to blast through the cannon-filled shaft.
But you can postpone the reunion with their Big Birdee a little longer. Time enough to aim those cannons.

Dedede Resort[edit]

Stage Medal Hint
Stage 1 Medal 1 I used to go to the bubble-bursting attraction at Dedede Resort all the time.
But I could never pocket any medals that flew by. If you jump high enough, you can grab them.
Medal 2 Make sure that you have 10 Kirbys when you go to the bubble-bursting attraction.
One of the bubbles requires a huge team to pull down and pop.
Medal 3 Grab the key that floats by at the bubble-bursting attraction.
The chest it unlocks comes along later on. Whatever you do, don't drop that key!
Stage 2 Medals 1, 2 and 3 Shooting Kirbys around the rainbow pinball table here at Dedede Resort is lots of fun.
It's also the key for getting medals. Timing is everything when playing that game.
Stage 3 Medals 1, 2, 3 and 4 When star-surfing, use the jumps to soar high in the air. There's all sorts of good stuff up there.
Medal 5 Surfing with 10 Kirbys is the key to getting the final medal above the waves.
You may want to start with that big of a crew before you begin the challenge.
Stage 4 Medals 1, 2 and 3 When trying your hand at the Soarar fly-by attraction, hit only the correct panels.
You'll probably see more medals fly by that way.
Stage 5 Medal 1 When you swim the underwater rapids, you'll encounter some Squisters.
If those squid-like enemies see you, they'll rocket toward your position.
There's a medal around a particular pair of Squisters.
Medal 2 In the underwater rapids, you'll pass a series of switches.
I once tried to swim down there and activate them all. I got a key for my trouble.
But I couldn't find the chest it fit into. Nearby there was a creature with a 10 on its head, however.
That creature was near a mighty suspicious door...
Medal 3 Within the underwater rapids is a formidable fish called the Eelongo.
It races around so powerfully that it crushes anything in its path.
That includes metal blocks. So follow the Eelongo to see if it breaks into any places you can't.
Medal 4 If you see any switch with a picture of an apple on it, try hitting that switch.
If you find such a switch in an underwater current, make sure you have plenty of air first.
Medal 5 You can take two routes to the goal in the stage with the underwater rapids.
One route will lead you to Tortletummy. He's a big-bellied foe who keeps his treasure hidden.
In his belly, that is. There must be some way to get it out of him.
Stage 6 Medal 1 Did you see the moles that throw spiked balls at you?
They're called Roguemoles. They seem to guard the areas they're found in.
You might just find a medal near one of those Roguemoles.
Medal 2 You'll want to try to run past the Roguemoles that dig through cave ceilings and hurl spiked balls.
Not so fast. You can strike at them after they attack.
That could help you break through any barriers on the cave floor.
Medal 3 You may discover giant floating cubes that spin around when you stand on them.
Most of them turn easily. But you'll need 10 Kirbys to spin one of them.
It's worth the effort. There's a door inside that cube that leads to a medal.
There are also lots of clams down there. You may find something that will help you near them.
Medal 4 If you go fishing out there with 10 Kirbys, I bet you can haul up a great catch.
Medal 5 The Steelsnapper spits torpedoes. You may have already found that out the hard way.
It's said that the Steelsnapper hides things inside clams. Its treasure must be in one of them!
Stage 7 Medal 1 There's plenty of treasure inside the sunken ship.
But it's not all so easy to recover. Use whatever you can find in there to help your cause.
Especially those foes that spit water at you.
Medal 2 In the sunken ship dwell bloated bubble creatures that guard a treasure.
They're formidable foes, but they're less dangerous when not submerged.
So attack them once they're out of the water. One of them might just have a medal.
Medal 3 Turn the valves in the sunken ship to adjust the water level. That will help you enter some areas.
Don't forget to backtrack when you change the water level.
For instance, there's something suspicious about the waterfall near that giant bat...
Medal 4 When exploring the sunken ship, turn all the water valves you can find.
