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(LIST UNDER CONSTRUCTION...well, sorta always, but I'm still setting it up right now!)


  • Many Category pages no longer list the articles and subcategories within them. Please resubmit/edit articles to help repopulate these lists! [added 19 May 2014]

Images Needed[edit]


WiKirby Projects[edit]

Existing Projects[edit]

Projects to Propose[edit]

  • "Project Maxim Tomato - Initiative to inject some life into WiKirby
    • involves polishing pages up, finishing pages under construction, repairing things broken (presumably by early-2014) server implosion, recruiting new users, appointing more active/reliable staff members, updating Main Page (staff only), etc.


  • WiKirby's Userbox List could use plenty more userboxes. (Zelda Wiki has a great selection; feel free to glean ideas from there.) Some possible userboxes:
    • <User> owns <console>/<Kirby/SSB/other Nintendo game>
    • more country userboxes (IMAGES NEEDED)
    • favourite (single) Copy Ability userboxes
    • favourite character/boss/villain/ally/Helper/etc. userboxes