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I am a longtime gamer (born in 1989; started gaming when I was a few years old) since I was a little boy and have been a fan of Nintendo series like Mario, Kirby, and Pokémon for many years. I have accounts on multiple NIWA wikis because of this, with the first one I joined being Bulbapedia (my username on there is different; it's Evice, after a character from a game in that series). My username on all NIWA wikis except Bulbapedia comes from Animal Crossing, and yes, I do use this username on Nookipedia.

I live in the southeastern part of the state of Illinois in the United States, with my hometown being more rural like a lot of the parts of Illinois hours away from Chicago. My only time outside the country was in Nova Scotia, Canada, and it was a very good vacation with friendly people and interesting tourist sites (to any Canadian users on this wiki, thanks for giving your country some very interesting places to go).

On WiKirby, I will probably mostly do minor edits, but I have made some pages for bosses and enemies exclusive to Return to Dream Land; however, all except HR-D3 are very short so I would appreciate expanions as I am not good at writing large articles and tend to write short paragraphs (stubs in wiki terminology).

In case you were wondering, my favorite Kirby game at the moment is Return to Dream Land, because Kirby's Adventure was one of the first Kirby games I played (in addition to Dream Land) and Return to Dream Land is a well done throwback to Adventure, to the point that I prefer it.

Note that I am not very active on NIWA wikis, but if I want to look something up I often find myself editing pages.