Sometimes when you do that, you'll open paths to places you couldn't go before.
Medal 5 You'll encounter those fish that spit geysers of water inside the sunken ship.
Their blasts are strong enough to destroy metal blocks. That should prove very useful down there.
Stage 8 Medal 1 In the snowy woods, you'll see a few snowmen. They've probably been put there to block paths.
Snowmen won't stand a chance against torches, though.
Medals 2 and 3 They say in the snowy woods that throwing snowballs is the way to dominate.
But to get a certain medal, I think you need a snow boulder.
If you have enough Kirbys, I bet you can get a really good one rolling along!
Medal 4 There's a legend from the snowy woods that says that if light reaches the deepest depths...
Well, then gold will gleam at long last!
So I think that if you carry a torch down deep, you'll see if that legend is true.
But torches go out quickly, so you'll need to move fast.
Medal 5 When exploring the snowy mountain, you'll equip yourselves with torches.
Unfortunately, torches don't stay lit forever. And you'll need a lot of flame to reach a certain medal.
Stage 9 Medal 1 Inside an icy cave is one of the medals we seek. But it's said that a huge ice monster lurks there too.
Watch your footing in there. It's slippery. And you may see something special underfoot.
Medal 2 When you're fleeing from the huge ice monster in the cave, you might just miss a medal in your haste.
It might be tough to maneuver through the twists of this cave if you have too many Kirbys.
Then again, so many tasks seem to be easier with a large group of Kirbys.
Such a difficult choice!
Medal 3 Watch the ceiling when you're fleeing from the huge monster in the ice cave.
You'll see a medal as you dash. Do your best to get it.
Also, do your best to not get caught by that monstrosity!
Medal 4 The huge ice monster that chases you all the way through that cave has terrible breath.
Its breath can freeze anything. Including you.
Still, try your best to break ice blocks and flip switches as you rush through there.
Or you might escape, but without a certain medal.
Medal 5 As the ice monster dogs your heels in that freezing cave, watch every nook and cranny for medals.
Many are frozen here and there, right up to the very end of the cave.
Stage 10 Medal 1 You've been to King Dedede's castle, right? The one made of sweets?
Pull down the portraits you see on the walls. It's said that there are doors behind them.
Unfortunately, even these hidden doors are tricky. Two of them will drop you into the same bouncy room.
Take my word for it, enter that room twice--through each of those doors.
Medal 2 You'll need 10 Kirbys somewhere in the castle made of sweets.
Otherwise you may never find what's hidden in the cotton-candy rooms.
Eat all the cotton candy you want to get to where you need to go. But watch out for any cake that is lobbed at you. That stuff is dangerous!
Medal 3 The Skullys have been hiding something in the castle's cotton-candy rooms.
I bet that it's one of their skull keys.
Medal 4 You'll need the power of seven Kirbys somewhere in King Dedede's castle.
They'll help you find your way to a room where paintings fly through the air.
It's said that one of those paintings shows a medal. Or maybe it shows the way to a medal.
I'm not sure. Either way, go scout out those paintings!
Medal 5 In the castle made of sweets, King Dedede has hidden things behind portraits.
Some things are also hidden by unbreakable blocks.
At least, you can't break them. Maybe something else can.
Stage 11 Medal 1 Were you climbing around that giant tree that swayed back and forth?
Then you probably saw the spiky balls that rolled inside of it. There's a medal near them, I hear.
Those balls are a nuisance, aren't they? Try to roll them out of your way by moving the tree around.
Medal 2 In the giant swaying tree, you'll find plants that fly away when you touch them.
Items cling to the roots of those plants. Don't let those plants escape you!
Medal 3 Somewhere in the sky above the giant swaying tree is a treasure chest.
I'm positive that there's a medal inside of it.
But where's the key? You can find it during the long climb up the tree.
It's not in the tree, however. It's far to the side...outside.
You'll need 10 Kirbys to lean the tree far enough to get it.

