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that's me, probably.

Heya. Welcome to my user page. I like Kirby. And I like cows. Oh, I can't forget I'm the (theoretical) Founder And CEO of Cowguy Inc™. Wait, should there even be a ™ there? Well, I love ™, so it doesn't matter.

Games I own[edit]



Note: I'm not a critic or anything, these reviews are just a thing I'm doing mostly for fun, so don't use this as your primary source of info on whether to buy a game.

One Tough Cream Puff gets numbered by Cowguy
Game Pros Cons Verdict
KA Box.jpg
Kirby's Adventure
The game introduced copy abilities, which is quite cool as it's Kirby's signature ability.

The soundtrack isn't over-the-top awesome, but it has a few memorable tracks.

I get extra game is supposed to be hard, but the fact you can't save in extra game is kinda dumb.
KSS Box NA.jpg
Kirby Super Star
The game introduced the system where Kirby can do multiple different attacks with a copy ability using different fighting game-style inputs.

There are many more copy abilities now.

While they aren't very good by today's standards, the game's cutscenes are pretty nice, especially considering this was a SNES game.

The music is pretty good.

The game introduced the helper system, meaning multiple players can play at once for the first time in a mainline Kirby game.

While I like helpers, the AI isn't very good. This was over two decades ago, though, so I won't take off that many points.

There isn't a good way to drop your ability. The only way is to make a helper and then press the A button, and also, getting a copy ability will get rid of dropped abilities like usual, but using Normal Beam on a helper will also get rid of any dropped copy abilities, meaning you can't take your helper's ability and then make a helper with your current ability, swapping your abilities. I know this is small, but they could have just made pressing select turn your ability into a star like in other games.

The Great Cave Offensive is kind of fun, but trying to get everything is a pain.

Despite these many flaws, the game is still really fun, so I'll give it a 9.4/10.
KDC Cover.jpg
Kirby's Dream Course
0I never actually finished the game, so I don't really know how good it is. I haven't finished the game because I'm too bad at the game I don't have time.
KDL3 Box 2.png
Kirby's Dream Land 3
The game doesn't have many particular pros, but it's fun just as a normal Kirby game.

Like Kirby's Adventure, the music isn't excellent all-around but has a few tracks that are really good.

Gooey is nice for multiplayer.

Animal friends are cool and almost make up for the lack of input moves. (I know, "input moves" is a fighting game term but what am I supposed to call them other than that?)

That being said, though, Animal friends don't completely make up for input moves.

Computer-controlled Gooey is absolutely useless. (Sorry, Gooey! It's not your fault AI wasn't very good back then.)

SKC logo.png
Super Kirby Clash
The game's new style (well I guess it's not new because it's a remake but you know what I mean) is really fun.

The music is really good.

Especially when your favorite role is beam mage, it sometimes feels like you're just doing the same 3 inputs during every quest.

While it's a lot better than other games that have microtransactions, the game’s progression can still feel a tad slow without paying at all, and I used every password and got 99 gem apples from the Tetris 99 Super Kirby Clash event.



Note: I have other consoles, but I'm only showing switch games cause I don't play on other consoles that much.
Note 2: This is a list and not a gallery because I don't want to upload box art of games that have nothing to do with Kirby just for my userpage.
Note 3: I have NES and SNES online on switch, but I'm not including them because... Meh.
Note 4: I'm also not including demos.
Note 5: I'm also not including third party games because this is a Kirby wiki
Note 6: Except for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle because it has Mario in it soooooooo
Note 7: Wow I have a lot of notes


Note: I'm not a critic or anything, these reviews are just a thing I'm doing mostly for fun, so don't use this as your primary source of info on whether to buy a game.

Cowguy does math class
Game Pros Cons Verdict
The game has a large assortment of modes and many weapons to chose from, fitting almost any playstyle.

The music is insanely good.

There's no same-system multiplayer.

You can't play with CPUs in private battles, so if you only have 2 people, then you can only have one person on each team instead of the normal four.

The music is absolutely wonderful.

Versus mode and coop are really fun.

The game's puzzles are pretty fun, too.

The gameplay itself is good. The "sliding" mechanic and the skill tree add to the strategy more.

While the game doesn't have many cons, the pros aren't good enough to warrant a 10/10.
The amount of characters the game has is quite impressive. I mean, earlier smash games had a bit more characters than you'd expect from a fighting game, but this game has literally over 70 characters!

The original compositions for the game (like the main theme) are absolutely awesome, plus some of the remixes from other games are pretty good too. Plus, of course, there's a lot of original music from non-smash games that you can listen to, which is really nice.

Like any smash game, there are so many techniques to master and things to learn which is something I love.

Classic Mode is better than it's ever been.

World of Light gets boring sometimes, and it's definitely not as good as Brawl's Subspace Emissary, but it is quite fun.

Battle Arenas is really, really good.

Like I said, while World of Light is fun, it does get boring sometimes.

Sadly, while Battle Arenas is really good, quickplay isn't very good.

The core Tetris gameplay is fun as always.

The music is good.

The Maximus Cup event themes are cool.

You can still play marathon mode. (granted, you do have to pay for it.)

A lot of times, luck is a huge factor in your place. Whoever doesn't happen to get targeted by strong, good players will often do better than players with more skill than them. Team battle is a bit less about luck because you'll still get extra xp for your team's place, but you can still choose what team you want to be on and usually one team will have many more players than the other teams. I mean, sure, 99 is an odd number, but could you just maybe increase it by 1? Heck, why was it even 99 in the first place? 100 is way more iconic. (Yes, I'm really talking about how iconic numbers are, but I really do think this.)
BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!{{center| I have to say that the BoxBoy series is adorable.

The gameplay, while not exactly new, is still creative.

Co-op is fun.

The costumes are cute.

The music is good, too.

You can view a hint for only a single medal, which gets rid of a lot of difficulty.

The game has many "themes" each world has (for example, one is based around up hook, one has a bunch of lasers, etc.) but these elements rarely get used together.

Multiplayer is nice.

There are many more parts than in the original Super Mario Maker.

The 3D World style is cool.

Story mode has fun to be had.

There are no more amiibo costumes. Come on nintendo, I paid 25 dollars for my Piranha Plant amiibo D:

There are so many parts from the 2D game styles that could work in the 3D world style that got left out, and vice versa.

Endless challenge and online multiplayer are fun... but not the best.


Stuff I'm working on[edit]

This list is here for my convenience so I don't forget something I was gonna do. (Things won't be added to the "long-term" section unless I've finished every short-term thing I can do for that thing.)



  • Add even more games to the Kirby Dance article (also, update the page so that the Kirby Master videos are taken into account)
  • Spirits and trophies.

Other stuff[edit]

here's my Official™ signature: --Cowguy™ [talk · contribs]
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And I should also mention I joined on October 4, 2019.
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*I know that's the Nightmare in Dream Land sprite but NinDL and KSSU use similar (but not the same) Kirby sprites. Also, I know the userbox says from Kirby Super Star, but I couldn't find any Kirby Sprites from the original super star, and didn't want to upload any, so I used the KSSU-ish sprite.
**I'm not actually Luigi, I just don't want you knowing my real name

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