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HAIIIII i'm doodletrash01 and i loooooove kirby and using twitter so i decided to use my weak html chart editing skills from my 8th grade coding class on the's @Kirby_JP archives

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔbox of userboxesʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
K30A Kirby 12.png This user goes by any pronouns!
KA Mike artwork.png This user stans NEICHEL!
KirbySSU.gif This user mains Keeby in Dream Buffet!
Light Novel Kirby Artwork.png This user loves the Kirby novels!
KMA Beanbon Sprite.png This user thinks that Beanbon is the funniest Kirby character! Trust!

(please feel free to fix stuff or correct me when i edit something wrong ESPECIALLY with images because my only experience is charts really... lol)

if anyone knows what idol group ogasawara used to compose for, PLEASE CONTACT ME @doodletrash01 ON TWITTER!!!! thank y ou

to-do list[edit]

  • add the super kirby clash twitter posts
    • search for translations for the super kirby clash twitter posts (i feel like there are some i missed lol) never mind i'll scratch that for now since i'm not really sure about the translation policy here..... reminder to self: ASK SOMEONE ABOUT TRANSLATIONS!!!!
  • add the kirby and the forgotten land twitter posts (if someone doesn't get to it before me)
  • upload broken image links to the twitter posts
  • possibly????? create pages for the other twitter game reports (wishful thinking lolol)
  • make pages for songs and other music things maybe
  • merch stuff maybe

fave kirby characters[edit]

kirby plushies i have (list currently unfinished i have some more...)[edit]

list of vocaloid producers who like kirby[edit]

  • did you know that the guy who made the chainsaw man opening (kenshi yonezu) was a kirby fan?????
  • nakiso was collecting the kirby 30th plushies... i see you
  • famous vocaloid pianist dossi777 also known as haku hitoi's mascot is literally just kirby. so funny
  • reol has kirby as the thumbnail of her nintendo medley. so cool
  • mafumafu used to play kirby a lot on his channel
  • harumaki gohan bought the kirby beans recently
  • natsushiro takaaki pretended to go to the kirby cafe??? for some reason
  • camellia. he is literally just a kirby fan idk what else to say
  • unrelated but that one guy who drew the super star ultra celebration pic in star allies (lack) drew for miku several times isn't that cool
  • there's more i'm forgetting
  • not related but did you know that ogasawara is a vocaloid fan (if you listen to vocarock and his kirby songs it is really obvious lololol)

thank you for reading #loveacrosstheworld 💗

awesome music link (you should totally click on this)