Volcano Valley[edit]

Stage Medal Hint
Stage 1 Medal 1 In the lava fields, you may see a magma pool that rises and falls at a terrifying pace.
That seems like the perfect place to hide a medal.
I'm sure one of them is in a lower area that fills up with magma.
Medal 2 In the lava fields, you'll find yourself facing pools of magma.
I've heard that something special is hidden inside blocks protected by one of those burning pools.
If you cool off that magma, I bet you could make short work of the blocks.
Medal 3 Have you seen the Big Bluckos that live in the lava fields?
It's hard to miss them. They're gargantuan blocks that will flatten any who get too close.
They say there's a medal inside one of their bodies.
Believe it or not, they have weak spots. It's just hard to get near a Big Blucko without getting squashed.
Medal 4 In some areas, plants have a hard time growing because of the intense heat.
But they'll still grow if you sprinkle them with water.
Some of those plants require multiple waterings. But they're worth all the trouble.
Where can you get water in such baking places? Hmm. Tricky.
You'll have to be clever about it. Watch for Cryballs. If you make those odd eyeballs cry, you'll scare yourself up a nice shower.
Medal 5 In some areas, plants have a hard time growing because of the intense heat.
But they'll still grow if you sprinkle them with water.
Where can you get water in such baking places? Hmm. Tricky.
You'll have to be clever about it. Watch for Cryballs. If you make those odd eyeballs cry, you'll scare yourself up a nice shower.
Stage 2 Medal 1 When blasting through the tank stage, make sure you have enough Kirbys on hand.
The more Kirbys you have, the more ammunition you get.
You'll need to go in guns blazing to get a certain medal.
Medal 2 As you ride through the tank stage, you'll keep rolling forward.
You'll see a switch. The question is, should you activate it or not?
If you ignore that switch, you might just come upon a medal you wouldn't find.
Hopefully you'll have enough Kirbys when you get there.
Medal 3 While riding the tank, you'll see a switch that determines which of two paths you rumble down.
If you activate that switch, you'll travel down a path where you'll see an enemy carrying a medal.
He'll try to escape, so defeat him quickly, or else he'll get away with that medal!
Medal 4 Somewhere in the tank stage is a strange contraption that rotates.
There's a medal inside of it. You'll have to fire at all of its buttons to get that golden prize.
If you don't have enough Kirbys, however, that might be difficult.
Medal 5 If you ride the tank downhill, you'll build up speed.
Don't get too carried away, however. You'll rumble right past a medal at the bottom of a hill.
You'll have to act quickly if you want to get it!
Stage 3 Medal 1 In the stage plagued by falling rocks, break blocks to find useful things, such as fruit and medals.
Keep an eye out for rock-bombs that will blow up a lot of things at once.
Medal 2 When volcanic rocks fall down around you, break them open.
Especially if you see a really big rock. There's probably a medal inside of it.
Medal 3 One absolutely huge volcanic rock will be sure to hurtle toward you out there.
There's a medal inside of it. You'll need to break that rock to pieces.
If you tackle it with enough Kirbys, I'm sure you can do it.
Stage 4 Medal 1 One of the castle stages is teeming with Spideroos.
You'll be tempted to race past them, but keep an eye peeled for a skull key one keeps nearby.
Medal 2 Guards in one of the castle stages will do their best to keep you from getting by.
Worse still, the murky water in that place will rob you of your air faster than normal.
Swim quickly and save your breath. Because it's said that there's a massive shell down there.
And I'm certain you'll want to pry that thing open.
Medal 3 The guards patrolling one of the castle stages will keep you on your toes.
And they'll keep you away from medals, if they can.
You'll be glad when you finally get past some of the creepy guards.
But you may need to retrace your steps and go back through them to unlock a chest.
Stage 5 Medal 1 In the graveyard, some tombstones aren't what they seem.
Some cover secret passages, and others are actually enemies.
When in doubt, hurl yourself against a tombstone and see what happens.
If you find yourself in a dark place, seek out a source of light. Even if that source is a foe...
Medal 2 Ravenous foes called Gobchomplins live in the cemetery. They'll gulp you down in one bite.
There's a skull key not far from one of them.
So I'm afraid that you'll have to get close to one of those hungry things.
Medal 3 I once went down into the area beneath the graveyard.
But as I rode a platform back to the surface, lava came gushing up after me.
Before I escaped, I saw some suspicious-looking switches.
I bet if I had pressed them, I would have discovered something valuable.
Medal 4 It's said that there is a red Skully on this island that is always looking for treasure chests.
So if you encounter a red Skully, do all you can to beat it.
I bet you'll get a chest from it. And you'll probably find a key not far away.
Medal 5 The leader of the Skullys, the Skullseer, is floating around this island somewhere.
It's said that he possesses a treasure, but you'll need to find a special vault key to get at it.
The key is found earlier in the stage, in a room that's guarded by Skullys. You'll need to get past toothy barriers that spin to make off with it.
Stage 6 Medal 1 The haunted mansion that's shrouded in darkness is an eerie place.
There's a potted plant inside that place. If you carry it into the light, its flower will blossom.
Good luck getting it to a light source. Enemies will be out to break its pot.
Medal 2 The mansion that's shrouded in darkness contains an even greater darkness.
No light penetrates that part of the building. You'll need to provide your own.
