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Currently, WiKirby's organization of dialogue is very poor and messy. It's likely due to games before Return to Dream Land seldom having dialogue, and usually not much, and often it was just one character.

We have Narrator which lists every narration from games, but we don't have a "Dialogue" or "Quotes" page. Right now we list any quote from a character in their respective page. While it works for some characters like Marx, some like Meta Knight and Magolor are messy due to how their dialogues are from different situations and aplenty. And even for some characters like Elfilin, which only appeared in one game, the dialogue is not properly categorized, and it's often impossible to tell where one scene starts and ends.

Probably the big problem is dialogue between various characters in general. While we cover it semi well for some cases, we don't do for most of them. For example, we don't have any page in the wiki where we can find a transcription of the "My Name is Haltmann" from Robobot in full, instead we have Susie's part in her page, and Haltmann's in his, but there is not even any indication of which quotes are from which cutscene. It's a mess.

Action items are:

  • For characters with "Quotes" section, we need to properly format and indicate what quote is for what. I had a rough prototype in my sandbox, but we can test other means
  • For games with lots of dialogue between more than one character, we need somewhere with a transcription of the whole dialogue of the scene, not just separated in each character page. It's probably the best to have a "Dialogue" page created similar to "Narrator", and then we can have subpages for most games, unless there is little dialogue (like, Triple Deluxe may not need a full subpage, but Star Allies probably will)

Here is a list of Kirby games with dialogue and how I would treat them in a "Dialogue" page: