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User:Gigi/Sandbox/Guessing KRtDLD official music names

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Kirby's Return to Dream Land Sound Test track list  
# Japanese Title (official)
Japanese Title (guess)
English Title (official)
English Title (guess)
Portuguese Title (guess) Notes
1 N/A
A Visitor from Afar
Um Visitante de Longe Just using the cutscene names of the original game for Japanese and English, since that's what they usually do when naming cutscene themes. For Portuguese, it's a simple translation of the English name.
2 彼方からの旅人マホロア N/A
Magolor, the Distant Traveler
Magolor, o Viajante Distante "Distant Traveler" was used in English, so I'm just guessing they will use it again. Then the Portuguese name is once again a translation of English.
3 N/A
Planet Popstar
Planeta Pop For this one I'm just assuming they will use the name simply like that due to lack of any subtitle for Popstar in this game, however since Halcandra's is more than just "Halcandra" maybe they could throw in Popstar's subtitle from Star Allies, but who knows.
4 グリーングリーンズ/星のカービィWii ver.
something else idk what
I don't know
sei lá Since the only Japanese name of this track was given on an album, and has "Kirby Wii ver." in it I'm not sure if it would carry to the game. I just also have no clue what they would name it.
5 4人の仲間と:クッキーカントリー Cookie Country Campos Churros I think there is a small chance they could retranslate this name to English, but I'm not really sure. They could also maybe just call it クッキーカントリー in Japanese, I have no clue.
6 ぼうけんのはじまり The Adventure Begins A Aventura Começa No big secrets here, Portuguese is just a translation of English.
7 N/A
some clever name by Kuma
translation of said name
tradução do tal nome Honestly no clue lol
8 必殺!スーパー能力 Bring on the Super Ability ??? I wonder if they will change the English name, which will change the Portuguese one. And I have no clue how to translate the English name to Portuguese without taking liberties or sounding super weird, so I have no clue what to guess.
9 N/A
Wings Crossing Another Dimension: Sphere Doomers
Asas Cruzando Outra Dimensão: Spectrosferas Honestly this one is a huge guess and mostly based on the official Japanese name of Landia's battle theme, which is is title and then name. The Japanese descriptions of the bosses appear to have titles in them, and Sphere Doomer's is 異空をわたる翼. Then the English name is a translation of Japanese and the Portuguese one a translation of English.
10 森をぬけて Through the Forest Pela Floresta Honestly this one is straightforward. Portuguese is a translation of English.
11 N/A
some clever name by Kuma
translation of said name
tradução do tal nome Honestly for this one I have no clue, and I feel Kumazaki will give a fancy name like he did for the midboss themes of every modern Kirby game.
12 どうくつたんけん N/A
Cave Expedition / Exploring the Cave
Expedição Caverna / Explorando a Caverna For English name, presenting two translations of the Japanese name, one more direct, the other not as much. Portuguese names are translations of the English ones.
13 丘をこえて N/A
Over the Hills
Pelas Colinas Simple: English is translation of Japanese name, Portuguese of English name.
14 No specific name
No specific name
Invincible Candy
Pirulito de Invencibilidade For Japanese and English, using the name in FL. For Porutuguese, using its name of the Invincible Candy.
15 戦いの予感 N/A
Omen of Battle / Battle Anticipation / other translations
Pressentimento de Batalha / Expectativa de Batalha / outras traduções Honestly, I think the English (and then Portuguese) name could be translated in many ways, no clue which.
16 Climax! Boss Battle
17 Goal Game
18 Lor Starcutter Parts Restored!*
19 Raisin Ruins
20 Sandy Wilderness
21 Oasis Area*
22 Exotic Pyramid
23 Mine Area*
24 Eerie Area*
25 Onion Ocean
26 Happy Mambo
27 Aqua Area*
28 Reef Area*
29 Grotto Area*
30 Undersea Walk
31 White Wafers
32 Snowball Scuffle
33 Chilly Area*
34 Key Challenge*
35 Icy Cave Area*
36 Slide Area*
37 Aurora Area*
38 Nutty Noon
39 Sky Waltz
40 Sky Tower
41 A Dream of Clouds
42 Wind Ambience*
43 Clash! Mid-Boss Tower
44 Got a Part Sphere?
45 Grand Doomer
46 Challenge Tutorial*
47 Challenge Stage*
48 Challenge Stage: Hurry Up!*
49 Clear Fanfare*
50 Challenge Results*
51 The Lor Starcutter Reborn*
52 Halcandra: A New Enemy*
53 Faraway Halcandra
54 Egg Engines
55 Steel Hometown
56 Apparatus Area*
57 Techno Factory
58 Mid-Boss: Halcandra*
59 Funky Area*
60 Waterworks Area*
61 Pressure Panic
62 Underworld
63 Lor Starcutter: Halcandra*
64 Dangerous Dinner
65 Haldera Volcano
66 Limitless Power
67 Ultra Super Boss Battle
68 Another World's Fanfare
69 Another Dimension
70 Silence of Another World
71 Four-Headed Guardian Angel: Landia
72 Done In
73 Game Over
74 Continue
75 Got an Energy Sphere!*
76 Got Energy Spheres!*
77 Got a Part Sphere!*
78 Kirby Dance (short version)
79 Kirby Dance (full version)
80 Clear Dance
81 Let Me Explain Everything*
82 Fly! Kirby of the Stars
83 Final Battle*
84 Theater*
85 Pro Tips*
86 Ninja Dojo*
87 Ninja Ambience*
88 RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot (I might replace these 5 with the Booming Blasters music but idk if I will just mention it later)
89 RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot
90 RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot
91 RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot
92 RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot RIP Scope Shot
93 Too Bad...
94 Good Job!
95 Congratulations!
96 Green Greens
97 Extra Main Menu*
98 The Arena Ability Selection*
99 The True Arena Ability Selection*
100 Road to Victory
101 Arena Results*
102 Final Battle EX*
103 Under My Control
104 Magolor Defeated?*
105 C-R-O-W-N-E-D
106 Magolor Defeated!*
107 Each to His Own World*
108 Return to Dream Land
109 The True Arena Lobby: Portal*
110 Warrior from Another World
111 Magolor Soul Defeated*
112 100% Clear!*
113 Kirby Master!*
114 100% Clear Main Menu*
115 Wii Channel Logo*