It's said that there's something there that will allow you to adjust a spotlight using your own weight.
Be careful in there. It sounds bleak.
Medal 3 The haunted mansion that's shrouded in darkness is the perfect home for the Gruegloom.
Grueglooms cluster together and try to consume you. So when they surround you, stay in the light!
Unfortunately, to claim one medal in the mansion, you'll need to make your way through a long room that's full of those vile things.
Medal 4 Rumor has it that the master of the darkness-shrouded mansion hid a treasure in the garden behind his home.
These days, that garden is just another cemetery, and the master is long gone.
Or is he? Some say that he's still guarding his treasure to this very day, smashing all that come close.
But as you've learned, you can dupe a foe into smashing things that you want destroyed...
Medal 5 The mansion that's shrouded in darkness houses many enemies that hate the light.
You'll need to carry a flame in hand to survive some areas. And even to enter some places.
Somehow, you'll need to keep your flame alive as long as you can.
Stage 7 Medal 1 It's difficult to find things in the shadowy mansion. Don't overlook the blocks near the trees.
Medal 2 Every night, a terrible thumping can be heard coming from the shadowy mansion.
When the lightning catches it, an immense square figure can be seen.
The lightning also reveals its weak spots.
Medal 3 There's a series of cannons in the shadowy mansion.
And legend has it that the order to take them is this: up, right, down, right.
I hope that's the case. I'd hate to be blasting around some creepy mansion without a clue where I'm going.
Medal 4 A fiend seen only in silhouette lives in the shadowy mansion.
He's known by the chilling name Shadowbite.
All he has pursued have fled at top speed, so no one has ever carefully explored his area.
That means there must be undiscovered treasure around there, waiting to be pulled out into the open.
Medal 5 Deep in the shadowy mansion is an enormous curtain.
Few survive in the shadows long enough to pull back that curtain.
If you have a large crew, though, I'm certain you'll get the job done.
Stage 8 Medal 1 The swaying Skull Tower will tip more quickly if you run around it with a big crew.
On the other hand, there are things in the tower that you can only get with 10 Kirbys...
You'll have to make that tower sway FAR to reach some things.
Just watch out if the tower turns red. It's about to fall over!
Medal 2 The Skull Tower will sway a little if you run your crew to one side or the other.
And it will sway a LOT if you stop your crew on one side. That's dangerous to do.
Unfortunately, that's the only way to get a medal that's far out from the left side of the tower.
Medal 3 Watch out for the giant rock hand that tangles with you high in the Skull Tower.
You'll need a lot of Kirbys to defeat it. But it will be worth your while.
If you survive that fight, you'll soon catch a glimpse of a medal.
Stage 9 Medal 1 In the graveyard where the three bosses slumber are two graves that can be moved aside.
One of them covers a hole where there's a medal.
Medal 2 In the graveyard where the three bosses slumber, you can find a secret path under one of two moveable graves.
This path leads down to a dangerous vault. No one who enters has ever returned alive. But it must be possible.
I doubt it will be easy to claim any treasure from that place, however. I'd take 10 Kirbys, just in case.
Medal 3 In the graveyard where the three bosses slumber, you'll need to find a key hidden among the graves.
Without it, you have no hope of acquiring a particular medal.
Stage 10 Medal 1 The Space Oohroo may look like dumb apes, but they're actually very smart.
But they've allowed murky water to flood their base.
There's a special switch down in that water that you'll need to trigger.
But that murky water is going to rob you of air faster than usual, so swim your way there quickly.
Medal 2 In the Space Oohroo base, there's a lot of sketchy wallpaper.
You can pull it down to reveal secrets. You'll need 10 Kirbys, however, to tear down one important sheet of wallpaper.
Medals 3, 4 and 5 The Space Oohroo have a spaceship. If you get one too, you could fly after them.
I've heard that those apes have left behind pieces of a blueprint that they used to make their ship.
If you could piece together the blueprint, you could blast off in search of medals.
You don't need to find all eight pieces of the blueprint before you try to piece it together. But I bet your ship will be sturdier if you do.
Stage 11 Medal 1 There are skull keys in space too. If you see one but can't get close to it, examine the area around it. The solution will be nearby.
Medal 2 I've heard there's a medal in space near some of the melody switches.
I'm afraid that you'll have to hit all those switches, no matter how difficult that may be in space...
Medal 3 When you're on the space base, you'll often be floating around in zero gravity.
Other times, you'll have gravity weighing you down and will want to turn it off!
I've heard that there's a medal hidden way high up in that base. I bet if you could float up there, it'd be yours.
Medal 4 Up in the space base, you'll often be able to float around freely.
So you'll have the ability to find your way to some melody switches that will open the way to a door.
Go through that door to find your way to a medal.
Medal 5 They say there are small satellites floating around in space that have mushrooms growing all around them.
Inside those satellites are often items. You can break apart those satellites by hitting the pressure plates exposed between mushrooms.
One of those satellites holds a medal, I'm just sure of it.
I've also heard there's something terrible nearby.
It's some sort of creature that makes black holes that will suck you in...

