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I blame Cody Davies for coming up with the name of my sandbox. Or at least the Cody Davies of four years ago.

Welcome to Ezlo's World! This page is for EzloSpirit's editing experiments. While I'm big on editors' editing of things and their practicing of wiki markup, HTML, and other code, this 'box belongs to me (EzloSpirit)!

It's like Kellogg/Sunshine always says in its Cheez-It commercials: "Get your own 'box." (...or use the main Sandbox.)

I will not place offensive or libelous content in my sandbox. 'Cause I'm a nice person. (>^.^<)

I will, however, parody the WiKirby Sandbox header template. You're welcome! (...?)

link within a link? - [[Kirby: Triple Deluxe|I'M KIRBY AND I EAT TREES AND TRAINS AND OTHER SHIZNIT, YO!]]

Project:Maxim Tomato / WiKirby:Maxim Tomato

Maxim Tomato is a WiKirby-wide initiative to "restore life" to the wiki, much in the same way as its namesake. Activity on WiKirby has been slow and uneven at best over the past couple years.

Greenthings!, greetings!
Welcome to EzloSpirit's WiKirby Fortress!

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