After giving a hint, Daroach will ask one of the following:

Condition Dialogue Options Action
If there are different hints still available Anything else I can do for you? "Same Hint" Daroach repeats the same hint
"Different Hint" Daroach says a different hint
If all the available hints have been given I think I've shared everything I know about the medals on this island. "Yes" Daroach repeats one of the available hints
Did you want to hear the hints again? "No" Daroach says "Ask me anytime you want to hear those clues again."

If there are no hints available in the current island, but not all medals were collected by the player yet, Daroach says:

I'm currently looking for clues about medals.

If the player insists despite the lack of hints, Daroach will say, in order after each repeat:

I'm currently looking for clues about medals. Didn't I already tell you that?
I'm currently cooking for clues about medals... Scratch that. Looking, not cooking.
Didn't you hear? I'm currently looking for clues about medals.
Sorry, I haven't found any more clues yet.
I think I haven't gotten my point across. Let me try it more slowly... I'm. Still. Looking. For. Clues. About. Medals.

If all medals in the current island were already collected by the player, Daroach will say:

Look at that! You've found all of the medals on this island.
That's quite a collection you've amassed there.
I wonder, have you tried the sub-games yet? They're pretty extravagant extras.


No matter what, when existing his airship, Daroach will always say:

See you later!

Story specific dialogue[edit]

In some points in the story, or after certain achievements, the Kirbys will automatically enter Daroach's airship, and be greeted with an specific piece of dialogue from him.

Condition Dialogue
Beat Skullord without collecting all Rainbow Medals Another island has come into view!
But this island is protected by a special barrier.
That island cannot be approached so easily--not like the others.
But I think I know what the key to moving forward is.
There is said to be a secret rainbow treasure on this island that can pierce the darkness.
This rainbow treasure will appear only when YOU gather enough rainbow power.
And how to gather such colorful power? By collecting rainbow medals.
If you collect them all, you can break through that bleak barrier.
Now that you have defeated the Skullord, the Skullys that were patrolling the first four islands have fled.
So you can travel to those islands without losing any Kirbys!
Now seek out those rainbow medals. In the meantime, I'll see if I can find out more about them.
Return here, of course, if you run into any trouble out there.
Good luck to you.
Beat Skullord after collecting all Rainbow Medals The last island has come into view!
Just think of it! You defeated the Skullord!
Necrodeus must be on this next island.
Now, onward! To the final fight! Return to me safe and sound!
Collect all Rainbow Medals after beating Skullord Well done! You've collected all of the rainbow medals!
Now we can only hope that their rainbow power will spring strong and true!
Collect all medals (part 1) Marvelous! You've collected all of the medals!
And THAT concludes my business here. Let me just take those off your hands.
Now good-bye. Farewell. So long. And see you around the cosmos.
Oh, don't look at me like that! You know I'm deeply thankful for all you've done...
But I suppose some sort of thank-you gift is in order!
Collect all medals (part 2) Now I think THAT really does conclude our business!
I must be off, since a treasure-hunter's job is never done. I hope we meet again someday.